Nominate your favorite Bucs for the Tampa Mt. Rushmore


Before 1995 or so, it would have been hard to find four viable candidates for a Buccaneers’ Mt. Rushmore.

Nearly 20 years later, it won’t be easy to restrict it to four.

But we don’t have to do that just yet.  For now, nominate the potential finalists, which likely will include a certain defensive back who recently retired, a retired defensive lineman who recently received enough votes for the Hall of Fame, and a retired coach who was instrumental in turning around a long-suffering franchise.

The nominations for all teams continue over the next week or so.  Later this month, the voting begins.  Eventually, each team’s Mt. Rushmore will be unveiled during the month of June on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network.

224 responses to “Nominate your favorite Bucs for the Tampa Mt. Rushmore

  1. Jon Gruden
    Joel Glazer
    Derrick Brooks
    Joe Jurevicius

    These are the ones that made the Super Bowl possible

  2. It would have actually been extraordinarily easy to find 4 pre-1995 candidates. The problem would have been finding many more than that: Selmon, McKay, Williams, then either Giles or Bell.

    But for all time it should be:
    Selmon, Brooks, Sapp and Ronde. I wish I could put Dungy or Gruden but both are too flawed (Dungy for not winning the SB, and Gruden for leading a great team into years of mediocrity.)

  3. Lee Roy Selmon
    Ronde Barber
    Mike Alstott
    Derrick Brooks

    Here’s the real mystery: how many comments until someone says something like, “I nominate Tony Dungee, because everyone knows that Jon Gruden just won with his players.”

  4. Creamsickle Mt. Rushmore: LeRoy Selmon, Jimmy Giles, James Wilder, Kevin House

    Pewter Mt. Rushmore: Tony Dungy, Warrick Dunn, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch

  5. Lee Roy Selmon, Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, Ronde Barber. You can make a valid argument for Warrick Dunn, Mike Alstott, or John Lynch too.

  6. Selmon, Sapp, Brooks and Bell.

    I bet most will say Barber as the 4th but I went to college down there in those days and Ricky Bell was a GREAT guy and good player on horrific teams…

  7. Dungy, Sapp, Barber, & Testaverde. And I include Testaverde because he was a great play who was tortured for many years on a team where he was the only great player.

  8. Pretty easy for me:

    Leroy Selmon -first HOF
    Warren Sapp-second HOF
    Derrick Brooks-HOF coming
    Rhonde Barber-broke too many records to ignore and possible HOF

    Sorry Alstott fans

  9. As a Panthers fan it would be easy to mock this Mt Rushmore. However this franchise for a time had a dominant team. My nominees are thus: Barber, Sapp, Brooks, and Dungy. Honorable mentions to John Gruden, Monte Kiffin, John Lynch, and Mike Alstott.

  10. You Dungy people are out of your minds. He leaves and we win the super bowl. Addition thru subtraction.

  11. Selmon, Brooks, Barber, and for what he went through and how he handled it, Ricky Bell. I join other people in saying that a certain DT should be on the list, but he’s just too much of a D-Bag.

  12. Without question:

    Then you have to make a case between:
    Barber – HOF worthy
    Alstott – Top 3 fan favorite
    Nickerson – The TRUE start of the new era.

    Honorable mention, Lynch and Dunn.

  13. This is an easy one.

    Bucco Bruce- (the creamsicle colored winking pirate)

    A sinking ship

    Meshawn Johnson

    Josh Freeman dressed as Michael Jackson

  14. Derrick Brooks
    Lee Roy Selmon
    Warren Sapp
    John Lynch

    Leaving off Dungy and Kiffin are difficult, but while it was Dungy’s team that won the Super Bowl, he wasn’t coaching so you can’t give him 100% credit.

    The case for Kiffin is very difficult to go against, he coached the last dominant defensive the NFL might ever have (due to all the pro-offense rule changes) and he was there forever and absolutely deserved to be a head coach, except he sounded like coach from The Waterboy which is the only reason why he never became one.

    For anyone that mentions Gruden, please drive to the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, stop your car, get out and then do the honorable thing.

  15. All these lists without Lee Roy Selmon are just absurd. Those are from the “die hard” fans that just happened to come around to watching the Bucs around 1997-1999.

    Lee Roy is the first, without question, a stone-cold lock.

    No coaches. Dungy and Gruden both have their cases, but no coaches.

    Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp get most of the credit for turning the Bucs into a winner, but the forgotten man is Hardy Nickerson. He’s the one who came into town and completely changed the culture of the team and in the locker room.

    John Lynch and Ronde Barber, close but not if we’re picking four. Also, you people who still call him “Rhonde” after 16 years are complete idiots.

    Sapp is a first ballot HOFer, knocked down by many because a.) he wouldn’t sign an autograph for you and so you can’t get over that to this day, b.) he was mean to your beat reporters, and/or c.) he nearly killed your team’s QB. Judging just on football here, he’s in. You don’t leave off a 1st ballot HOFer without good reason.

    Brooks will join him next year, and his character has never, nor will be, in question.

    Selmon – Nickerson – Sapp – Brooks

  16. If your list isn’t..
    Lee Roy Selmon, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber than you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Alstott is my favorite player of all time, but he is beat out by some of the best to ever do it.

    Gruden and Lynch are neck and neck for a #5 spot.

  17. The top 3 are all HOFers and there are no doubts about it;

    Derrick Brooks
    Lee Roy Selmon
    Warren Sapp

    To me I’m sticking with players and no coaches so it comes down to Barber or Lynch for the 4th spot – both are players I think will make it into the Hall of Fame one day. Barber played longer and had the single biggest play in the history of the team — on the other hand Lynch struggled early on, was there before Sapp and Brooks and was equally important in building that defense into a Super Bowl winner. Man that is a difficult choice but I would have to go with Lynch I think because he set the tone for that defense, if you came across the middle of the field you were getting the s knocked out of you. Also he did to some extent QB the defense, even if not all the time.

    So I’ll go with Lynch.

    Honorable mention would be: Doug Williams, Paul Gruber, James Wilder, Simeon Rice (if you go by stats he should be a HOFer, check if you don’t believe me) and Tecmo Super Bowl dominator Wayne Haddix – for helping me win a ton of games.

  18. grudenthediva says: “…forgotten man is Hardy Nickerson”

    First, great username.

    Second, Nickerson was incredibly important in turning the defense around but the problem I have with placing him so high is that he was so easily replaced by Shelton Quarles – I mean there was almost zero drop off between the two. While Nickerson was extremely good and a completely required piece of the puzzle I’m not sure he quite makes it into the top 4 and he’s never going to be a HOFer like Barber and probably Lynch will be.

  19. Brooks and Sapp are no brainers. ’95 draft changed the course of the franchise.

    Jon Gruden could get the coach slot for the Super Bowl win, but Tony Dungy is probably a better fit. Dungy deserves to be on one team’s Mt. Rushmore, and his greatest achievement was the Bucs reclamation project. Dungy makes 3.

    No. 4 needs to be kind of different. If it’s the Fan Favorite slot, it’s Mike Alstott and it’s not close. He may not be the greatest Buc, or even top 10, but he is so beloved in Tampa that if put to a vote and the top 3 were already off the board, he would run away with it.

    I would personally go with Selmon. He’s the first Buc HOF, and for 20 years was the greatest Buc hands down. He was a physical beast that truly dominated. He’s a great pick.

    That makes Sapp, Brooks, Dungy, and Selmon. Not the most creative, but it represents the history and the achievement of the franchise very well.

    Go Bucs!

  20. This isn’t even close, folks.

    Selmon, Brooks, Sapp, Barber.

    Whoever is saying Dunn… he’s a Falcon.
    Whoever is saying Alstott…. no. Sorry. That’s a joke.
    Whoever is saying Dungy…. no.
    Whoever is saying Lynch…. no.

    AND… whoever leaves Lee Roy off their list is a complete moron who isn’t even a Bucs fan.

  21. Panthers fan:

    You’re Mt Rushmore will have Jake Delhomme on it. That’s says enough about how much of a joke your franchise is.

  22. professorcolumbus says: May 10, 2013 10:09 PM

    It would have actually been extraordinarily easy to find 4 pre-1995 candidates. The problem would have been finding many more than that: Selmon, McKay, Williams, then either Giles or Bell.

    You’re forgetting Tecmo Super Bowl superstar Wayne Haddix.

  23. This kind of drives home what a defensive team the Bucs have been. It is really hard to think of serious contenders from the offensive aide. Ricky Bell & Doug Williams are probably the closest, but I don’t think they make the cut.

    You can probably disregard any posting of 4 names that doesn’t include Selmon.

    Probably Selmon, Sapp, Barber, & Brooks, but I don’t have a dog in this fight.

  24. Lee Roy Selmon
    Warren Sapp
    Derrick Brooks
    Mike Alstott
    John Lynch
    Ronde Barber
    Simeon Rice
    So Many others, Hardy Nickerson, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden..

  25. Not alot of “Great” players in their deep history, no offence (Like the Falcons)

    My 4 would be…
    1 Derrick Brooks
    2Warren Sapp
    3John Lynch
    4Warrick Dunn

    Barber can easily unseat Dunn but Dunn was an electrfying player to me

  26. justjack822 says: May 10, 2013 10:00 PM

    Derrick Brooks
    Lee Roy Selmon
    Warren Sapp
    Ronde Barber

    theaman44 says: May 10, 2013 10:02 PM

    Selmon, Sapp, Brooks, Barber. Dungy, Alstott and Lynch just miss the cut.


    These two guys nailed it. We could have closed this post after the third comment.

  27. Selmon- HOF, 1979 DPoY, 6 x Pro Bowl, 1 x 1st team All Pro
    Sapp- HOF, 1999 DPoY, 7 x Pro Bowl, 4 x 1st team All Pro
    Brooks- 2002 DPoY, 11 x Pro Bowl, 5 x 1st team All Pro
    Barber- 5 x Pro Bowl, 3 x 1st team All Pro

    Honorable Mentions

    Alstott- 6 x Pro Bowl, 3 x 1st team All Pro
    Lynch- 5 x Pro Bowl, 2 x 1st team All Pro
    Nickerson- 5 x Pro Bowl, 2 x 1st team All Pro
    Wider- read the Record Books
    Dungy- nuff said!

  28. You didn’t specify how many nominations we’re allowed. So I guess I’ll just nominate as many as I want.

    Lee Roy Selmon – Any list that doesn’t include him should be immediately disregarded. He’s more or less Mr. Buccaneer.

    Warren Sapp – One of the greatest pass rushing defensive tackles in the history of the game. Bascially redefined the undertackle or “three-technique” position.

    Derrick Brooks – One of the fastest, surest tacklers at the weakside linebacker position in the history of the game. He also redefined his position. He never left the field, no matter what defense the Bucs were running. Could cover wide receivers in a pinch.

    Ronde Barber – Possibly the best nickle corner in the history of the game. Instincts in the cover-2 zone were surpassed by no one. Had an amazing knack for sacking the QB on CB blitzes. Loved to tackle. Played 16 years and didn’t miss a single game.

  29. LeeRoy Selmon – first pick of the franchise and 1st hof’er
    Malcolm Glazer – without him, no SB success was possible.
    Monte Kiffen – without the Tampa 2 , no SB
    Derrick Brooks – best player in team history

  30. I’m sorry but when you look at the Buccaneers franchise (NOT the past 15 years) Lee Roy Selmon, Warren Sapp, and Mike Alstott are the top 3.

    If you have to go for a 4th, I don’t believe you can truly argue for Tony Dungy. Let’s be realistic here for a second, everyone likes to chime in that “Gruden took Dungy’s team” but it’s a well known fact that the Buccaneers Offense is what kept them from the brink from 1997-2001 and that was on Dungy. When Dungy became the Head Coach in 1996, he took over a team that already had John Lynch, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, and Hardy Nickerson. In a round about way, you could say that Dungy won with Sam Wyche’s team.

    Notice, Dungy only won the Super Bowl with Indy once and did it with arguably the greatest QB to ever play (He won with Jim Mora’s team! LoL)

    IMHO, The 4th person on the Buccaneers Mt. Rushmore would be chosen from John Lynch, Ricky Bell, Doug Williams, or Jon Gruden.


  31. Selmon
    Anyone who doesn’t include both of the Bucs 2 Hall of Famers and a former DPOY doesn’t deserve to have their opinions recognized IMO.
    That last spot is the only one that should/could be open for debate with the likes of Barber, Lynch, Rice, Nickerson, Alstott, Dungy, Gruden, Kiffin being the front runners to win it.

  32. 1. Lee Roy Selmon.
    2. Ronde Barber
    3. Derrick Brooks
    4. Warren Sapp
    5a. Warrick Dunn
    5b. Mike Alstott

    If I had to choose between Dunn and Alstott,
    I’d take Alstott because he led the way for
    the majority of Dunn’s yards not to mention
    he’s still the career leader in TD’s for the Bucs
    with 71.

    Anyone that voted for Gruden of all people should
    turn in their NFL fan card for good!!

  33. 1st All-Mount Rushmore
    Selmon – The first
    Brooks – The greatest
    Barber – The longest
    Dungy – The builder

    2nd All-Mount Rushmore

    Honorable mentions :

  34. Jon Gruden’s list:

    Jon Gruden
    Jon Gruden
    Jon Gruden
    Jon Gruden

    John McKay’s list:

    John McKay
    John McKay
    John McKay
    John McKay

    Joe Theismann’s list:

    Joe Theismann…
    What’s that you say? Joe never played for Tampa Bay? Joe doesn’t care, he thinks he should be on every team’s Mt. Rushmore.

  35. This is actually very hard. From the past, Lee Roy Selmon was the best. None better. But does he deserver all time? No SB, so I’m going with no.

    The thing that made this team successful comes down to 5 people though.

    First…Malcom Glazer. His purchase of the team chamged everything.

    But it would not have happened if 3 players had not gotten together and decided they would refuse to accepr losing. They were Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp and John Lynch.

    And then, finally, there is the coach that built around them and backed them all the way…Tony Dungy.

    So my list is
    Malcom Glazer
    Derreck Brooks

  36. Sorry, hit submit on my tablet. List is

    Malcom Glazer
    Dereck Brooks
    Warren Sapp
    John Lynch
    Tony Dungy

    Although Jon Gruden was the coach in the Superbowl year, Tony was the one that built the Tampa 2 and brought success to the franchise. Without him there would not have been a SB.

    The hard part is limiting the number of people. Ronde deserves to be mentioned. Alstott does as well. Brad Johnson wasn’t the greatest QB but he led the Bucs all the way.

    Then you have guys like Simeon Rice and such.

  37. And, FYI, Jon Gruden is not a good coach. He’s a knowledgeable guy, but his coaching technique is horrible. Players who trusted him later regretted it. All of them eventually learned not to trust a thing he said.

    He added a couple final pieces during his first year that were just enough to push the team to the top, but after that he tore the team down gradually.

    Tampa should have more rings. They don’t because of Jon Gruden.

  38. Nickerson was great, no doubt. But he wasn’t the start of greatness. Sapp, Brooks and Lynch were the three that came together to intentionally chamge things. They actually made and agreement between the three of them that they would get the team to rise above mediocrity.

    Nickerson .ay have been great, and a big contributor, but he didn’t take the mantle of leadership until other did it before him.

  39. Where’s the love for James Wilder? He’s the Bucs all-time leading rusher and one of the top-5 all-time leading receivers. He was a great player and a class act on some truly horrible teams.

    Hey, Hey, Hey, we’re the Buccaneers!
    Ho, Ho, Ho, we’re the Buccaneers!
    Offense! Defense! Now we’re here to stay!
    Make the Vikings walk the plank, throw ’em in Tampa Bay!

  40. Selmon is the first choice. He was the first Buc, he was the first Buc in the Hall of Fame, any list that has him left off is completely invalid. True Buccaneer fans, even those that have never seen him play knows his place in team history.

    Sapp is the obvious second choice. Nickerson and Lynch were Bucs BEFORE Sapp, and Brooks got there at the same time, but it was Sapp that brought the attitude and instilled fear in opposing offenses. He was the motor that made that defense run and the backbone that made that team a factor. He is the greatest 3-technique in NFL history. He is the prototype.

    Brooks came to the Bucs with Sapp. His character, leadership, and playmaking ability were on par (or even better) with the greatest LBs in the history of the game. Like Sapp, he too will be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

    The first three choices were easy. Hardy Nickerson was given credit for helping change the culture in Tampa and he spent his Pro Bowl weeks trying to recruit players to the team. But the team’s greatest success came well AFTER Nickerson. Mike Alstott was the poster child for power runners in the NFL with some of the better power running highlights in the league, but he was never truly a focal point by the team and was certainly never a truly great player.

    The two players vying for 4th place are Ronde Barber and John Lynch. There’s no debating this. All lists HAVE to include Selmon, Sapp, and Brooks, and they should have either Barber or Lynch. Lynch was with the team before Sapp and Brooks and was one of the hardest hitting players in NFL history. His big plays turned the tide of many ball games and his presence in the secondary was an undeniable fear for all receivers and running backs catching passes or breaking through to the second level but his production for the Bucs was over only eleven seasons for the Bucs. His last four seasons in the league were with the Broncos. He is not my choice for the 4th spot.

    Ronde Barber gets the nod for #4. Buccaneer for 16 seasons, team’s all-time leader in games played, interceptions, non-offensive TDs, he’s got more sacks, tackles, forced fumbles and recoveries than Lynch. Barber played through four different coaches (Lynch three). Ronde Barber redefined the CB position. He is the prototype Tampa-2 CB/zone corner. His ball skills, knowledge of the game, instincts, tackling, and playmaking ability are among the greatest at that position in NFL history. He is the easy choice for #4.


  41. Quick note to those that have no clue:

    Dunn and Alstott were great guys and good players, but neither was truly great at any time for the Bucs. Not even close. If either of these players are on your list, you absolutely know nothing about the Buccaneers, and quite possibly, football as well.

    As great as Dungy, Gruden, and Kiffin were, none can be given sole credit for anything. Dungy changed the culture, Gruden made the offense accountable, Kiffin made the defense dominant (Sam Wyche acquired Lynch, Nickerson, Sapp, and Brooks).

    And for anbody else including Ronde Barber on their lists… his name is R-O-N-D-E… not “Rhonde”. The guy played 16 years and yet there are still some stupid enough that even after seeing the same name for 16 years they still spell the name wrong. Sorry, but if spelled his name wrong, your votes shouldn’t count due to your incredible stupidity.

  42. 1st…. Jon Gruden
    Regardless of how people may feel about him, it is a FACT that it was because of his knowledge and familiarity of the Bucs opponents in the Super Bowl that gave them the win and made it 1 of the most memorable ones of all time!

    2nd… Derrick Brooks
    IMO, he was often the face of that dominant defense.

    3rd… A-train – Mike Alstot
    For many years it was he that pounded the rock plowing through and over defenders for crucial 1st down and short yardage TD!

    4th… LeRoy Selmon
    How could a monument be be true unless it include someone that represents the past generation Bucs!

    No offense to Ronde, Sapp, Lynch or any other Buc for they to deserve recognition but football is a team sport not just 1 aspect of a team.

  43. What about Paul Gruber a great life long buc who never got the credit he deserved because the bucs were horrible during the twelve seasons he played..

  44. Lee Roy Selmon and John McKay are absolute musts. I’ll give some love to James Wilder, but he falls short. Gotta go Sapp and Lynch to round out the final two spots.

  45. Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, Ronde Barber, and John Lynch.

    It’s extremely difficult to leave out guys like Lee Roy Selmon, Tony Dungy, Mike Alstott, and Jon Gruden…but without that group of four very special players, there isn’t a Lombardi Trophy gracing the lobby at One Buc.

  46. Doug Williams, for giving Tampa fans and ownership more than they deserved.

    As for Hugh Green, his greatest accomplishment was being Rickey Jackson’s college teammate.

  47. dohpey28 says: May 11, 2013 9:01 AM

    Selmon, Brooks, Dunn, Barber

    Barber and Dunn over Warren Sapp? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about or just have never watched the Bucs defense play in its prime years.

  48. bucforever says: May 11, 2013 9:27 AM

    Lee Roy Selmon
    Ronde Barber
    Brad Johnson

    No Derrick Brooks, but you have Brad Johnson? Yeah. Bucs Forever bro!

  49. yohochecko says: May 11, 2013 9:25 AM

    How is Alstott getting more love than Warrick Dunn?

    I’d say


    Alstott and Lynch barely miss

    How does Warwick Dunn and Ronde Barber get more love than Leroy Selmon? Are you 12?

  50. How about an all time list of “Bucs Who Did Greater Things For Other Teams”?

    Steve Young
    Tony Dungy
    Doug Williams
    Bo Jackson
    Vinny Testaverde

  51. grudenthediva says: May 10, 2013 11:36 PM

    Selmon – Nickerson – Sapp – Brooks

    Now this is an interesting list. Kudos, sir. I included Coach Dungy for changing the losing culture of the Buccaneers, but on the field the man who did that was Hardy Nickerson. I would not argue the inclusion of Nickerson over Dungy.

    All of these players had much more of an impact than Barber, Dunn, Alstott and Lynch who were very good and popular players, but not of the caliber of the men on your list.

    Your list wins.

  52. People will argue against Tony Dungy because there are so many great players in Bucs history: Brooks, Sapp, Alstott, Lynch, Selmon Brothers, Doug Williams…

    But, I would argue that Tony Dungy is the single most significant individual in the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They didn’t have swaggered prior to Tony, heck he installed the Defense that half the league uses and bears their name (never mind if if was the defensive coordinators that installed it—it was during his time) and most important, he changed their uniforms from that gold-awful cream-sicle orange to the dark orange and pewter of today.

    Make room for Dungy on that Rock.

  53. Al Davis, Jon Gruden, and Tony Dungy.

    Without those three, the Bucs would have never won a Super Bowl. Thumb me down all you want, but it’s THE truth.

  54. alstot? really? what did he have, like 800 career rush. yds. SELMON is no.1 MCKAY SAPP BROOKS done.

  55. How about a rock for all the guys who won Super Bowls AFTER they left Tampa:

    Doug Williams
    Steve Young
    Trent Dilfer
    Tony Dungy

    Can any other team top that?

  56. This list may be a bit different but a MT Rushmore are those that set this team up, maybe not the superbowl team but those that were vital in Buc’s history.

    Leroy Selmom–the best defensive player ever for the Bucs
    James Wilder– The most productive RB in Bucs history, and one of the hardest hitters to ever run the ball

    Warren Sapp-reinvented the 3 tech. and also a HOFer

    Derrick Brooks– the leader of the top 10 defense for 10yrs running

  57. Maybe I have the wrong view here, but I do not so much look at this “Mt. Rushmore” as the best player at a position, or anything like that; I look at it more as, if you saw a Buc uni, whose head would you expect to be on top of it. Because of that, I feel that Mike Alstott is a perfectly viable choice. Warrick Dunn is half Buc, half Falcon, so can’t really choose him imo; Hardy Nickerson is actually an excellent choice, and probably should be up there before Brooks and Sapp (he groomed them to be what they were, Nickerson was the heart of the Tampa defense that won the Super Bowl). Someone above me said it more eloquently about Dungy, but he created the revolutionary defense that won the Super Bowl; Gruden won the SB because he kept Monte Kiffin around to run it. Almost makes you wonder if Kiffin should be up there instead of Dungy, but Dungy is more iconic to me.

    Beyond Nickerson, Dungy and Selmon, who are musts, you can just lottery pick a player from the Super Bowl team, whether it be Alstott, Brooks, Sapp, Barber, or Lynch.

  58. The obvious ones are already out there, but what about Rich McKay (mainstay when all the Buc greats were drafted), Malcolm Glazer for spending money and keeping the team in Tampa, Monte Kiffin (He needs to be mentioned a heck of a lot more in peoples’ lists for obvious reasons), and then there’s Dungy for being a better friend and mentor than coach to all his players (coaching alone could get him a vip ticket on this list though).

    Some of his players should get together and write a book about Tony Dungy. I’d buy it.

  59. Al Davis, Jon Gruden , And Tony Dungy.

    Without the combination of those three, the Bucs never win a Super Bowl.

    …and yes, Al Davis. He did more for that team than their own management did by letting his ego get in the way of his own common sense. The Bucs would have never won a Super Bowl without Gruden, and the Bucs got him thanks to Al Davis.

    Yes to Tony Dungy, because he laid the foundation for the greatest team in Bucs history. The franchise was a perennial laughing stock until he got there.

  60. jwayne03 says: May 10, 2013 10:18 PM

    rhett, testaverde, keyshawn, and alvin harper


    I think if you substitue Chris Hovan for Keyshawn, then you have a winner.

  61. All the people listing Ricky Bell, please — the guy was a nice guy and he was played well by Mario Peebles in the TV movie, but he only had one really great season. The fact he died early doesn’t make him a Top 4 all time player. Although the fact we had the gall to trade him to San Diego should go down as one of the Top 4 GM moves of all time from a purely football perspective.

    Also for those that continue to put Gruden down, please close your browser and go back to watching Glee and leave the football discussions to the adults.

  62. 1) Brooks
    2) Sapp
    3) Lynch
    4) Alstott
    5) Barber
    6) Selmon
    7) Nickerson
    8) Gruber
    9) Dunn
    10) Dungy

    I had to do a top 10 because it seems people forget the few good players like Gruber & Nickerson……. before the mid 90’s.

  63. Ronde Barber
    Warren Sapp
    Tony Dungy
    Derrick Brooks
    Montee Kiffin
    John Lynch
    Mike Alstott
    Warrick Dunn
    Paul Gruber
    Hardy Nickerson
    Ricky Bell
    Lee Roy Selmon
    James Wilder

    Hard to narrow to four–as are all of these thus far.

  64. Alvin Harper, Booker Reese, Jack Thompson, Kenyatta Walker. (Wait, you didn’t say Mt. Flushmore?)

    Dave Pear, LeRoy Selmon, Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice. (Oh. Not literally “Rush more?”)

    Then Selmon, James Wilder, Sapp, and Brooks.

  65. For people that continue to put Dunn on the list — look I like Dunn a lot but he only played half of his career here and his main success came while playing in Atlanta. Based on the fact they let Curtis Martin in you can absolutely make a case that Dunn is a HOF caliber running back (check the stats, total yards rushing AND receiving then get back to me).

    Alstott would easily be on this list if it wasn’t for the plague known as Gruden who didn’t want any of Dungy’s players getting credit for his offensive genius — he’s rather have Michael Pittman running up his offensive linemans back rather than Alstott actually running over people and getting first downs. Also Alstott got injured which basically cut into his prime years and caused him to retire early. Alstott was the most fun Buccaneer to watch but he’s not a Top 4 all time Buccaneer talent.

  66. All time are: L. Selmon, Brooks, Barber, James Wilder.
    Honorable mention in no real order: Tony Dungy-got the shaft by the organization, Monte Kiffin, Lynch, Sapp-because he can’t shut up, Warrick Dunn.

    Pre-95: Selmon, Wilder, John McKay-remember he was just a 0-9 score from the Super Bowl and had turned them around pretty quick, then it is much harder; maybe Paul Gruber, Jimmie Giles, Vinny T., Doug Williams.

  67. Warren Sapp
    Lee Roy Selmon
    John Lynch
    Derrick Brooks

    I have NO problem leaving Dungy off. He’s overrated IMO. Gruden and Wyche were better coaches.

  68. I should have added to my above that my choices are based on their value to the team. Lynch was great but also replaceable. None of those other guys could ever be replaced by a player who played even remotely similarly.

  69. kalib933 says:
    May 12, 2013 10:09 PM
    I should have added to my above that my choices are based on their value to the team. Lynch was great but also replaceable.


    In order to be replaceable you have to be replaced — who exactly replaced Lynch that played at a high level? The answer is of course, no one.

  70. Speaking of players only.

    I know a lot of people would argue with the Alstott pick but he was as popular a player as Sapp & Brooks. If you have to have at least one offensive player, he is the most popular offensive player in Bucs history. Yes he had a mediocre record and some people will say he was popular because he is white. But people love to see a power runner. They love to see guys getting run over or bouncing off. An Alstott run epitomizes why people look forward to Football season. Other players are more worthy of the HOF but he’s the only Buccaneer offensive player that was as popular as any of the defensive players considered for this.

  71. As a lifelong Bucs fan, this is really easy and I’m surprised there is less of a consensus. It has to be Lee Roy Selmon, Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber. Those are unequivocally the best four players in the teams history. The honorable mentions would have to start with Hardy Nickerson and John Lynch, but people saying Alstott or Dunn are only thinking about popularity and not actual impact. Also surprised with how many people have tried to include a HC in there. Neither Dungy or Gruden are nearly as important to the franchise as Monte Kiffin, he should be included if any non-players are, but I couldn’t take Ronde out. He would be with Lynch and Nickerson as the top three HM.

  72. Tampa Tax Payers
    (for giving the billionaire Glazers a free stadium)

    Steve Young
    (Greatest QB to don a Bucs uniform)

    Bo Jackson
    (Although he opted not to sign with the Bucs, he was drafted by them and easily their best RB ever)

    Lee Roy Selmon
    (The heart and sole of the Buccaneers before the Glazers became the owners)

  73. Some of the top probowlers and coaches cut/traded or fired by Bucs (or refused to play for them)

    Steve Young
    Bo Jackson
    John Gruden
    Rich McKay
    Derrick Brooks
    Lagarrette Blount
    Aquib Talib
    Tanard Jackson
    John Lynch
    Ronde Barber (forced into retirement)
    Kellen Winslow
    Warrick Dunn
    Michael Clayton
    Jeff Garcia
    Keyshawn Johnson

  74. The Core Four:

    Lee Roy Selmon
    Derrick Brooks
    Warren Sapp
    Ronde Barber

    Honorable Mentions:

    Paul Gruber
    Hardy Nickerson
    Jimmie Giles
    Mike Alstott
    John Lynch
    John McKay
    Tony Mayberry
    Dave Moore
    Simeon Rice

    Might Join The Core Four Later:

    Darrelle Revis !!!
    Doug Martin
    Gerald McCoy

  75. LeeRoy Selmon
    LeeRoy Selmon
    LeeRoy Selmon
    LeeRoy Selmon

    No one else is deserving

  76. lee Roy Selmon
    Ronde Barber
    Derrick Brooks
    Mike Alstott

    Why? Because not one of these players EVER wore another teams uniform. These are BUCS BUCS BUCS…drafted, not free agents either.

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