Roc Nation makes pitch to represent Geno Smith

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Jets quarterback Geno Smith could end up having Jay-Z help navigate the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Smith has wrapped up two days of meetings with potential successors to Select Sports Group, the agency Smith hired after completing his college career at West Virginia.  Making presentations were Joel Segal, Rick Smith of Priority Sports, Eugene Parker, Fletcher Smith, and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation agency.

CAA, which has been working with Roc Nation, wasn’t involved in the process.  Roc Nation’s presentation came from a certified NFLPA agent who works for the agency Jay-Z owns.

This development surely will cause rival agents to wonder whether and to what extent Jay-Z was or will be personally involved in the recruitment.  Since Jay-Z is not a certified NFLPA agent, the rules prevent him from trying to persuade NFL players to hire any specific NFLPA agent.

The situation becomes complicated by the reality that Jay-Z can directly contact Smith in connection with efforts to recruit Smith as a Roc Nation client for non-football representation.

Not involved in the process was Athletes First, the agency that represents Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.  While we got the impression earlier in the week that Smith wasn’t troubled by the possibility of joint representation, it’s possible that Sanchez communicated concerns to the firm about the perception that his agents are helping Sanchez’s primary competition for the starting job.

A decision from Smith isn’t expected before the end of the weekend because Smith in the interim will be getting his first official taste of NFL football, as the Jets convene their annual rookie minicamp.  With none of the experienced quarterbacks present, Smith will have an excellent opportunity to persuade the powers-that-be that he can be ready to start as of Week One.

The first order of business for Smith’s next agent will be to remove from the former West Virginia quarterback the burden of worrying about the media, to lay the foundation for more positive coverage, and to advise Smith on how to avoid giving the media and others ammunition for fair (or unfair) criticism.

While Smith’s play eventually will shape his perception, the goal will be to persuade writers and broadcasters to give the kid the benefit of the doubt as he embarks on the challenge of playing quarterback under inherently intense and stressful circumstances, given the current state of the Jets and in light of the city where they play.

When it comes to understanding how to survive and thrive in New York, it wouldn’t hurt to get (and to heed) advice from Jay-Z.

55 responses to “Roc Nation makes pitch to represent Geno Smith

  1. Because the best way to repair Geno Smith’s image and get people to take him seriously is to have him represented by a rapper.

    Ricky Williams is on line one.

  2. I am really starting to get tired hearing about Geno Smith on a daily basis. As far as football goes all he has done is drop in the draft and validate the reasons why.

  3. I usually like Hova but I don’t want him getting involved in the sports world. Stick to bein the king of the hip-hop. You cant have it both ways.

  4. I’m sure Jay-Z has about as much influence on the day to day operations of ROC Nation as he does with all of the other companies he “owns”.

    Which is to say, virtually none. Jay Z is a brand, not a businessman.

  5. As a Jets fan, I second the motion of not wanting to hear about Geno. Lets just wait and see if the guy was worth drafting.

    Woody, if you want to continue the circus, let him sign with Jay Z. If he does, and this team blows…..please dont make Encore our new team song.

  6. The jets don’t need this extra hype. The agency is foaming at the mouth to make money off geno. He needs to learn the playbook and focus on winning the starting job, not making commercials

  7. With all your coverage & perpetuation of the negative media narrative of Geno why are ‘t you picking up the positive article & comments I’ve seen from Ron Jaworski today to give the Smith storyline some balance or have you just decided to push the one side of the conversation?

  8. Wow. ROC Nation is already making a disastrous signing. Good luck with that egotistical PR EMA Donna.
    I am sure Mean Greene disapproves whole hearted on crybaby Genos next contract in 3-4yrs.

  9. Yep. Throw on a bunch of gold chains and let your pants fall down.
    That’ll give you some credibility.

  10. Why not have Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian represent him? They don’t have any talent either, other than both having a rear end the size of a semi.

  11. I don’t think it matters who Smith gets to represent him…because he’s going to be a huge bust anyway.

    Think of Brady Quinn. Fell in the draft. Fired his agent. Got new agent. Held out for more money. Then turned out to be a bust.

    This guy is going to be just as bad as Quinn, maybe worse.

  12. So, Jets fans-still happy you guys picked up Geno? Takes him this long to pick an agent to replace the on he threw under the bus, I wonder how long it will take him to pick an NFL playbook?

  13. Anyone who has been to the Barclays Center for a Nets game can tell you that Jay Z played a vital role in creating a strong identity for the Nets and a supreme game day experience. That expertise combined with the experience of a huge agency like CAA is a powerful combination that shouldn’t be discounted because of the perception that he’s merely a “brand”. Geno is going to get basically a slotted rookie deal and having the correct representation is a bigger choice in terms of supplementing his income and creating the best image with endorsement deals.

  14. The most surprising thing about this story is that Florio knows the lyrics to Empire State of Mind

  15. I can’t remember the last time a 2nd round pick got so much coverage. As a Jets fan I doubt anyone cares about 5 pointless Jet articles per day..The media is embaressing.

  16. Please start Geno Smith Game # 2 Thursday Night.

    Put the future of the Jets on National TV !

  17. He’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man.

    Now let him handle his business, damn.

    With most professional athletes being of “urban” background it makes perfect sense for him and his firm to handle a dude like Geno. He can turn all this bad press on its head with young to even middle aged fans in a few public relations stunts.

    I think this is a smart match. I hated Geno to be brutally honest just from his antics during the draft. I already like him more for entertaining the idea of having the ROC Nation handle his business.

    Only way the gets better from here is if Jigga-Man gets his license and certification to handle athletes outright. He would be one of the most sought after agents in the game.

    (maybe I can take you and your wife to dinner after we get the ink on my contract dried up Mr. Carter. Does Beyonce like fine Italian dining or should we just go to the 40/40?)

  18. Hey JZ, the Jets should sign your wife…better football legs than Vince Woolfork! This guy Smith will be out of football quicker than Jemarcus Russell was. Especially playing with that collection of losers…

  19. So close to just giving up on the NFL. Jets, Tebow, player opinions on gay marriage, and what a player tweets are “news”. Top that off with a bad commish, arena league style play,….and now, a Jay Z is going to start representing players.

  20. I think that going with Jay-Z is probably a good move, for Geno Smith, at this point.

    It’s always a good thing to have more than one string to a bow – when….I mean if, IF this NFL adventure doesn’t work out – you know, because receivers run the wrong routes, offensive line doesn’t give him enough time and all the other things that happen on the field, that are NOT the fault of the franchise quarterback that slipped to the second round because of the fault of his lousy agents.

    Jay-Z provides seamless integration into the entertainment industry because of other peoples mistakes which may shorten one’s career.

  21. Haters gonna Hate! Give the kid a break and get a little positive in your life!

  22. If Geno Smith was drafted by any OTHER team but the Jets, he’d be, “The steal of the draft”.

  23. Anybody ever stop to think that the name alone is all Jay-Z needs. The media is doing a good enough job publicizing the company…and everybody knows its associated with Jay-Z. How much more convincing does Jay-Z need? He’s already got Robinson Cano, Skylar Diggins, Victor Cruz, and the guy Seth Jones. All a NFLPA agent needs to do is promise him tickets to some of Roc Nation’s hottest artists concerts: Beyonce, Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake’s monster tour, Rihanna, and Kanye West. Jay-Z just has to sit back and watch.

  24. Rapping, now there’s a great influence…. and the three ring circus continues. Jets are the new Raiders now that Al has kicked the bucket.

  25. “Since Jay-Z is not a certified NFLPA agent, the rules prevent him from trying to persuade NFL players to hire any specific NFLPA agent.”

    What does that mean, exactly? I mean, how would NFLPA rules apply to someone who is not associated with the NFLPA?

  26. Geno go with Jay-Z, everything that man touches turns to gold. As evidenced by his approximately 1/2 billion dollar net worth. These broke losers who critisize J would break their necks if he was involved with them.

  27. Jay Z is just a name brand. Dude has so much money he doesn’t have to do anything but make appearances. He raps when he feels like it and is just waiting to have enough money to buy his own island where he can smoke cigars and get fat. Good for jigga man. ” you playing a game you know you ain’t gonna win. Quit playing them childish games with grown men. I don’t give f… About cars or chrome wins, I got apartments you could put your home in.”

  28. I wish this ugly dude and his overrated annoying diva girlfriend would just go away already…preferably to a foreign country where I never have to hear or see them ever again.

  29. You people are hilarious!! You don’t think Jay-Z is a business man?? He is worth over $500million!! And it’s not even 1/3 from him rapping. How do you think he is where he is? He is an unbelievable businessman and he proves it with every move he makes. He was responsible for the Barclay center and the nets in Brooklyn, but he’s not a business man.

  30. stupid. geno smith is all hype, everything about him has been hype and he is continuing this tradition by potentially signing with jay-z? might as well get life-coaching from lil’ wayne.

  31. The Jets haters reminds me of the guy who complains about having peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch.
    He makes his own lunch.

    To those who were/are tired of Jets, circus, Tebow, Rex, Geno.

    Simple solution. Don’t troll over here.
    Problem solved.

  32. If Smith was a good QB to begin with he would of played for a better college than WV, he started out hot, then cooled as cold as he was hot, he then fired the water boy, and there’s no way in the world that Mr. Beyonce will not talk to Smith, it’s not going stop them from talking agent, never will, he went to Cuba and intentionally violated American travel laws (what is the current prosecution status of this violation) so a little NFL rule isn’t going to stop him from breaking that either.

  33. Jay-Z’s agent business is going to be all about who he employs. Does anybody really believe he’s going to be actively working out contracts for these guys, or deciphering the complexities of the salary cap? Some of his clients may never even meet him.

  34. alexattinson says:
    May 9, 2013 9:52 AM
    Anyone who has been to the Barclays Center for a Nets game can tell you that Jay Z played a vital role in creating a strong identity for the Nets and a supreme game day experience.


    How you can tell what his role was? Because the team said he had a role?

    How can you possibly go to a basketball game at an arena and have any idea whatsoever exactly how much input one individual did or did not have in creating it? Were you in the meetings during the design phase? Do you have any proof at all of what Jay-Z’s “expertise” is exactly and what effect it had on the arena or team?

    This is very commonplace- celebrity names on businesses is good business. It works the same way in the restaurant business. I know for a fact that Emiril will sometimes go a year or more without ever stepping foot in some of the restaurants he “runs” that have his name on them. My friend runs one of his places and says he doubts Emeril could name 10% of the items on the menu.

    It’s not a shot at Jay Z- if he wasn’t successful elsewhere no one would be looking to use his name- but it’s a fact.

  35. Jay-Z and Ookla (from Thundarr the Barbarian) gotta be related …like brothers, cousins…father/son…SOMETHING!!!!

  36. It obviously is trying to recruit new members to his illuminati gang! It loves to pray on uneducated idiots that believe that they are entitled to the world! So of course it try’s to deceive these idiots that they are entitled to fame and fortune. This thing is really trying hard to sway nfl players his way!

  37. “minnesoulja says: May 9, 2013 10:07 AM
    With most professional athletes being of “urban” background it makes perfect sense for him and his firm to handle a dude like Geno. He can turn all this bad press on its head with young to even middle aged fans in a few public relations stunts. ”

    The problem with your argument is that the guys on the other end of the negotiating table are not of “urban” background and may feel threatened or try to intimidate due to their “superior” education.

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