Cardinals sign Karlos Dansby

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It looks like it really was a good meeting for the Cardinals and linebacker Karlos Dansby.

The team announced Friday that they have signed Dansby to a one-year deal. It will be Dansby’s second stint in the desert as the Cardinals drafted him in the second round of the 2004 draft and he spent six years with the team before heading to Miami.

Dansby garnered a good deal of interest around the league after the Dolphins released him early in the offseason, but the Cardinals might have pushed a little harder because of the uncertainty around linebacker Daryl Washington right now. Washington is going to serve a four-game suspension to start the year after violating the league’s substance abuse policy and he was arrested last week on domestic violence charges that could lead to more league discipline down the road.

Dansby would be a good fit as a fill-in for Washington and should be able to contribute once he’s back as well. He was in on 134 tackles for the Dolphins last season and has played in all but eight regular season games his teams have played over the course of his nine-year career.

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  1. Back to his old stomping grounds. Dansby had a good year last year and he also had a tricep injury for many games i’m correct. I like this move for the Arizona

  2. Love this signing. Dansby can flat out play, he’ll be good for Minter. Fans here in AZ always liked him, win win!

  3. Look at the Cardinals. All the one year deals are going to net them some compensatory picks in a couple years…the rookie GM is looking like a pro.

  4. Dolphins don’t make any sense.

    Dansby>>>Ellerbe and its not like they have a huge age difference. Dansby can still play on for 3 or 4 more years.

  5. Looks like Washington’s new number may be from the state, with a lot more numbers in it than his Cards one. Finally a smart move from the AZ head office.

  6. Good signing for the 2013 season.

    D. Wash will wonder at the end of the season why the Cardinals won’t pony up on the $10 million (deferred) bonus he is expected to receive.

    Bottom line: Washington as a football player is a stud. As a human, he’s a dud. It’s possible he’s played his last game for the Cardinals. Sad but true.

  7. Well, it’s a good move for the Cardinals, Dansby had his best years in Arizona. But lets not brag that Dansby is better than Ellerbe. There’s a reason why Ellerbe got the money he did, signing on the first day of free agency and then a reason why Dansby was a free agent for as long as he was, only signing a one year deal.

  8. YESSSSS! I love the DIRTY BIRD! Welcome back to sunny AZ from sunny Miami! With Dansby and Minter in the fold we can cut Washington from my beloved team. There is no place for a man who raises his hands to a woman no matter how much she may deserve it. Women can really get under your skin especially when you love them. I get it, but you CANT do it! Cut DWash let him go play for a franchise with lower standards. The Cards havent always been good, but we’ve always tried to have good men on our team. Dont tarnish this team with that – make an example of him. That said, I wish him all the best and hope he learns from it and goes on to have a great career and stays out of trouble.

  9. Miami wanted more of a playmaker: sack, int, force fumbles. Also, notice that all the players that spoke up in Miami are now gone….Reggie Bush, Jake Long, and now Karlos…..

    Dansby has always been a good linebacker, but his play was more noticeable in AZ. I hope this one year deal turns into more than this and Dansby retires as a Cardinal.

  10. When you get tons of tackles, but no sacks and are exposed in pass coverage, and are highly paid, you get cut. That’s Dansby. Solid LB, but not for superstar money.

  11. Keep an eye on the Cardinals this year. They actually now have a legit QB, and have had many other pieces. Now this team can truly compete.

    Good signing to bring Dansby back.

    I really wished my G-Men would have more seriously considered signing him, because we need a more serious approach at the LB position.

  12. June 1 Miami picks up another $10 million in cap space based on the deferred cuts of Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett…leaving them 17.5 million under the cap

  13. Dansby was cut by Miami for three reasons…

    His ceiling is known and not high enough. His production, while decent did not and was never going to match his upcoming salary.

    Also, in line with a similar ideology. When a team, like Miami, that has been stuck in the middle of the pack for going on two decades, safety is no longer the best bet. Ellerbe may be a bit of an unknown but you take the chance that he will hit his prime, which you know without a doubt, that Karlos Dansby is unable to do at this point in his career.

    But most importantly, he was not on the same page with the coaching staff.

  14. Poor guy was never the same after SB 43. He thought his interception w/2 min left in the half would set up AZ to take the lead. Instead, it set up the greatest SB interception of all time.

  15. I Rly like what the cards and the rams did this draft and off-season..cardinals defence always been legit, now even more so. And as much as I USED to dislike Carson, then Rly liked his game once he came to my raiders (ppl have the competely wrong perception about him in the huddle and on the field) then dislike him again bcuz he bailed on the team that gave him a 2nd chance. With that said he can still ball out and he’s got fits…the offence will be just fine!..just make sure you guys SMACCKK those loud mouth nobody 9ers

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