Jerry Jones optimistic things will work out with Doug Free


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants offensive tackle Doug Free to take a pay cut. If Free refuses, he’ll get cut. And yet Jones says that’s not an indication that the two parties are headed for an ugly divorce.

In fact, Jones said today that he likes Free and is optimistic about his future in Dallas.

“I’d like to keep him,” Jones said. “We think that Doug Free can be an important part of the team. He’s been here. We know him. We think that with what we’re doing in other parts of our offense, certainly in the offensive line, that this will bode well for him. So we think he can really be an asset to us.”

Of course, thinking Free can be an asset and thinking Free is worth the $7 million base salary he’s owed this year are two different things. Jones did acknowledge that the $7 million number needs to come down.

“It’s no secret that we’re trying to renegotiate the contract,” Jones said. “But I think it’s a wrong assessment to say that anybody’s saying ‘take it or leave it’ or we’re at our wit’s end or those kinds of things. That’s just not the way I see it going.”

The way it will probably go is that Free will play for the Cowboys this season, for less than $7 million.

15 responses to “Jerry Jones optimistic things will work out with Doug Free

  1. He was playing better when rotating with Parnell, but you don’t get paid 7 million to rotate with anybody. If he doesn’t take 4-5 mil cut, Jones has to release him. Point blank period.

  2. Cowboy fans have heard this kind of talk before in the past regarding players whose contracts Jerry is on the hook for but are under performing. Blah blah blah.
    It’s not going to get any better with Free and as GM, Jerry failed to address this issue.

  3. So Jerry is optimistic and Doug just said 2 days ago he didn’t know anything about the team asking him to take a pay cut. Hmm…

  4. He’d be lucky to get a 3 million 2 year contract with a few incentives, with any other franchise.

    Anything above that and the Cowboys are throwing good money at bad…

  5. Is Jerry in charge or not? Put a number on the table and that’s it. If he agrees, keep him. I wouldn’t mind him staying for depth. If not cut him. I don’t understand why it has dragged out this long.

  6. Hey maybe we can wait to cut him when all the tackles worth taking are gone. Eric Winston is no upgrade he is equally as bad but just won’t cost 7-8 mill a year more along the lines of 3 or less. Point is if he signs and we cut free then what do we have a hole at rt with no plug cause Parnell is not the answer

  7. But what you aren’t acknowledging is that it costs $10mil in dead money to cut him but only $7mil to keep him. Free has considerable leverage here and I’m gonna bet his agent knows this. Jerry is paying for a bad contract here. He made this bed himself.

  8. jerry by being OPTIMISTIC dose that mean you are gonna make him restructure his contract like you made half of your team do this season.??!! Maybe if you would of stand with Snyder you would not be so cash strap like you are. Pathetic Loser of an Owner.!!!!!

  9. Bad week for Lincoln High Alums. Don Davey gets put on blast by NFL in workers comp law debate in California. Now Doug Free has to take a pay cut or probaby get cut. Go Ships…

  10. Jones should fire that idiot GM who extended Romo’s contract. That GM should be taken to the woodshack and until he yells “uncle!” The GM is DALLAS worst employee…. he has got to go otherwise, another mediocre season in the NFC East is coming.

  11. Jerry might say there is no deadline but I bet we know something on June 1st. I just hope Winston is still available then. If Free says “No paycut” Jerry can cut him and at least split the cap hit over two years. The problem with that is you would still have to pay Free 3.5 mil this year and then say sign Winston for 3.5 mil and your back to paying 7 mil total and you still have to pay Free another 3.5 mil next year. Jerry should have addressed the need in the draft or gone out and gotten Clabo.

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