Lions sign Ansah, without offset language


Unsigned rookies typically participate in offseason workouts with a letter of protection that promises they’ll get the contract they would have gotten if they suffer a serious injury during offseason workouts.

In Detroit that won’t be necessary for any of their draft picks.

The team has announced that defensive end Ziggy Ansah, the fifth overall pick in the draft, has agreed to terms.  All Lions draft picks are now under contract.

The process of negotiating rookie deals has become much simpler since the 2011 labor deal, which created a firm rookie wage scale, eliminating most topics for haggling and holdout.  The last major sticking point for players taken at the top of the draft is whether the fully-guaranteed contracts will contain offset language, allowing teams to recoup part of the money if the player gets cut and signs elsewhere.

For Ansah, a league source tells PFT there’s no offset language.  So if the Lions decide to cut him at any point in the next four years, Ansah gets the full amount of the contract — along with whatever else he can get from his next team.

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  1. The next Jason Pierre Paul, don’t be surprised of the Lions finish 2nd in the division this year, of course behind the great Minnesota Vikings

  2. Yet another CBA win! I’ll keep preaching that, lol, I love the slotted compensation system in the draft.

  3. Good for Ziggy…because in 4 years he will probably be around 39 yo….and this will give him a nice head start on his retirement plan.

  4. I don’t know why more teams don’t sign their picks this soon. Players basically know what their going to get based on where they’re selected.

  5. Ziggy can use all the money he can get from the Lions. His grandchildren are counting on him for financial support…

  6. my prediction after 4 years he will have 46 career sacks

    1st year – 7 sacks
    2nd year – 10 sacks
    3rd year – 14 sacks
    4th year – 15 sacks

  7. The Lions are either very confident or very stupid in doing this, and only time will tell which.

    I’m rooting for the kid, if only because the name “Ziggy” is so strange for a football player.

  8. Edit, Edit…. need an edit function

    I should have said, “Why didnt they get the 5th yr?”

  9. This offset language sounds like nothing more than a NFL Pre-Nup. If you draft a guy in the top ten, you better have done your work prior to hooking up. And for all the angst the Lions have endured recently, they have hit on all of their 1st Picks since the Millen has left the building.

    So, foregoing the back and forth of an offset was less important than getting your talented, but green, DE draft pick signed as soon as possible. In short, I don’t see the issue.

  10. Rookie wage scale is the best thing to happen to football in recent memory. Surprised it took so long for them to come up with it, considering how beneficial it is for teams and veteran players alike.

  11. Good stuff. Now the focus is on the football itself not the business.
    PS I can’t wait to read all the “witticisms” from the non Lions fans re Jail, handshake, etc etc etc
    that have absolutely NOTHING to do with this item

  12. The 5th overall pick last year, Blackmon, also had no off-set language in his contract. Nothing to see here, folks.

  13. Well the Lions reached a little for this pick, declined the opportunity to trade it and pickup extra value to drop back, so they are really “all-in” on the Ansah investment and that gives them added protection to bank all the way. They need him to pan out, otherwise the Decision Makers that would have overpaid a bust won’t care about it as they will be fired if Detroit has another bomb season.

    So those guys have everything to gain plus a hero’s title for getting that bet to pay off, and nothing more to lose than they otherwise already would have. And the ownership is willing to absorb that excess risk on their personal behalves, but that’s also because he has been “all-in” on them himself.

  14. mazblast….. what makes the Lions potentially stupid for this? I dont understand your statement. all first round picks get a four year deal and the money is slotted. if you are referring to the offset money it’s a foolish thing to make that big of an issue about on first round picks to begin with. if a 1st round talent is so terrible he’s dumped in the first three years, whatever team gives him a second chance is going to do so on a very limited financial commitment. offset simply allows the original team to recoup the value of the second contract for the portion that includes those first four years of service. most likely, we are talking 6 figures, which in the NFL is equal to about what I would find by lifting my couch cushions. Miami is foolish and appears cheap as an organization for making it a sticking point. the player is still going to get his guaranteed money one way or the other.

  15. That all but guarantees them 3rd place in the NFC North. Just ahead of the other team in the NFC North with no Super Bowl wins.

  16. I see Ansah havin a hard time a bit through the first half of the season, but then really catching on in the second half and getting a grip for everything. He is a beast of an athlete, with the right coaching this guy can be the next JPP.

  17. @thestrategyexpert

    Do you always feel it necessary to make things up regarding the Lions? They tried to trade back with the Bills and were rebuffed.

  18. I actually wonder how much better the NFL is going to be now that rookies don’t get paid tens of millions of dollars right out of the gate.

    Now these guys have to earn the biggest NFL contracts by accomplishing on the field, so some rookies will be more likely to put in the effort it takes to succeed their first few years playing in the NFL.

  19. sparty0n all 1st rd picks have the 5th year option & it comes into play after the 4th year automatically. gives the team the decision to decide if they want to use it & comp. for that year is already a set formula based on players slot.
    This was a good deal for the Lions goes along with last years trend, gets player into all training rather than a holdout. No way would the Lions get rid of the guy in the next couple years because they took him knowing he is raw & he should still make an impact now; but won’t be reaching full potential for a couple years.

  20. If the Lions have to dump a guy they picked #5 overall within 4 years, then they deserve the financial penalty that comes with it.

  21. Leos are moving quickly. I have a feeling they are trying so see what money is left to pick up more free agents to fill holes left after the draft.

  22. hyzers:

    They tried to trade? That’s what I’m complaining about! They needed to execute a trade, and it was THEIR job and responsibility to find it and make it happen, and they FAILED us and reached with a pick and did a lousy job of managing this draft. This was a really lazy effort by the GM and for lots of questionable choices.

  23. thestrategyexpert says: May 15, 2013 2:10 PM


    They tried to trade? That’s what I’m complaining about! They needed to execute a trade, and it was THEIR job and responsibility to find it and make it happen, and they FAILED us and reached with a pick and did a lousy job of managing this draft. This was a really lazy effort by the GM and for lots of questionable choices.


    It wasn’t their job to trade down. It was their job to find the best players available. They were open to trade down and probably discussed it with a number of teams before making their pick. BTW, Ansah was picked where he was supposed to be as the #1 or 2 DE in the draft. He is also a perfect fit for the Lions.

    The Raiders “executed” a trade and got one 2nd rounder for the 3rd overall pick in the draft. That’s the kind of value that was available to top picking teams. Why don’t you go to their page and hang out, instead? Sounds like they really hit it out of the park, right?

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