Saints sign Jenkins, wrap up draft class


There’s not a trophy for getting all your draft picks signed quickly.

In fact, other than a team’s negotiator being able to go on vacation sooner, there’s not much motivation at all.

But the Saints joined the Lions in signing their entire draft class, when they inked third-round defensive tackle John Jenkins to a four-year deal.

The Saints signed first-round safety Kenny Vaccaro and their other three picks yesterday.

The 6-foot-3, 359-pound Jenkins could work his way into an early role at nose tackle, as the Saints transition to a 3-4 defense.

2 responses to “Saints sign Jenkins, wrap up draft class

  1. I really dreaded this pick due the Saints history with UGA defensive DT’s (here’s looking at you Johnathan Sullivan). I would have rathered Jesse Williams from Bama over Jenkins but we can’t change the past. Hope this kid pans out unlike that waste of space Sullivan.

  2. Hopefully that doesn’t pan out that way, we will hope for the best and that is to trust Payton’s decision.

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