Sean Lee: I’m pretty much 100 percent


The loss of linebacker Sean Lee to a toe injury was part of a run of injuries for the Cowboys defense that left them starting players signed off the street by the time the season came to an end.

Lee’s loss was probably the most significant of those injuries as he had been the team’s most effective defender to that point in the season and none of his replacements were able to provide the same kind of performance at inside linebacker. It’s good news for the team, then, that Lee said he’s feeling well enough to play in a game right now if needed.

“The toe is ready to go,” Lee said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I’m pretty much 100 percent. I’ll be going through all the OTAs and it’s getting better and better every week. Other than some soreness after practice, I’m pretty much 100 percent.”

Lee will be moving to middle linebacker in Monte Kiffin’s 4-3 scheme, a scheme he believes is “suited great” to the defensive personnel in Dallas. He also believes Kiffin’s scheme gives the defense a better chance for consistency, something they lacked under Rob Ryan the last couple of years as the Cowboys would alternate decent outings with nightmarish ones on their way to a pair of 8-8 finishes.

Keeping their best linebacker healthy would be another way to boost consistency, although there’s only so much planning you can do for that in the offseason.

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  1. Sean lee and Bruce carter are probably the best inside linebacker duo only second to san Fran

  2. “Pretty much” means you’re “Not Really” 100. Take your time, get back to a TRUE 100%, and have a great year. You’ve got 4 months until kickoff. You are to Dallas’ defense what RG3 is to Washington’s offense. Don’t rush anything, we need a full 16+ games from you this year.

  3. Lee was leading the league in tackles before he got hurt. 3-4 LBs don’t do that very often. I think the switch to a 4-3 will be great for him.

  4. There is a ” pretty much 100 %” in the NFL . It means you are going to play. After a couple of seasons no player is 100%.

  5. This was the major problem I had with Lee when Dallas drafted him. No one doubted his ability, but he was constantly injured in college and I saw no reason that would not continue. Same issue with Demarco Murray.

  6. U cowboy homers do realize that Jerry has run your team into the ground for nearly 20 years right? When are u people going to say enough is enough? I mean seriously

    Golden Tate is ur daddy!!!!!

  7. “None of his replacements were able to provide the same kind of performance at inside linebacker”.

    Actually, Bruce Carter did manage to provide the same kind of performance when he filled in for Lee…problem was that he only lasted five more games himself before being injured for the rest of the year.

  8. Lee was not constantly injured his college career. He tore his ACL in late spring of his junior year. Before that he had not missed a game.Then during his senior year he sprained his knee missing 3 games . That was it. He had a little trouble his rookie year early with his hamstring due to a knee brace. He discarded the knee brace and played the rest of the year. He missed one game when he dislocated his wrist. Last year was a freak injury.
    A factor to keep in mind is that in the Cowboys 3-4 the linebackers had to take on lineman. They are not protected like the Ravens and Steeler inside LB’ s who have huge nose tackles essentially holding offensive lineman. Despite that Lee got to many plays.
    In the. 4-3 he should have more protection.

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