RG3: “It’s about taking it slow”

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Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has clearly learned from last year.

Not only that he has to know when to say when, but that he has to keep emphasizing the well-worn talking points to make sure everybody understands that he understands them.

I’m doing great,” Griffin said at an American Cancer Society benefit yesterday, via the Washington Post. “Knee feels fine. It’s about taking it slow. Each day is a better day.”

Yesterday was the four-month mark in his recovery from knee surgery, and the message keeps coming through that he’s going to be more careful with his body in the future.

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  1. How man knee surgeries/ailments has he suffered and he’s entering his 2nd NFL season? I wish him the best, but his game has to change drastically if he wants to remain a franchise QB. What good is a franchise QB if he’s injured and not able to get in the game?

  2. He had his second acl reconstruction. You would think he would have learned to take it slow and listen to his body after the first one. I see a lengthy, productive career for this young man…

  3. I’m guessing all the season ticket renewals have been completed for the Redskins. Up until now everything has been RGIII is superhuman and doesn’t need normal recovery time. Full go for week 1 practically guaranteed. Photo ops of him jumping, etc.

    Now he’s taking it slow. I hope he does take it slow and make a full recovery but that media blitz after the season until now has been unreal.

  4. “I remember thinking it would take a man 600 years to recover from a torn ACL. Old Robert did it in 1.”

  5. Bobby is going to be great for like the next 12-15 years. Matt Stafford was CONSTANTLY hurt his first 3 seasons, and everyone was thinking he was another bust as a first round QB. Now he’s been consistently good and stayed on the field. Same will happen here.

    Now if y’all will excuse me, I’ve gotta go to Loudon County Jail and bail out LogicalVoiceSays, apparently he was picked up stalking the Redskins facility looking for autographs, and hasn’t been able to post his commentary while in the slammer

  6. This article is a can of re-hashed hash browns. Yes, he knows to take it slow now. Yes, the coaches now know he’s a flawed human being who will put himself at risk for the immediate win. Yes, the coaches know it is their job to think about the long-term. Yes, the coaches will do a better job of protecting RG3 from himself.

    The excitement of RG3’s greatness clouded decisions. It is understandable. The media needs to let it go.

  7. I suppose this is big news for a team that has made the playoffs twice in the last 2 decades…

  8. as a ram fan still owning one more of washingtons 1st round picks I say lets sit him out this year like Derek rose my guess is theyd go 6-10 w/o him and we would get a better pick . as hard as it is to keep up with sf and sea a better extra 1st rounder would be nice that said I hope he has a great career

  9. I don’t know where to begin with this one. The only thing Slow is going to be that Offense and how the Whole NFL has caught up to it and being that IRG3 won’t be 100% then all you DeadSkin Fans will be crying how you went from winning the division to being a 1 Year Wonder. #Where’sLogicalVoice lol

  10. Hey, George Stephanopoulos might be interested to see that RG3 is hanging out with Bill Russell…

  11. People seriously need to stop about his 2 surgeries…#1 an ACL tear isn’t that serious of an injury these days, #2 he got brand new cartilage from his other knee so its essentially his first surgery, #3 James f-ing Andrews didnt do his first surgery that was literally held together by rubber bands, #4 people are extremely envious of rg3 because they know damn well that he and his style of play is the future of the NFL, #5 he wasn’t even scrambling when he tore his acl… It was a botched snap

  12. Any RGlll article takes logicalvoice longer to respond since he has to type with one hand 🙂

  13. I am a Redskins fan who thinks RG3 walks on water, and even I am sick of these stories. The topper was his appearance on the KENTUCKY DERBY BROADCAST, wearing a hounds tooth fedora like Bear Bryant! (Cannot believe PFT has not posted that video already!) I laughed my head off, and I am happy that he feels good, but enough already. Stick to the rehab and we will see how you feel in July.

  14. Very impressed with the comments! Even the non Redskin fans had good comments. Usually when I read comments on a Redskin article, it goes on and on with ugly,bad,crazy etc rants. I even laughed at some! Thanks! HTTR

  15. dallascowboysdishingthereal says:
    May 9, 2013 8:18 AM
    Is that Ziggy with RG?

     Nope and it’s not Bill Russell either. RGIII keeps ELECTRIC company. It definitly Morgan Freeman

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