Branden Albert will be at Chiefs practice next week


It’s not that franchise-tagged Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert has many options, since he’s already signed his contract.

But in the latest sign of his acceptance of his lot in life, he’s headed to work.

According to Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star, Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Albert would be on hand next week. As a result, they’re already working top pick Eric Fisher at right tackle, in anticipation of the position he’ll play when Albert shows up.

When the trade with the Dolphins failed to materialize, the focus turned toward making the best of the situation, and looking forward.

Albert had already signed his $9.8 million tender, so now all that’s left to see whether they can work out a long-term deal, which would mean they used the first pick in the draft on a right tackle.

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  1. They used the first pick in the draft on a player who will be an O line anchor for years to come. Whether he plays RT or LT in his rookie year is totally irrelevant. As for Albert, he has punched his ticket out of KC this off season. No long term deal coming for him…

  2. Thanks to the rookie pay scale, the Chiefs can probably keep both players and it gives them a great set of bookends. But Fisher is a LT and the Chiefs clearly think he’s going to be a good one. Their options are (1) to let him play out the year then let him go and probably get a 4th or 3rd as compensation or (2) trade him later to a team which needs him.

    I wouldn’t sign him to a long-term deal because Fisher will be the LT within 2 years and Albert will be too expensive as a right tackle.

  3. Though i’m not too happy about drafting a RT 1st overall, our OL is going to be solid. Jamaal Charles is gonna have fun this season! Go Chiefs!

  4. Win-win for Albert… looks like a team player and keeps Fisher on the right side. Kudos to him and his agent for not being stupid and holding out.

  5. who cares if fisher plays right or left? he will improve the pass and run games regardless of which side he plays on. most teams have a premier edge rusher on both sides – who wouldn’t want premier tackles on both sides? anthony davis was taken 11th overall to play RT. ron yary was taken #1 and played RT all the way to the hall of fame.

  6. This guy thinks it’s so horrible they used the first pick on a RT. I’m pretty sure pass rushers come from both ends of the line.

    And with DEs & LBs becoming better & better athletes each year, I don’t see a problem with this. Also, Albert could be gone next year.

    If we drafted Jordan or Ansah, this guy would have mocked KC for taking a backup LB (Houston & Hali) at 1.

  7. Get a left handed QB and Albert can stay on the left side and can’t say boo…

  8. Who cares if he plays right or left? Really?? He was drafted 1st overall due to his play at LEFT TACKLE not right, they aren’t the same position.

  9. I think Fischer spent more time in college playing RT than LT, didn’t he? Luke Joeckel was a LT from high school, but I think that Fischer had to serve an apprenticship at other positions when he moved to college. Even though it was in a second rate conference.

  10. Winston was released well before the draft, and it was no secret that Albert was available via trade during the draft. I don’t know that things went the way the Chiefs wanted. On the surface it doesn’t seem to make much sense.

  11. Except the Chiefs “No QB” is still better than the Raiders “No QB”.

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