It’s Friday PFT topic time

We’re wrapping up the week on NBC Sports Network’s Pro Football Talk, and we’re taking next week off.

So here’s your last chance until May 20 to chime in with what you want us to talk about.

We usually handle the topic selected by you in the final segment of the show, right after we roll outtakes that may or may not include Erik Kuselias making the Zoolander face while he checks his hair in the monitor.

But since the show starts at 5:00 p.m. ET, we hope you choose to tune in then.

6 responses to “It’s Friday PFT topic time

  1. I think Tampa Bay would be avery interesting team to see on Hard Knocks, with a young H.C, questions at the QB position and all those new guys in there secondary, could be interesting

  2. How bout the Skins?

    RG3 coming back, solid division contenders, the name change controversy…

    Maybe they could even give Logicalvoice a spot in the dorms for some hands-on, over the top inspiration

  3. Why isn’t “Who Cares” a Hard Knocks option. I want my team focused on, you know, football stuff!! The NFL already has enough Divas and wannabe Divas as it is!

  4. I love watching Hard Knocks, love it! And as much as I’d love to see my team on the show, I know most teams don’t want the inside exposure that goes along with it. I wish there could be a way to keep the show going that didn’t turn teams off.

    No ideas here, but there must be a way to give us fans some real time viewing pleasure of our teams without posing off the coaches/owners.

    I think they could scale it back some (which would make it less interesting) and we’d still watch. Think of the ProBowl…it sucks but us fan will watch anything NFL!!!!!!

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