It’s Falcons Mt. Rushmore nomination time

Getty Images

The nominations for the various teams’ Mt. Rushmores are driving more interest in the process than we ever thought they would.

Hopefully, when we start the voting for each team’s final four sculpted stone heads and when we unveil the lists on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, the interest will be even higher

Here’s a chance to show high interest in the nominees for a franchise that, before 2008, had plenty of low points.  Before 2009, the Falcons never had consecutive winning seasons.  They’ve now had five in a row, which means that some of the folks responsible for the team’s recent success could make it onto the short list of their all-time best.

Nominate below the folks you think should be on the Falcons’ giant mountain of immortality.  (That takes on an entirely different meaning if you forget to add one of the t’s.)