Mathieu eager to begin his fresh start in Arizona


The months of pre-draft scrutiny, and trying to explain his past are over.

Today, Tyrann Mathieu gets to get back to what he enjoys — playing football.

The Cardinals rookie free safety begins his first minicamp today, and said he looks forward to getting back to a football routine.

Just letting my actions speak for themselves,” Mathieu said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “I think that solves everything. I’m looking forward to it. I definitely have a long journey in front of me, definitely going to be some challenges but I think I’m prepared for it.”

Of course, his previous actions have brought the kind of attention he doesn’t want. After being kicked off the team at LSU for failing multiple drug tests, he was welcomed to the desert with an ad for a head shop bearing his image in an alternative newspaper. Mathieu shook that off, saying he didn’t pay much attention to it.

What he will be paying attention to is teammate Patrick Peterson, who was with him at LSU and for most of the last five months, helping him train for the draft.

“He’s going to be extremely important, probably as important as my girlfriend,” Mathieu said. “He’s probably going to be everywhere with me, walking around with me everywhere. I am just going to follow Patrick’s routine.”

If he can follow Peterson’s example, and leave his old demons behind, the Cardinals might have something.

How much he makes of the chance depends on him, and begins today.

15 responses to “Mathieu eager to begin his fresh start in Arizona

  1. Didn’t realize he was going to play for AZ. Only have been there a handful of times, but from my experiences, I don’t think AZ is the best place to be if you’re trying to quit smokin mj.

  2. What the Cards are hoping is that Peterson will be his Mentor and turn him around… apparently they’ve never considered Honey Badger might be Peterson’s mentor, and turn HIM around. As the song goes, ‘I was gonna be an All-Pro, but then I got high…’

  3. If I was an NFL GM I wouldn’t want this type of player on my roster. When your a grown man you shouldn’t be required to have an All Pro player babysit you. It sets a bad example for the other rookies coming in who don’t require extra attention.

  4. Huge gamble for the Cards…I still can’t find a player to compare this kid to though he’s a ball hawk for sure, if he can keep his nose clean I think he’ll make some flash plays not sure if he’ll prove durable in the run game.

  5. The kid is psychologically and emotionally (if not physically) addicted to pot. Having a support group and goals are key to his attempts to break his addiction. Speaking from my experience of being psychologically addicted to a non-physically addictive behavior, I know how hard it is to break the addiction.

    Here’s the thing, he’s going to test positive in the future: no one stays clean forever, but the relapses will be farther apart as he integrates himself into the team and has Patrick Peterson to rely on.

    I feel like the fans that post here have already decided that he’s a goner, another messed up decision by the AZ Cardinals. They’re wrong: nothing is decided yet.

  6. The one thing he’s got to avoid at all costs is “NFL ego”, the feeling that he can do whatever he wants because he’s a “pro football player”. One would hope that Daryl W. doesn’t have an easy time of it with his legal problems, if for no other reason, than for that to hopefully serve as a deterrent to those players who are borderline with the law. With the football problems they’ve had and are trying to correct, the Cards don’t need any “distractions” for the foreseeable future.

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