Dansby aims for Arizona Ring of Honor

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He started his career in Arizona nine years ago.  Three years after leaving, linebacker Karlos Dansby is back.

“It’s a blessing to have this opportunity chase a ring with two guys I know I came in with, Darnell Dockett and Larry Fitzgerald,” Dansby told SiriusXM NFL Radio.  “Another opportunity to take a stab at it.   It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, I had to advantage of it just to take a shot at to be a legend, and try to get in that Ring of Honor.”

Dansby said he decided to return to Arizona after being cut by the Dolphins because “[i]t’s comfortable, man.”

“I was already out here working out and training anyway,” Dansby said.  “I still had the house out here.  I never sold it.  Family was here, just had another son.  It’s perfect timing, man.  It’s the perfect fit and they needed my services.  They wanted me back in the building.  [G.M.] Steve Keim had a vision. . . .  It was a no-brainer, man.  They opened their arms to me, and I came back.”

Dansby left the Cardinals after spending two years under the franchise tag.  To keep him for a third year, Arizona would have been required to offer him the quarterback tender.

He arrives at a time when the inside linebacker position is in flux, to say the least.  Daryl Washington has received a four-game suspension, and he recently was arrested for battery involving a female victim who emerged with a broken collarbone.  The Cardinals added LSU linebacker Kevin Minter in the second-round of the 2013 draft.

11 responses to “Dansby aims for Arizona Ring of Honor

  1. “I had to advantage of it just to take a shot at to be a legend,”

    Uhhhhhh…. what?

  2. Bringing leadership, heart, and more importantly filling in a whole left by D Washington. Nice to see the Cards new GM Keim being pro-active, unlike previous management. Welcome back to the desert Karlos!

  3. mendenhallfumblemachine: not bad.

    Other options for Cardinals Mt. Flushmore:
    Steve Pisarkiewicz
    Wendell Bryant
    Tony Sacca
    Anthony Thompson

    All first round picks for the Cards. As was Joe Namath, in 1965. Since Namath was drafted, the Cards have chosen the following QB legends in the first round:
    Kelly Stouffer
    Timm Rosenbach
    Tony Sacca
    Matt Leinart

    And people wondered why they didn’t take Matt Barkley…

  4. “what was the reason he left then?”

    Wheelbarrow loads of Wayne Huizinga and Steve Ross’s $$$’s – courtesy of William Parcells before he took more wheelbarrow loads of Wayne Huizinga and Steve Ross’s $$$’s into retirement with him.

    Gotta be half the public $$$’s Ross is asking for for stadium upgrades. Money well spent. lol

  5. Cards Mt. Rushmore depends on what we’re talking about: the Cards history in AZ or Cards history in general. The Mt. Rushmore of AZ era Cards history:
    1)Larry Fitzgerald
    2)Adrian Wilson
    3)Aeneas Williams
    4)Kurt Warner
    Honorable Mention: Larry Centers, Pat Tillman

    The Mt. Rushmore of all Cards history should be:
    1)Larry Fitzgerald
    2)Ernie Nevers
    3)Dick “Night Train” Lane
    4)Charlie Trippi
    Honorable Mention: Otis Anderson, Dan Dierdorf, Jim Hart, Jackie Smith, Kurt Warner, Aeneas Williams, Adrian Wilson, Larry Wilson

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