Tebow speaks at event, says nothing about his future


Free-agent quarterback Tim Tebow spoke at an event in Michigan on Thursday night.  But he didn’t talk about the thing that everyone wants to hear:  His football future.

According to Jeff Parrott of the Associated Press, Tebow gave the keynote address to roughly 3,000 attendees at the Economic Club of Southwest Michigan’s annual speaker series.  Booked last year when he was gainfully employed as an NFL player, Tebow said nothing during the hour-long lecture about his plans, and he declined to answer questions from the media after the event.

He said little about his NFL experiences, and he added only this regarding the next step:  “I don’t know what the future holds, but at the end of the day I know who holds my future.”

Actually, 32 NFL teams hold his future.  And none seem to have any interest in acquiring his rights.

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  1. TIM is open to working at other positions now. He tightened up his throwing windup, no longer drops the ball below his belt and is willing to play a SLASH ROLE. The problem is that he’s a victim of his own celebrity……He will have to earn BILLIONS as a speaker, Church Proprietor and celebrity now…poor guy.

  2. It’s very hard to imagine Tebow receiving the same level of scorn that he frequently receives if it were not for his willingness to be outspoken for his faith.

  3. 32 teams have the chance to offer him a job opportunity for the next few years. I think it is quite clear that Tebow is talking about something that, to him, is far more important in the grand scheme of things than a few more years of football.

  4. The end of this article is short-sighted and arrogant. God, not the NFL, holds his future. And, if God wants him, Tebow, in the NFL as a quarterback, he will be.

  5. I don’t care what you say about his play. Guy deserves a shot somewhere to compete for a QB job. Turns a losing team around, makes playoffs, wins playoff game, gets traded, never gets a chance with the jets. Please somebody sign him so we can stop talking about this!

  6. @robyesno . . . I doubt God cares whether he plays in the NFL. Besides, it’s hard to micromanage 7 billion lives.

  7. >>The end of this article is short-sighted and arrogant. God, not the NFL, holds his future. And, if God wants him, Tebow, in the NFL as a quarterback, he will be.<>It’s very hard to imagine Tebow receiving the same level of scorn that he frequently receives if it were not for his willingness to be outspoken for his faith.<<


    It's (a) because he can't play the position and refuses – probably through pride and arrogance – to accept that and (b) because his fans are irrational and know nothing of football.

    As Jacksonville's own Mike Demspey of 1010XL said "the Tebow push comes from casual fans or non-Jaguars fans who are smitten with the Tebow narrative, and that zealous Jaguars fans generally don’t want him."

    That might just include you.

  8. robyesno says: May 9, 2013 11:23 PM

    The end of this article is short-sighted and arrogant. God, not the NFL, holds his future. And, if God wants him, Tebow, in the NFL as a quarterback, he will be.

    so what you’re saying is, not even God thinks he’s a good quarterback?

    damn, that’s harsh.

  9. @Florio – not sure why you are giving the extremist atheist whack-job crowd such an easy platform with all these meaningless stories. Are their mouse-clicks really worth that much more money to your site?

    Dude is unemployed like a lot of backup qb’s, and will probably get a call when guys start getting injured in training camp and preseason. End of story.

  10. I don’t believe in god but I love this kid. I wish he was able to actually play qb. I hope he switches to TE because I think he would be one nasty TE with his size and running ability. plus he did qb so I’m sure he would be a good route runner. he’s a smart man, I wish he wasn’t stuck on this qb thing.

  11. Good luck in all you do Tim! I wish I had half the faith, discipline, and moral standards that you have. It’s such a shame that you are treated so poorly for them!

  12. Actually Im pretty sure Tebow believes that his life and future is more than football. I guess that makes him somebody worth throwing darts at.
    I would have faith too if I won national championships and was drafted in the first round with a Division III arm.

  13. Duh, not everybody is a christian. There are plenty of other venues and media outlets for you religious people to talk about whatever it is you people talk about. I just want football on my football talk board.

  14. Look, I am a Steeler fan. Yes, the glow is off the gold a bit right now, but Tim Tebow beat a pretty damn good Steelers team right outta the playoffs. It was unbelievable to watch. Painful. As soon as he uncorked that duck, I knew we were screwed. He made a huge mistake in not going to Jacksonville last year. The Jets and Rex Ryan suck. So does agent. C’mon, a little fight maybe?????

  15. His football career is over, nobody want a project tight end with a cult following either. Time to turn the page.

    And I don’t care what he DESERVES. I think the people posting here likely DESERVE 8Million more than he does. My sister DESERVES to walk but can’t.

    Sometimes you just have to get on with life.

  16. @Florio…as to your first comment, yes He does if it’s His plan for Tim. 2nd, that’s why he has angels.

  17. I know why I don’t like him, he’s a phony. The guy can’t play and still collects speaking fees. He goes where the money is. Quite a racket.

  18. @mikeflorio…. That’s kind of the flipping point. Every time someone like tim tebow or ray Lewis gets on the microphone and gushes about what a great job Jesus did helping him win a football game, it comes across as incredibly arrogant and small minded. God has more important things to do than micromanage pro sports. There is a winner because the humans on one team play better than the humans on the other team. That’s why Timmy is so darn obnoxious.

  19. He would have to have an NFL future to be able to talk about it, now wouldn’t he?

  20. Fundamentalist religious fanatics would screw up a cookie recipe if you let them.

    The same low education fanatics who ruined Tebow’s football career will also derail any chance he ever would have had in politics.

    And I’m ok with that.

  21. Florio’s comment has has just cemented the fact that he is why I will (and have) visited this site for 5+ years, almost daily.
    Are you kidding me @robyesno? Don’t let your beliefs offset reality.

  22. Through little fault of his own, he is a distraction to any team that takes him on. He’s a magnet for attention, even when he’s not seeking it.

    He wants to play QB and no other position but in order for him to do that, he needs the team to design an unconventional offense around him. That’s another thing most teams would rather not deal with.

  23. I’m sorry but those Jacksonville fans are just being selfish. The Jaguars aren’t going to win ANYTHING this year, so let the rest of us enjoy your team being another Tim Tebow experiment. We need to know for certain that those miracle victories he racked up in Denver are just flukes and not some sort of divine intervention.

    If Tebow can lead this Jaguar team to the playoffs, then I am going to start going to church.

  24. @unbiasfan, Tim Tebow faces adversity everyday? Being a famous millionaire whose achieved near deity status with a portion of the American population counts as adversity? Get real, he just got most of what he wanted, not everything he wanted. This guy has been cruising through life since he became the starter at Florida, the words deserve, adversity or anything along those lines should never be used when referring to Tebow.

  25. The author of this story missed the point. Tebow does not allow his life to be dictated by football alone. He is connected to the bigger picture, which fascinates both his fans and detractors.

  26. Somebody’s team will have a horrific start to the season or at least one or more will lose their starter to injury. My money is on Jacksonville, they may be saying no to Tebow now but if Gabbert lays an egg than they should bring Tebow in so they don’t lose double digit games.

  27. Mike Florio says:
    May 9, 2013 11:33 PM

    I doubt God cares whether he plays in the NFL.

    You certainly do…why wouldn’t God?

  28. i was at this event and i have to laugh at all you haters. This kid is 25 and is absolutely a great person on and off the field. He talked a lot about God and his family and helping others through his foundation. Kids a great speaker and should def get a chance to play somewhere, especially teams that have qbs like gabbert

  29. And, if God wants him, Tebow, in the NFL as a quarterback, he will be.?

    I would hope that God has more serious things to consider than if Timmy plays in the NFL again.

    You Tebowites are way over the top on this subject.

  30. Another day, another pink outfit for Timmy…..

    But the headline here should be that Timmy “declined to answer questions from the media”. That’s gotta be a FIRST!

  31. “It’s very hard to imagine Tebow receiving the same level of scorn that he frequently receives if it were not for his willingness to be outspoken for his faith.”

    Oh, just imagine all the scorn he would receive from all you “Christians” if he was black, Muslim, AND willing to be outspoken for his faith! I would bet everything I own that 3,000 attendees at the Economic Club of Southwest Michigan’s annual speaker series wouldn’t pay one single dime to hear THAT guy speak.

  32. @ kingpel – How are Jaguar fans being selfish? Jaguar fans can express themselves, pro-Tebow or anti-Tebow, but fans don’t make roster decisions, Mr. Wizard. And if a GM or coach listens to fans to make roster decisions, they will find themselves sitting with the fans sooner than later!

    You want to watch Tebow develop? Great, start a petition or a website to get YOUR favorite team to sign him then…

  33. If you know him, you would know he is not worried about Football. He truly believe there is a plan for him and if it doesn’t involve football he is absolutely OK with that. I think we make Football more important than what actually is. It is a child’s game played by adults for entertainment. Dedicating your life to helping others…that’s real life, that’s important.

  34. “Tebow speaks at event, says nothing about his future”

    Speaking IS his future.

    Probably make more money doing that annually than 99% of NFL players too.

  35. Economic Club of Southwest Michigan


    This is a perfect match! Both are counting on miracles for their economic future.

  36. This is becoming like nickelback and Justin beaver. Where is it “cool” to hate on the guy. As a Ravens fan I know he would be an upgrade over Tyrod Taylor. I am sure there are a few other teams that can say the same thing.

  37. Here I lay at home with not much hope of improvement in my physical well being. And I don’t have to listen to Tebow so I don’t. And if you don’t want to listen to Tebow don’t you listen either, free country.

  38. “Actually, 32 NFL teams hold his future. And none seem to have any interest in acquiring his rights.”

    Laughable inability to grasp what Tebow is getting at and what he believes.

    What an utterly shameful rag this place has become.

  39. What ever team finishes 2-14 or worse should put all their faith in TEBOW!!!

    Tim would acutally be better upgrade on these teams.

    Jags – Stupid GM!! Tebow is Better than what you have!!

    OAK – Flynn got beat out by Wilson a ROOKIE. Yes Wilson is pretty Awesome but Flynn is a fraud!!

    MINN – Pounder will get hurt again and is not that good. With out AP team is 3-13 at best!! Who is catching the balls? Old wash up WRs!

    ARIZ – Carson is ok.. but kind of Washed up. Your gonna be Last in NFC West so Rebuild give Tebow 2-3 years to make you competitive!! And he will help you succeed for many years to come!!

    BUFF- EJ WTF!! Corn on the KOLB… Yes BUFF could use Tebow!! EJ will suffer like Fitz and be a Bust! Tebow TIME is REAL!!

    CLEV – Looks like they have done a good job trying to rebuild. WEEDen / Campbell might not be the Answer. TIM could be!

    STL – BAD-FORD!!! Nuff said!

    TB – FREEMAN is not Glowing any more SLOWGO!! With how they pound the ball there… Tim could have good success!

    Even NO/SD – Tim could sit a year or two behind those guys. Learn the system grow, and take over and continue where he left off when he was in DEN. A WINNING QB!!!

    One of those teams need to wise up, listen to me… (Make me your new GM) Win games and make a lot of $$$$!!

    Den fought Tebow… then they believed!!! TEBOW lead them to a Playoff win! The whole team played better. The DEF was fire up and inspired. They OFF struggled for 3 QTs then TEBOW time in the 4th took over!!

    One of those teams buys in 100% to Tebow, work with his strenghts, Game plans, builds around that…. You will have a Winning team!!

  40. ” Actually 32 NFL teams hold his future”. Uhhhh, no that is not right. what Tim Tebow was saying is God is,in control of his future. To bad you didn’t get that.

  41. Mike, as you mentioned he talked very little about the NFL, so i would assume, he was not,talking about the NFL. when he talked about his future I doubt very seriously he was even referring to the NFL. if God has plans for him in the NFL, it will happen, so I am sure Tim is not too worried about it as much as you are.

  42. Mikey, Mikey! Yeah, you doubt God, because you obviously don’t know Him. “He makes all things work together for the good, for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” We who love Him have no doubts at all.

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