Browns considered severing ties with Armonty Bryant

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Armonty Bryant almost had a very short tenure with the Browns.

The seventh-round pick was arrested for DUI only six days after being picked.  The Browns considered renouncing their rights to the defensive end, who had been arrested in October 2012 on a marijuana charge.

“We discussed all the options and ultimately decided that we wanted to bring him in and sit down and talk to him, and that’s the process we went through,” coach Rob Chudzinski said Friday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“You have to give guys every chance, every opportunity, and I feel really good about the structure that we’ll have around him to give him every chance.  He’ll be evaluated consistently and constantly just like all our players are, and time will tell.”

Actually, the rule is that the good players get a second chance, and the slappies become the examples.  Since it’s too early to know precisely where Bryant falls on the football-skill spectrum, he’ll get a chance to prove he’s not one of the guys who lose their jobs when they get in trouble.

Bryant said that defensive line coach Joe Cullen, who had past issues with drunk driving while working for the Lions, has helped the rookie work through a difficult situation.

“He’s actually had my back and he’s helped me through this situation also and I feel like he’s a great mentor,” Bryant said of Cullen. “I just made a stupid mistake at the time.  But now I’m just going to let my actions speak for me.”

Even without the arrest, a seventh-round pick is hardly a lock to win a job on the 53-man roster.  It could end up being harder for Bryant, regardless of whether he picks up a third strike.

11 responses to “Browns considered severing ties with Armonty Bryant

  1. You’re going to ruin a guy’s career over a BS .098 DWI? The drunk driving laws are ridiculous, most adults are not even close to drunk at .098 and they keep making the standards lower and lower — currently if you have a couple of beers you’re at risk of getting a DWI.

    And no, I don’t have any DUIs/DWIs or any arrests or anything.

  2. Let’s hope Bryant doesn’t have the same kind of issues with lack of wardrobe while driving that Cullen had.

  3. We’ve seen the evening news. The bar in Cleveland is so low you have to watch your ankles.

  4. Will make it thru rookie mini-camp.
    Might make it thru OTA’s.
    NO way he makes it thru training camp without doing something wrong

  5. Reading the word “slappies” in your articles is like hearing nails on a chalkboard.

  6. Sadly, Armonty Bryant, the Browns’ seventh-round draftee is representative of the Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi’s draft expertise…

    …Banner and Lombardi picked him !

    This Browns front office is now trying to justify drafting Bryant, a project player in the 7th round, who had been busted “twice” for selling marijuana to undercover officers, the last time being Oct 2012.

    Armonty Bryant’s future was very predictable and I don’t see why anyone would be surprised at Bryant being busted for drunk driving.

    Is anyone surprised that Banner and Lombardi would not admit they made a mistake, cut the guy now and move on?

    Banner and Lombardi are more worried that their ability to draft talented players might be questioned should one of their picks not make it to mini camp.

    This little mess is more indicative of this front offices judgement…of lack of.

  7. Good job Chud, you’re setting bad standards before your first game is ever played. Let’s hear what you have to say after the next arrest. What tailgate lot will he be in selling 20 dollar bags?

  8. denverdude7 says:

    Just another page in yet another chapter of the Browns never ending book… “The Factory of Sadness”

    2010 Draft: Broncos trade a 2nd, a 3rd, and a 4th round pick to pick…Tim Tebow. The man who, in a furiously QB driven league, can’t even scrounge up a single opportunity. What a genius organization! Actually trading assets for a monumental bust like Tebow must represent an entire truckload of sadness.

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