Kubiak impressed so far with Collin Klein

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Like Tim Tebow, Collin Klein stubbornly has refused to relinquish his dream of playing quarterback in the NFL.  Like Tebow, Klein currently doesn’t have a job playing quarterback in the NFL.

Unlike Tebow, Klein is auditioning for a team.  He’s participating in the Texans’ rookie minicamp on a tryout basis.

So far the reviews are encouraging.

“He’s doing good,” Texans coach Gary Kubiak said of Klein on Friday.  “I said this morning, a couple people asked me, the first thing that impresses me is whatever we teach him in there, he comes out here and is automatic.  That’s easy.  The next part is all the underneath center, all the other stuff that he didn’t do in college, but I think he’s picked it up pretty good.  Obviously, he’s doing his job and then we have to make a tough decision of what we do after the camp.”

Former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer, who played for Kubiak in Denver, has been helping Klein, who refused to participate in tight end drills at the Scouting Combine, learn the position.

“I think Jake has done a good job with him,” Kubiak said of Klein.  “His arm is plenty strong.  His throwing motion, you want him to get the ball out a little bit quicker, that type of thing.  That comes from experience of doing it.  I saw it this afternoon.  I thought it was out quicker than it was this morning.  I think he’s a guy that is only going to get better as he goes.  He just has to sit here and battle and find his way in this league and I wouldn’t bet against him.”

If he’s signed, Klein would become the fifth quarterback on the Houston roster.  To stick on the roster, he’d likely have to leapfrog Stephen McGee and Case Keenum.

8 responses to “Kubiak impressed so far with Collin Klein

  1. Unlike Klein, Tebow should do a 180-degree about face and accept a non-quarterback role with a team like New England. Tebow’s versatility as a football player would, I think, dovetail nicely with the multi-dimensional player Belichick seems to prize. And if Belichick has any concern about the “circus” that might accompany Tebow to New England, wouldn’t that “show” likely pale by comparison to the one Belichick brought to town with “Spygate?” Didn’t the Patriots demonstrate that they could set aside such a distraction by coming within a dropped interception of being recognized as perhaps the greatest team in NFL history? At the right price, Tebow would be a fine addition to the Patriots in a capacity other than quarterback.

  2. Anytime they talk about “throwing motion” they’re doomed. You can make adjustments in practices and camps, but when the lights are on a person will go back to what feels natural.

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