Ryan Clark: Be physical with RG3

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Steelers safety Ryan Clark, a still-active player who is spending the week at ESPN, continues to share trade secrets and opinions about players he may be facing again at some point in his career, either in 2013 or beyond.

On Thursday, Clark talked about how to handle Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, based on the manner in which the Steelers handled Griffin during a 27-12 win over Griffin’s team.

“Our goal was to be physical with him at any opportunity we had, and I think it affected his play,” Clark said.

It surely did.  Griffin had only 177 yards passing, and he gained only eight yards on six carries.

The Steelers’ approach included Clark applying a big, high hit to Griffin as he ran a pass route on a gadget play.  “We were focused on being physical with him,” Clark said.  “When they ran the read-option, he was the guy we were focused on.  [We] had James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley on him at every chance and every opportunity that we got, just so he knew every play, he was gonna be hit.”

It’s rare and intriguing candor from a player who is still playing, but it makes us wonder how the Steelers really feel about one of their guys talking about how they approach certain situations.  While it makes sense for Clark to lay the foundation for a post-football career in the media (especially since he won’t have the star power that will instantly get him hired), Clark’s nonchalance when it comes to talking about how to stop Griffin or his perception that Tom Brady sees “ghosts” and Danny Amendola is “fragile” could be unnecessarily providing ammunition for motivation.

And while we realize the Steelers won’t face the Redskins again in the regular season until 2016, the two teams in theory could cross paths in February of any given year.

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  1. Shouldn’t that be the goal facing every QB? Would the Steelers approach Peyton Manning any different and decide to not be physical with him when given the chance too? No story here.

  2. Clark is an underrated player, and the only way to neutralize him is to play in Denver.

  3. This guy Clark must not watch his own film…he sucks. Every time he plays Brady, they abuse him, deep or short it makes no difference! Go play in Denver!

  4. Wow he let out the Steelers defensive game plan! “be physical” and hit the QB every chance you get! And all this time I thought the Steelers have the top defense year in and year out do to their defensive schemes and good players! Huh. Who woulda thought it was as easy as that?! More brilliant insight florio!

  5. “It surely did. Griffin had only 177 yards passing, and he gained only eight yards on six carries.”

    Yes, of course. Surely dropped passes and heavy rains had no effect. Good, well researched analysis.

  6. The main reason he only had 177 passing yards is because the Washington receivers dropped over 10 balls that day. It was ridiculous

  7. That is how to deal with any running QB not just RG3. All running QB’s become mortal when you hit them enough especially smaller guys. Bottom line RG3 isn’t RG3 if he doesn’t run and just stands in the pocket and throws.

  8. It worked for the Rams. They slapped the rookie around pretty good, not cheap shots mind you, just good hard play and he cried and whined about it a lot after the game. A think all of these “instant success” QBs are going to get some wake up calls trying to run that read option BS. Welcome to the NFL.

  9. That should be the goal against any player, especially a QB. Put the guys on their backs, stifle the offense, and let your team ‘take over’. What else is he suppose to say?

  10. This was also the game where the Redskins WR’s dropped what, 11 passes?

  11. I think what Clark said should apply to all QBs that run the read option.

    Speaking of which, that gadget play where RG3 was a WR and got roughed up was one of the worst play calls of the year last season.

    Why put your franchise QB who you traded multiple 1st round picks for in that predicament against a physical defense like Pitt?

  12. I think he forgot about the 9 dropped balls that game. Hanker son would still be running and so would Moss. The skins killed themselves that day dropping 3 TD passes.

  13. ESPN has become completely unwatchable. I feel so sorry for the intelligent employees there that have to work with these brainless animals.

  14. I’m sure RGIII has no idea that teams are trying to be physical with him.

  15. First Brady, now Griffin ….. who is Ryan going to analyze next??

    For a guy who thinks he knows how to defense good quarterbacks, you’d think Ryan would be better than he is …..

  16. Not sure which amazes me more, Clark never shutting his yap, or the fact that people think his opinion is noteworthy.

  17. My personal dislike for this guy aside, at some point making the media rounds and telling the world what defenses do to be successful against other players when your team was 8-8 last year sounds kind of lame.

  18. Ryan Clark sure does spend a lot of time talking about other teams, and not just during his stint this week at ESPN. Why doesn’t he worry about his own third-place, 8-8 (and fading fast) squad a little more?

  19. I didn’t see the show. Did Clark comment on why the Steelers lost 8 games last year with the allegedly number one defense? Did he say whether he enjoyed sitting on the couch watching the Ravens beat the Colts, Broncos, Patriots and 49ers? What did he say about the elite Joe Flacco’s 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions?

  20. I’ll go with 13 dropped passes that day 🙂 Honestly though, it was the worst performance by our wideouts all year. It won’t happen again, so Ryan Clark should probably shut his trap. His “game plan” didn’t have much to do with it.

  21. Didn’t some DC once say “take out the head and the body will follow”? This sounds something like that.

  22. Yeah, Clark really let the horse out of the barn on that one huh? I can’t believe the scoop you got here. Hit the qb?! Crazy!! Never would’ve known. And Tom Brady ducking? Wtf! Never would of known he was a ducker without Clark’s input. And Amendola, the behind the scenes info on that one was just amazing. Clark should’ve been taken off the air on the spot for pointing out how many times he’s been hurt. Geez this guy’s gonna bring down the entire league if he keeps it up.

  23. That was the worst game the redskins played all year. the steelers were all not that impressive and I remember many several dropped td passes. That was one of our two meltdown games ( Carolina ). Rg3 will run over the old man Pittsburgh d if they meet in the Super Bowl .

  24. I love the Steelers and Clark is a good defensive back, But he needs to shut his mouth. He’s crossing the line.

  25. i saw this game they were pretty physical …. but im sure the heavy rain and all the dropped passes had nothing to do with it….. was just a bad game for whole team….. i certainly wouldnt put him as expert on how to play against based off of one game…

  26. you have to attack the read option to have success. I think ultimately all these read option QBs have to learn to pass and pass accurately to win. Their legs will only get them so far

  27. Anyone who thinks Clark is a poor safety, clearly have never watched him play. He is the reason Polamalu gets to do whatever he watns

  28. Yes! This will definitely provide bulletin board material if the Steelers and Skins face off in February. Because playing for a Lombardi simply won’t be enough motivation. The Redskins will need to remember the time back in May when Ryan Clark said that defenses need to be physical with RG3. That will really fire them up!

  29. I’m sure that the Shanahans will be absolutely STUNNED by Clark’s insightful analysis. Certainly it never occurred to them that any team would try to get physical with RG3.

    BTW, on that WR option pass-back play to RG3: the WR (Morgan? can’t remember for sure) was only supposed to throw the ball to him if he was all alone in the secondary, which he was not. There was nothing wrong with the call, but the execution was horrible.

  30. You guys are hilarious. “There were 9 dropped passes. No, there were 10. Nope 11. Wait I counted 12.” Not a word about him running for 8 yards. Not a thought that maybe the passes were off because the QB was a little intimidated. And yes, I did watch the game. I think there were 179 dropped passes. No, wait. 180.

  31. This dude was the reason the Redskins lost their playoff game in Seattle on year and was thereafter released.

    Bitterness is true and true.

  32. Ryan Clarks got a point. The last time he and the steelers played the skins and pats…… both teams got shut down. Clark is a very underrated player and he is even more efficient if Polamalu is playing and not hurt all the time. If the steelers ever get their offense together they can be superbowl bound again!

  33. Could we dare say there may been a “bounty” on him? Seems I recall a certain team being accused of putting a bounty on another QB when they tried to hit him every chance they got in that championship game.

    Some call it dirty. Some call it football.

  34. Clark and the Steelers are right, kill the head, kill the body. Where did I hear that before? Anyways, you can’t hit pocket quarterbacks, because they make the money for the NFL. RG3 is expendable, and the moment he realizes that, he will keep his 4.3 speed inside the safe zone. Ask Vick, Cunningham, and any other that tried to defy the laws of NFL money.

  35. They dropped the passes what is it now up to 20? I’ve seen 9-13 quoted here so far. All The passes weren’t on target and the receivers heard footsteps. Probably because the Steelers defence is so bad. Lol. Lebeau has an almost perfect win ratio on rookie QBs maybe that also had something to do with the spanking we gave Robert Griffin the turd.

  36. You can beat the Patriots by being physical against Brady.
    You can beat the Redskins by being physical against RG3.
    But damn, how in the world is it possible to miss the playoffs with such a great game plan?!?

  37. Clark is a good player vs the run and suspect against the deep the ball… He is a sure tackler and I can tell you that twice a year my Ravens play him and it seems like he is always delivering some good hits. I’m not going to knock the guy for being smart and starting his 2nd career a little early. He didn’t even give any game plan away other than we are going to to be physical and I’m pretty sure every NFL team has that game plan.

  38. Ryan Clark is about as dumb as he is stupid. Every team the Redskins played was physical with RG3. Those dropped passes that hit every receiver either in their hands or between their numbers was the only reason the Skins lost that game. And no the rams didn’t do it either Danny A. making a fool of D. Hall lost us that game. SMH!

  39. Rg3 is by far the best QB at this read option offense, his is so good at holding the ball until the defense reacts, good luck trying to stop Griffin

  40. I like how Ryan ruffles your feathers. That defense would’ve set records if everyone would’ve been healthy. And they still finished #1. Jumpball Joe couldn’t figure out that defense, and wont anytime soon. He actually regressed back to his rookie season numbers last year against the Steelers. Jumpball Joe

  41. Who cares what Ryan Clark has to say about anyone. This guy need to stop running his mouth and start covering guys that keep making him look silly.

  42. i love how the number of dropped passes keeps rising ..9,10,11,up to 12 … maybe that says something about wr’s…and perhaps qb accuracy

  43. Nope! The bad performance was NOT due to footsteps and intimidation. Trust me…. it was an anomaly *RARELY* seen in the NFL. Google this and read the article on Bleacher Report:

    “Breaking Down What Went Wrong with Redskins’ Receivers in Loss to Steelers”

  44. If only Clark were as good at playing football as he is at running his mouth.

  45. Clark is a good player, buy my god, what is it with AFC defensive players and the ungodly amount of trash talk.

    Kerryc21, fully agreed, that is what separates RG3 from the other ‘fast’ guys.

  46. Are you serious kerryc21 good luck stopping it? Remember the “wildcat” that no one was going to be able to stop? Dolphins run wildcat, works year 1, year 2 more teams employ the wildcat in different fashions still works a good percentage of time, year 3 teams stop using the wildcat due to ineffectiveness, year 4 how many times did teams even line up in wildcat formation? These are professional defensive coordinaters in the NFL and they figured out how to make the wildcat obsolete. They will figure out the same for the read option, unless of course we see more of the RGIII injuries(which we will) and then it will become a moot point because you cannot pay a guy $20 million a year to be hurt on the sidelines, not with todays salaries and salary cap. RGIII and Kaepernick should thank God that they both look like they have the arm to be effective drop back qb’s because D coordinaters will, within a year or two(along with injuries), render the read option completely useless at the NFL level. Defensive players at all positions are becoming bigger, faster and stronger every season so once they scheme properly against the read option attack “pop” goes another QB’s ACL, etc. and out goes the read option, it is a fad not a trend just as the wildcat was!

  47. LogicalVoice do you get outta grandma’s basement very much? Get off RG3’s nuts i understand your a fan but its getting old bro!

  48. I agree that the Skins fans are between 8-13 dropped passes. Why was our team able to put up almost 3o? I just want to say to the Redskins fans. Thank you for your teams dumb moves through the entire 90’s and most of 2000’s. Cause you allowed us to sign a stud. Do I really have to mention all the players you signed? How did Randel El work out? The read option will go up in flames! I really like RG3. But the man is going to battle injury his whole career. Wait till Russel Wilson takes his first big lick. And Kapernick may be okay? He has more steroids in him than a race horse. Luck was the best pick in last years draft. 2nd Kirk Cousins!

  49. Clark is a worthless, trash talking, over-the-hill DB on an ancient Steeler D that won’t make the playoffs again this season. The Steelers will most likely finish last in their Division because they are terrible. If they finish better than 8-8 I will be shocked.
    Stating the obvious does not make you an analyst, “Be physical”?….. Who would have thought that was the key to success playing football?…. What a joke you are Clark.
    The Steelers should have never won that game, I won’t give another quote for how many dropped passes there were but it was way too many and some were TDs.

  50. Ryan Clark= Master of the Obvious. His other musings:

    “On a clear day, the sky is blue”
    “Grass is …green!”

  51. Gotta love when anyone from the Steelers trash talks. Wasn’t it last off season when one of their linebackers spouted on the NFL Network that “the Ravens will never win a Super Bowl with Flacco”?

  52. What ifs are irrelevant in this situation. With that being said, what if only HALF of the dropped balls that game were caught? I mean really, come on Ryan. I’ve seen qbs dominated and shut out, including rg3. The cowboys did a really good job on him in the final game of the season. But against the steelers if only half of those 11 drops, lets say 5, are caught then Robert is 21 of 36 I believe with 200+ yds and 2 tds. Not to mention, your “physical play” didn’t even force a griffin turnover. Truth is the steelers were the more physical team that day. But Robert continued to fight, whining and all. He continued to throw accurate, extremely catchable passes. So you may have upset him, but I don’t see where you locked him down. Did they take away the read option? Sure they did. That’s probably why there were so many wide open receivers. Seriously, we had 2 wide open tds at least. So if you think you have the blueprint, that’s fine. You just better hope next time you use that “strategy” on ANY qb, that the receivers have the same case of the drops. Because if they don’t, that slow Pittsburgh secondary, with the exception of Troy, will be burned like usual. Pittsburgh front seven is beastly, but lets be honest, who’s scared of pittsburghs secondary? As I said before, what ifs don’t matter. But just for the sake of argument, I made an argument.

  53. Hey this guy is a real Einstein. Have you ever watch an Eagles game. Vick gets hit on every play. Thats football. Brady and Manning hardly ever get hit because they play with their head and get rid of the ball quickly. Drop balls are part of the game

  54. Haha at all of you RedTails Apologists, the first one said 10 dropped passed, then 11, then 12, then 13…… yea okay.

  55. I remember when Ryan Clark was a Redskins and LaDainian Tomlinson was so physical with him that he cut his butt cut at the end of the season.

  56. “It’s rare and intriguing candor from a player who is still playing, but it makes us wonder how the Steelers really feel about one of their guys talking about how they approach certain situations.

    Rare ? How can you possibly consider a defensive player saying be physical with the other team’s QB as something that’s rare ?

    Every defender on every team says they want to hit the other team’s QB.

  57. timbuttrum says:
    May 9, 2013 10:16 AM
    “Shouldn’t that be the goal facing every QB? Would the Steelers approach Peyton Manning any different and decide to not be physical with him when given the chance too? No story here.”


    Unless you’re the Saints. In which case, said statement would be taken as INTENT to injure and the GM, head coach, assistant head coach, d coordinator and all players who heard the heinous statement will be suspended and slandered in the media.

  58. Timing is everything, and Ryan Clark can crow today because the Steelers played the Redskins last season at the right time: when they were reeling and mired in a slump.
    The Steelers’ shockingly-easy, 27-12 win dropped Washington to 3-5. Even more shocking was how unremarkable Griffin played against a defense masterminded by Dick LeBeau, who improved his personal record against rookie quarterbacks to 14-1.
    Playing a LeBeau defense with a team that, at the time, was awful was just bad timing for Griffin.

  59. I’m glad Steelers fans can still brag about beating the Redskins and the Ravens with Charlie Batch. Just shows they will brag about anything while never admitting that their team, led by “Has-Ben Roethlisbooger” is a mockery of what it used to be.

  60. He’s right. The Ravens did the same to Kaepernick in the Super Bowl as well. That’s the only way you are going to slow down that play, just hit the QB regardless if he keeps it or hands it off. It takes its toll. Ravens had also done that to Griffin, but choked after he left the game.

  61. The Redskins cut ties with Clark so they could sign Adam Archuleta in 2006. They actually made Archuleta the highest paid safety in the league at the time.

    By 2009, Archuleta was struggling to play in the UFL. Clark made the Pro Bowl in 2011. Judging Clark’s ability based on the pre-Shanahan front office decisions of the Washington Redskins is moronic.

    I, for one, am glad that there are players out there as candid as Clark. And he’s doing it in a non-trash talking kind of way. He’s doing it in more of a basic “X’s and O’s” type discussion.

  62. I’m just bitter because during the Vinny era, the skins were dumb enough to not offer Ryan a contract before losing him to the Steelers. The Steelers got a gift. Ryan’s statements are true, but the issue I have is that he is trying to do the self promotion thing, just as all veterans who are in their twilight of their careers do, to get a gig on one of the networks as an analyst. As for the game in Pittsburgh, it was a debacle. A blueprint of how to stop our offense, but what was funny is that no one caught on to it, and the skins offense just kept rolling. I’ll give the Steelers D props, but I don’t think the skins would go into that game again with same game plan.

  63. brutus9448 says: May 9, 2013 11:12 AM

    you have to attack the read option to have success. I think ultimately all these read option QBs have to learn to pass and pass accurately to win. Their legs will only get them so far
    Uh, RG3 threw for a 65% completion percentage, 3,200 yards. He also set records for highest passer rating by a rookie quarterback (102.4) and highest touchdown to interception ratio (4:1). I think he already knows how to “pass and pass accurately.”


    You are wrong about the read option being figured out like the wildcat. Totally different then the read option. You must be jealous because Big Ben can’t run it, steelers are on the decline, to bad for you !

  65. Ryan Clark must think that being physical with RG3 caused the Redskins receivers to drop all those great passes. I wonder if he thinks that roughing the kicker will make the punt returners fumble the punts as well.

  66. Steelers, I could see that in February.

    Redskins? They’re a good 15-20 players away from any serious postseason run.

  67. The Redskins dropped so may balls because they were afraid of getting hit. #1 against pass, #2 against the run, #1 total defense.

  68. Ryan Clark was the best player on the best defense last season. I know that hurts to read. Two seasons in a row fools have yapped about the defense being old and they finished #1 both seasons!!! I love it. The defense is actually YOUNGER this season. Continue the hate. I love it. Did I mention Jumpball Joe has no WR’s?

  69. redskins fans make up more excuses than a convict busted on “bait car”

  70. lets look at this from the real side and not just that of a player that was on the other team!!!
    first thing first, the redskins WR’s dropped 11 passes in that game, and thats only counting the passes that were deemed “in their hands”. three of those were in the endzone for TD’s. it wasnt RG3’s play was bad, in fact if you add in those 11 drops he would of had three TD’s, and a comp% of 89. yeah i know, would of should of could of…but what im trying to show is that they didnt effect Rg3’s play as much as ryan would like to show. the weather wasnt the greatest and the WR’s dropped alot of passes. most of the 11 were uncontested. no doubt the steelers won, but im not trying to make excuses why they won, just showing that RG3 wasnt effected the way ryan is trying to proclaim.

  71. All you butthurt redskins rans just get over the fact that dick lebeaus defense found a way to stop rg3. And quit saying “oh we dropped ten passes otherwise we wouldve won”. So many woulda coulda shouldas. Point is they didnt execute and pittsburgh did. You could say that about every game “oh we couldve won if we did that”. Well in the nfl theres gettin it done and not getting it done and dropping 10 plus passes qualifies as not getting it done. And secondly how is ryan clark a bad player? First of all hes a pro bowl safety, has a ring and more superbowl appearances than the redskins have playoff wins since hes left them and averages 100 tackles a year as a safety with most of them coming near the line of scrimmage. Secondly hes was a part of the #1 pass defense in the league and a member of a defense whose worst finish has been 5th since 2007. Obviously he aint that bad. How dare you make fun if him and denver? You think thats funny he almost died? Anyways its not like he came out of nowhere and said rg3 and tom brady are bad. He was asked on ESPN how to stop them and he said what they dd. and seeing as the last time he played rg3 and brady and they won both of those games, id say his assesment of them is pretty accurate. He knows exactly what hes talking about. Everything he said was truthful and has factual evidence to back it up. Doesnt sound like calling people out to me

  72. I love that Clark failed to mention the receivers dropped 6 to 8 passes that day which matched the season total up to the point for dropped passes. If they catch even half those passes it would have been a different game. Several of those passes were for first downs and one to Moss was for a touchdown which they had to settle for a field goal.

  73. Joemontanaflacco says: May 9, 2013 10:47 AM

    Its a no brainer why they lost 8 games last year. Injuries!! We had injuries to key players for extended stretches last season. Big ben was having one of his most productive and efficient season before his injury. they were 6-3 and well on their way to the playoffs before his injury. So to sum it up for you. That was a major factor in the Steelers going 8-8.

  74. And finally, RG3 destroyed every team he faced before the Steelers. And when Ngata fell on him. And RG3 got hurt. One of the smartest moves the Redskin organization ever made. With drafting Cousins. Came in and beat the Ravens.. And when RG3 came back. He beat every team after us with a bum knee. So, if drop balls and the Ravens losing to Cousins. Deserves so much hate? Great! I can’t wait for the excuses next year when RG3 get’s hurt again. And the Ravens are struggling to keep the ball out of the end zone. Oh! You Maryland fans. You crack me up! Just think? Before 96. You all rooted for the same team. LOL!

  75. You know, I’ve been a Steelers fan for almost 50 years and I say this in all sincerity: I wish guys like Ryan Clark would just shut the hell up and play. To Clark’s credit, he was one of the few guys who actually showed me some heart last year (until he was seen cavorting around in the Ravens’s locker room after a game at Heinz Field)but he ought to take aim at his own team. He ought to point out what an incredible embarrassment that he was a part of last year. He ought to talk about playing at a high level on every snap. He ought to talk about taking a week or two off for an “injury.”
    Look in the mirror, Ryan. Righting this ship is going to take a mighty effort and a great deal of focus. There’s no need to rag on RGIII. He already plays with heart.

  76. Denver hasn’t sniffed a SB in 15 seasons. And they’ve been garbage for most of those years.

  77. Joemontanaflacco says:
    May 9, 2013 10:47 AM
    I didn’t see the show. Did Clark comment on why the Steelers lost 8 games last year with the allegedly number one defense? Did he say whether he enjoyed sitting on the couch watching the Ravens beat the Colts, Broncos, Patriots and 49ers? What did he say about the elite Joe Flacco’s 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions?—————————————no he didnt but he did talk about how hes got 2 rings and how the ELITE flacco got smoked by batch

  78. Man this guy is talking smack about everyone. Still remember when he was a skin and the bus ran right over him. A under sized guy harping about being physical. Feel bad that I actually read article. Gonna have to look up highlight of jerome bettis just straight trucking him and walking into end zone as a pick me up

  79. Has there ever been any defense ever who didn’t want to hit the QB as much as possible? Not counting Rex Grossman who they probably want to stay in the game.

  80. @stealer fans no miss spelling figure it out. If you had the so called best defence last season why were you guys watching the Redskins in the playoffs. Why.!!!!!!!! As for Clark he is a bitter Ex Redskins player that could not cut it when he was with the GREATEST FRANCHISE EVER.!!!!!!!

  81. Steelers fan here, and I wish he would shut up already.

    For starters, you NEVER poke a bear like Tom Brady. You think he would have learned that the last time victory was guaranteed against a Pats team that went undefeated.

    What is happening here, Clark KNOWS that this is his last year in Pittsburgh and with his age and declining play, he is looking to transition into a paying gig at ESPN.

    You make headlines like he is doing, proven by all the comments here on this site right now. He will be another talking head next year, because he certainly won’t be a football player.

  82. Clark is only good because of polomalu. Runs around looking like a Chinese fire drill when Troy isn’t around.

  83. @dr00andrew

    Well when the ball hits lenard hankerson right in he’s hands for a td with no clark insight that makes the game 27-19.one postion game and yes it is a excuse but u play pro football and need to make that catch..u can say what u want but u already acknowledged that we did drop more balls then catches..the fact remains that u guys did exacute and we didn’t but that’s not stoping rg3 by anymeans..the game plan was not for rg3 to run but to run the playaction and it backfired due to drop balls..if we do c u guys again we haven’t forgot all the talk and the blah blah.steelers will have a tuff time just beating cinci and the ravens..thrid is not going to the playoffs son.. u can watch us n december and janauary as your eating popcorn watching rg3 make people look silly..k

  84. I believe it was a few plays later that Clark was carried off the field, concussed after a physical block on him. I remember tweeting him about it, telling him about the karmic retribution from taking a cheap shot on a rookie QB.

  85. Yea dont forget the redskins receivers dropped a record amount of passes that game. Everyone was so mad at shanny when Ike Taylor pat whited rg3 on tht gadget play

  86. Clark is correct,15 teams played him with kid gloves. As soon as teams learn to attack the cap-gun offense the read option will go the way of the wildcat.

  87. This comes from a starting player on the #1 Defense in the league almost every year. Clark is also one of the top 3 hardest hitting safeties in the league. Wes Welker, and a host of Ravens players, at minimum, can attest to that.

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