Maclin says Vick getting most of the work with the ones


New Eagles coach Chip Kelly has been trying to sell that his quarterback job is an open competition, with Michael Vick and Nick Foles on “even” footing.

But Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin said from what he’s seen so far, there’s a clear pecking order.

Right now, you’ve got Mike going with the ‘ones’ and Nick sprinkling in some reps here and there, so, . . . ” Maclin said, via Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.

While that hardly qualifies as a surprise based on economics and experience, the fact Foles is getting just a “sprinkling” is telling.

Kelly told reporters after his first minicamp in April the reps were “even,” but reporters weren’t allowed into the practice to see it with their own eyes. But Vick remained confident, saying: “This is still my team.”

That feeling seems to extend to Maclin as well.

Maclin initially said he was “not going to get caught up in all that,” but went onto say: “Michael Vick has proven himself as the guy. Nick Foles stepped in last year, and had some success, to a certain extent.”

Foles’ future in Philadelphia seemed tenuous from the start, even though the Eagles resisted offers to trade him to the Chiefs.

But Kelly isn’t nearly as scheme-tied as some want to believe, and the motley assortment of quarterbacks on hand (along with former Oregon starter Dennis Dixon and rookie Matt Barkley) speaks to the fact you can’t pigeonhole Kelly’s system.

But you can, apparently, draw a conclusion about how the competition is going to turn out.

27 responses to “Maclin says Vick getting most of the work with the ones

  1. Ironic that an average receiver that’s enjoyed some success to a certain extent would speak out on Nick Foles.

    Maclin is an average #2 – decent # 3 at best. Smallish, not tough. We should have taken Hakeem Nicks over him.

  2. Foles will be off the roster before week 1. Dennis Dixon will be #3 and help prep for the speed QB’s. Barkley will be the understudy of Vick.

    Vick will get pummeled and knocked out week 2-4 (there about)Barkley will step in and be sporadic and the media will make it a QB controversy.

    But the truth is Vick has is and has been overrated his whole career, Foles was drafted to be flipped for picks (Andy is a master of that), Barkley is a 4th rounder (for lineman & RB’s not a problem for a QB…meh.) and Dixon is in the league as a practice QB which he’ll remain.

  3. Vick and Maclin will both be on somebody else’s team roster on opening day

  4. oh great, another year of Vick. Kelly is going to step in, like so many other coaches before him, be the one guy who can get Vick to read defenses, make quick decisions and call audibles.

    There’s no way Vick lasts the entire year regardless. He should get Foles some reps with the ones, it’s the smart thing to do.

  5. I do believe you’re reading too much into the “reps” amount at this point. The other quarterbacks on the roster are more familiar with the system Kelly is trying to establish than Vick, and getting him reps now before the more serious camps begin is a good way to find out if he can absorb and run this style of offense. To this point in Vick’s career, he hasn’t proven he can handle a quick read offense and stay turnover free which is what Kelly has said he was looking for. You seem to think he is trying to weed Foles out of the picture. I believe Vick is the one being seriously scrutinized.

  6. wow j-Mac. every year I try to look past your smugness and undeserved arrogance and then you belittle one of the few bright spots of last year. d- jax went down and who stepped up? not 18. it was our rookies who were the guys being leaders. I believe in Vick just like you but dude you shouldn’t talk smack about a rookie who did what he could. stop starting fights and maybe try signing autographs for make-a-wish kids in Nashville like you didn’t do three years ago.

  7. And the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    This is the reason the Eagles will suck again this year.

    Vick has proven for 12 years that he isnt “the guy”

  8. I think Barkely will be the QB next year. Vick will be way too much money. Unless Vick takes them to the championship this year, look for Barkley to step in.

  9. Foles won’t “beat out” Mike Vick in a QB competition. They are such different players. The decision about which QB to play in this scenario is which one has the best shot at running the offense and unless he’s on his back, that’s Vick.

  10. I don’t think its any surprise that the job is Vick’s to lose. They wouldn’t have resigned him if they weren’t going to give him every opportunity to be the starter.

  11. Hopefully this is just a full test of Vick so Chip can realize Vick is not the guy. Vick can’t read a defense, cannot audible, and is too short to see over our massive line.

    Give me Foles at 6’6″ 246, has shown he can move well enough to extend plays and even run for a first down here and there.

    Foles as a rookie performed as well, maybe even better than Vick… and without some starting key offensive players. Vick has peaked, Foles is just getting started.

    Vick at this point is a complete waste of time and money for our team.

  12. “Michael Vick has proven himself as the guy”

    If holding onto the ball for too long, fumbling, throwing interceptions, and not being able to read a defense is proving yourself, then I guess he has.

    The best job for Vick these days, is holding clipboard on the sidelines.

  13. Let’s be real, Foles won’t even be on this team come opening day unless somebody gets injured.

    The latest stiff backup that delusional Philly fans got excited about. He’s a statue who’s a nice backup, nothing more, nothing less.

  14. Vick is a has-been. Let me correct that, he’s a never-was. He never materialized to the great hope everyone thought he would. One playoff win in over 10 years and he’s never finished a complete season. What a waste! Damn, Tim Tebow has as many playoff wins as Vick. No reason this season will be any different. It’s like the Dallas Cowboys, change everything except quarterback and still fail getting to the wild card game or getting there and losing the wild card game miserably. Nothing to see here.

  15. I’m an Eagles Season Ticket holder and must say that I am fed up with sitting among all of the visiting team’s fans because all of the other season ticket holders have bailed the past two years…Vick as a starter means that I’ll be making a lot of new friends of the visiting team’s fans once again…

  16. what a great teammate. Should’ve just said “nick did ok but that was a fluke. He sucks.” Foles does suck but still. mike vick sucks too.

  17. this proves even more that the race between shady and Vick was bs. they’re trying to pump him up. as an eagles fan, I liked the potential foles showed. he can only get better with more experience, where Vick is only going to get slower and worse. and worse than last year is not something I am interested in.

  18. I’m kind of embarrassed by the general consensus Eagles fans have regarding the QB situation every year. Example…..

    A very popular Eagles Fan comment about 3 years ago – “Bench that bum McNabb because that Kolb kid looks like a true stud.”

    How did that work out? McNabb is still a better QB than Kolb and yes you and I know McNabb is “retired”.

    A very popular Eagles Fan comment today – Bench that bum Vick because that Foles kid looks like a true stud.”

    Really guys!?!?! I know team success is reflective on QB play but Vick had no chance last year with that offensive line. I actually felt bad for Vick not because of his play but the fact that he couldn’t finish a three step drop without 250lbs to 800lbs threatening his physical wellbeing , on a consistent basis none the less. And don’t pulled that “Vick can’t read a defense or a blitz coming” card because that is a lazy, scapegoat answer. The guy doesn’t break rushing records or finish as runner up to 2010 MVP Tom Brady because he can’t read a defense or a blitz coming.

    Personally I think the Eagles will improve this year but I don’t know to what extent. I don’t want to take anything away from Foles but Vick is the best option for us right now……….unless he shows us otherwise.

  19. Dixon played for Chip Kelly at Oregon and he would have taken them all the way to the BCS if Dixon hadn’t injured his Knee. Kelly wouldn’t have traded for Dixon if he didn’t think he could perform in the NFL.

    Mike Vick has maybe a year left. If he performs this year for the Eagles, he’ll stay. I think that he may have a new attitude with a new coach. When the De Anthony Thomas fumbled the ball at Oregon, Kelly took him out of the game till he could hold onto the ball. If Vick is intercepted Kelly will take him out of the game until he can throw the ball without being intercepted. Time will tell

    Oregon’s toughest competitors were USC and Stanford. As Kelly said, he studied Barkley for four years, because he had to in order to make it to the Rose bowl or the BCS. Matt Barkley is a competitor and I think is capable of stepping in and taking over with some maturity. AAron Rogers was an understudy for five years with the Packers. Maybe that’s what it will take for Barkley. Foles was not tough competition for Kelly in Oregon. Did not do well against Oregon and I’m sure Kelly will give him the opportunity to prove himself. I see him gone before the end of the season. I see Dennis Dixon and Matt Barkley as the long term solution for the Eagles and there is always Darren Thomas who plays for the Canadian League that Chip can pull in any time he needs a quarterback.

    I don’t see the Eagles making the Superbowl in 2014 but I do see the Eagles contenders for the superbowl in the future with Chip Kelly at the helm.

  20. Mike Vick will have a great season only if he has a great frontline to give him more time , have we all forgotten he was a scrambler an a darn good one ,you cant keep a bird caged up because it cant fly..let him do what he does best. last season the only running he was doing was running for his with it

  21. HA ! HA ! HA! Won’t you all be surprised when Dennis Dixon Steps into the Quarterback position and starts to win games. Dixon played for Kelly early on at UofO and they had a BCS Bowl going but Dixon injured his knee. Yes Dixon is the one. Andy Foles couldn’t play against Dixon then and Still can’t compete with him now. I’m sure the old knee injury worries Kelly and that’s the reason Matt Barkley is on the roster.

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