Aaron Curry signs with Giants

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As it turns out, Aaron Curry wasn’t just hanging around Giants practice for no good reason.

Curry  just tweeted out the word that he had signed, saying: “EXCITED TO BE A GIANT!!!,” because lower case letters and two exclamation marks wouldn’t have conveyed the appropriate excitement.

The Giants still have a transaction to make, though. As Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News mentioned, the Giants were at the 90-man roster limit, so someone has to go to make room for him.

Teams are going to continue to give Curry chances, partially because he was once the fourth overall pick in the draft. But the Seahawks traded him to the Raiders for a 2012 seventh and a 2013 fifth, and the Raiders just gave him away to get his salary off the books.

38 responses to “Aaron Curry signs with Giants

  1. Woohoo! An LB! Now that he will have real coaches, let’s see what he’s got in the tank.

  2. Sorry giants fans but this guy hasn’t done a thing. He won’t stay healthy thru the season

  3. Can’t wait for RG3 to make this guy look like a fool. Keep those guys coming giants, you are just speeding up the teams decline

  4. @logicalvoiccsays says:
    May 10, 2013 4:34 PM
    What a place to go to further ruin your career.


    Can you tell me the “Score” of the Wildcard Round when the Deadskins played the Seahawks??? Oh that’s right you guys LOST! You won the Division but you were 1 and done in the Playoffs after having a 14-0 Lead. #EpicFail I’ll take 2 Superbowl Rings your Lousy Division lol!

  5. Well, I’m happy as heck the Giants signed a LB. As a Giants fan, he’s got my support and I want him to be the best he can be. I said earlier that he can’t make that LB squad any worse, and there’s really no where he can go but up anyway. Her’s to hoping he can finally live up to his draft status!

  6. His problem isn’t coaching and he certainly hasn’t hit rock bottom. The guy’s knees are completely shot. He will done after this year If he even makes the roster.

  7. gotta think with Coughlin’s no BS attitude, this is the best place for him.

  8. Curry was great as a Seahawk. The only reason I think he was traded was an attitude issue. If he learns his lesson, Giants got a steal of a deal. Seattle/Oakland paid him $34m, and now Giants got him for less than $1m a year.

    As a Seattle fan I was shocked with he was traded – he was a great player.

  9. the guy doesn’t get defensive schemes either…….I bet he won’t even make the team. I was excited for this guy in seattle as well.

  10. Sometimes becoming valuable to a team just takes more time for some guys. Tony Mandarich is only known as a flop, but truth be told he was solid in front of Peyton Manning for a few years later in his career. In my opinion, Curry is best suited with the Giants, Bears, or Ravens – teams that have perfected the craft of producing solid defenders. This will only help his career. Seattle wasn’t stable until after he left. And we all known the mess that Oakland has created the last 5-7 years. Go Lions

  11. As a Seahawk fan it was hard to watch him try to play in coverage. he was continually blowing assignments and giving up plays. When healthy, he could have succeeded in a Clay Matthews type role. In think that he just played in the wrong defensive scheme in Seattle and then he was hurt in Oakland.

  12. I’m sorry but Curry was terrible with the Seahawks. A first round 4th overall pick who can’t tackle and was always getting caught out of position. He was just as big of a failure as Bosworth was.

  13. Skins fans: did you guys buy up all the “NFC East Champs” gear last year? Make sure you wear that to the Giants game this year do we can wipe our ass with it.
    You guys won’t even finish second in the division.

  14. Giants’ fans will keep their expectations low, and hope for a shot in the dark.

    It’s not like there’s a lot of LB talent on the present squad.

  15. GIANTS FANS are bitter because their cheating owner that cried to Goodell to penalize the skins for a bogus cap penalty backfired and we won the division anyway while the giants team is old and done. LOL
    By the way haters, the skins will be $40 mil under the cap next year.

  16. Many fans on this site obviously have no clue as to the extent of his issues with his knees. He can’t stay healthy…at all. Decent LB, just can’t stay healthy long enough to be effective…

  17. He was never great never had any attitude problems he just can play football and add to it two bad knees he’s shot he’ll give the giants nothing

  18. Giants fans , I’ll do ya a solid – here’s what you do ; go find Lofa Tatupu , and transplant his brain into Curry’s head . Then get him a couple of new knees and presto ! A linebacker worthy of a #4 overall pick ..

    No one was more ecstatic than me when we drafted him , and no one was more disappointed ( other than the coaching staff and anyone that bought his jersey ) than me once he got on the field . Constantly over ran plays , cannot cover a TE on a crossing route for the life of him .

    .. all the athletic ability in the world . Bless him , if he can somehow resurrect his career in New York , that’d be a great story .

  19. Redskin fans are just such jealous little babies. If giants fans made fun of them they would tell us to worry about our own team

    Over under how many games RG3 misses next year. I say start at 4

  20. Well Aaron, it was Strike One in Seattle, and Strike Two in Oakland. You know what Strike Three’ll mean. Time to step up and bring your A-game. Now. Or you won’t survive to the 53-man roster. Coughlin is a winning coach and he won’t tolerate mistakes. Hope ya make it buddy, and we’ll see ya down the road.

  21. cryingkc21 said: GIANTS FANS are bitter because their cheating owner that cried to Goodell to penalize the skins for a bogus cap penalty backfired and we won the division anyway while the giants team is old and done. LOL
    By the way haters, the skins will be $40 mil under the cap next year

    Our cheating owner??? how do you figure when all 30 teams agreed the cowboys and redskins had tried to cheat on the cap.
    You might be 40 million under next year, but you will need it to get another qb. rg3 will be totally disabled…

    You and illogical need to grow up…

  22. “Everyone hits rock bottom in life,…I’m rooting for this guy.”

    He was a top-five pick under the old CBA. He was given a fortune before he ever set foot on an NFL field.

    If that’s rock-bottom, I need to get depressed more often.

  23. What are you Seattle fans talking about? In 2010 – his only full season – he had 73 tackles and 3.5 sacks – 2 fumble recovery. That is more tackles than Clay Mathews or Terrell Suggs has had in any of their years.

    I think Seattle dropped him into coverage too often, and they didn’t use him the right way.

  24. The ignorance here is off the hook.

    First of all, Curry never had an attitude problem. The kid just wants to play, bad knees and all.

    He was never a complete LB, but It’s not his fault Seattle drafted him so high.

    The Raiders simplified the game for him and reduced his responsibilities. The kid responded and made numerous impact plays.

    Yes, he CAN tackle.

    I hope his knees hold up and he gets a chance to play, all the best, Aaron.

  25. I really hope this kid is finally healthy. He was really good in Oakland (when somewhat healthy). I didn’t see him in Seattle, so I don’t know what happened, but I wish him the best in NY.

  26. As a Giants fan I’m glad he is excited to be a Giant. We surely can use him. I hope he’s not another Rivers. As for his knees/health holding up- my prayers weren’t answered for Rivers last season, so I’m not sure my prayers will work this year either.

  27. I remember the Raiders fans getting excited about Curry. They were all talking about how they were getting a number 4 overall talent for a steal. How Curry wasn’t in the right scheme for his skill set.
    Ha ha, ask then how that worked out. He was upset with the Seahawks in the end because he was being phased out by a 5th round pick that was a huge improvement compared to him.
    Curry is an athletic beast. But he’s like a dog chasing a ball out there, over running plays, throwing his body into players and not wrapping up. Ball literally thrown right at his hands and he drops it. Late hits, stupid penalties. The list goes on and on.
    I watched him blow out McCoys knee on a special teams play. That’s his own teammate, he came in late after the tackle and mindlessly threw his body into the special team captains leg and took his career from him. Curry is a clown, plays out of control and can’t grasp any defense.
    Think about it this way… The Raiders cut him… the Raiders cut him… ha ha

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