Miami Super Bowl bid includes football game on an aircraft carrier

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A Super Bowl in South Florida won’t have a football game played in an upgraded Sun Life Stadium.  But if could have a football game played on an aircraft carrier.

The details of the final bid for Super Bowl L or LI have been released, and the package includes a football game that would be played on an aircraft carrier, according to

“We’ve submitted the best bid that we can in every aspect,” Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said at a press conference regarding the proposals.  “From a Dolphins perspective, we’re doing every thing we can.”

What they can do is offer a better deal financially to the owners than any other city has offered.  Because at the end of the day the primary factor will be money.  Like it always is.

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55 responses to “Miami Super Bowl bid includes football game on an aircraft carrier

  1. Given our country’s Johnson for “homeland security” making for a paid attendance of roughly zero, I’d be interested to know exactly what game would be played on the carrier.

  2. ” Were doing everything we can” REALLY.!!!!!! How about stop smoking you know what first. Then start all over and submit a real Bid that sounds realistic . This is the worst desperation attempt to get a SB in my life time. WHAT A LOSER FRANCHISE IF I EVER SAW ONE.!!!!!!!

  3. And how exactly will a game on a carrier be able to seat 70,000+ fans?

    Maybe if they could put the ship in a really big stadium.

    Roger, Mr. Jones is on line one.

  4. They’d have to pump in the crowd noise or else all you’d hear would be the roar of the ocean as there would be no crowd.

    Or maybe they could crank up a few F-22 Raptors and really kill the offense’s ability to communicate.

  5. It would probably be a powder puff celebrity game as part of the events surrounding the Super Bowl. That wouldn’t need 70,000 seats.

  6. LMAO. Do some of you actually think they are planning THE actual game on the carrier????

    It’s most likely going to be an exhibition game sometime during Superbowl Week. My guess is it will be a game of former NFL greats.

  7. Spent a decent amount of time on an aircraft carrier deck, not really ideal for ACL’s and such. Even at dock, the entire platform moves in the water. They are not very forgiving.

    That said, this would be the coolest thing EVER!

  8. Will Michael Bay be involved in the production? If so, I guarantee everyone who watches will be left unsatisfied at the end.

  9. Reading and comprehension, a lost art. Folks, read the article and subsequent link. It doesn’t say the Super Bowl would be played on an Aircraft Carrier for gods sake. It says “A” football game, not “the” football game would be played on a Carrier. Good grief morons, get a clue. Go Fins!

  10. What joke. The dolphins are acting like a bunch of little kids that didn’t get their way. It would be such a nightmare to attend what they have planned in downtown Miami, not to mention that it would be in the hood. There will be a ton of crime and hopefully not worse. They would be better off doing at Sun life stadium.

  11. Having a game on an aircraft carrier makes sense considering it can hold about the same number of fans that actually go to Dolphins games.

  12. this is just a gimmick!! butts in seats is what sells and makes money…you wont be able to put alot of butts in seats on an aircraft in san diego and we have had 2 basketball games on carriers..first one between nc and mich st was good,but second one with san diego state and syracuse was a disaster as it was really windy and shots were movign like knucle balls and curve balls. the military itself said it is cutting all military equipment out of sporting events whether it be flyovers,displays, or even ships.. its all part of the nationwide military furlough and budget cuts.

    these two superbowl should be played in san francisco and houston. sf has their new stadium and hosuton did an excellent job with their recent superbowl and the stadium in houston is state of the art and much better than sunlife stadium and it has a retractable roof as well incase of bad we really want bad playing conditions like the last 2 superbowls in miami involving the colts..even the superbowl with the chargers and 49ers the weather was horrible with constant rain and the playing field was horrible. the dolphins billionaire owner needs to fix the stadium on his own bill.especially after miami residents got robbed with marlins park..

  13. also san diego has the best weather in the country and because of the stadium situation the nfl won bring a 4th superbowl till they build a new stadium. even madden himself said they should play the superbowl in san diego every year! avg year round temp 73 degrees with 30% humidity.. if weather wont get superbowls in a big city then a dman aircraft carrier isnt gonna lure one to an old outdated stadum.

  14. OK..So you get tickets to a Super Bowl in Miami…no hotels near the stadium, just like many places. So you rent a car.

    Then…you find out…there is no general admission parking @ the stadium….and you have ridiculous traffic, and park miles and miles away…Then, you wait, and wait..for busses.

    Dolphin Stadium is a horror show for a SB…only good part is potentially the weather…Never mind, the worst, absolute worst..concession prices @ any SB venue…Ross robs people blind there.

    No way that place deserves it.

  15. idiots think that Miami proposed to have the actual SB played on the aircraft carrier. dummies.

  16. What a load, first they don’t get their public money, then the next day Ross says I’ll show everyone and commits to donating 2 billion to charity, then the spoiled kids put the most ridiculous bid for a super bowl in the history of bids ever together for submission. Play the game on an aircraft carrier.

    Honestly, Ross should fire everyone involved with that submission. His current staff is truly making him look like a buffoon.

  17. All that they are saying with this nonsensical press release is, look at our pathetic stadium, which those meanies in the Florida House wouldn’t let us fix. No super luxury boxes, no Wi-Fi, no place for the topless cheerleaders to change. The “bid” was intended only to embarrass the local politicos, nothing more. Expect more of the same from Ross & Co.

  18. I agree with thestrategyexpert, we want football in space. Too bad the U.S. doesn’t have a space program now and has to piggyback the Russians. Shameful. Oh well.

  19. I would rather see a NHL hockey game played on a carrier. Or even a minor league/NCAA hockey game played. Sail it up to Boston or New York in January.

  20. If the crowd was all military instead of business executives and celebrities then this would be a great idea. Let the ones who deserve it be in attendance.

  21. Glad they revised their original proposal of hosting the game inside a submarine.

  22. “Mustang, this is Ghostrider requesting a fly-by. negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.”

  23. Seriously?? They didn’t say it would be an NFL football game. It’s just a scrimmage or father/son type of “fun” game. Geez, some of these comments are idiotic at the least….use your heads!

  24. They might as well use an aircraft carrier for that, its not like the current administration has the desire to use it for, oh I don’t know, protecting American interests around the world, possibly saving lives of ambassadors and people like that. Bring the whole Navy to town. Maybe they could shoot some missiles at halftime and watch them go boom, boom, boom.

  25. If the Dolphins spent half as much time on winning as they did crying about a stadium and hosting a SB, they could actually contest the Pats.

  26. they’re not talking about the super bowl played on aircraft carrier. It’s a few celebrity football games.

  27. What they didn’t mention in the bid is the fact that the ship will be operated by Carnival Cruise Lines.

  28. Spend tens of thousands of dollars putting turf on a carrier that, if you factor in depreciation, basically costs tens of thousands of dollars a day just to exist. You do this all just for the gimmick of playing a meaningless side show football game on a war machine leading up to the Superbowl, which itself is a celebration of materialism, violence, and our obsession as a nation with competition and simple entertainment.

    ‘Murica. F’ yeah.

    (For the record, I wouldn’t have it any other way)

  29. Sorry Dolphins Fans, your team is in perpetual dysfunction, and it starts at the top. Until that changes, you will always have a bottom-feeding franchise.

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