San Fran delivers final Super Bowl bid via iPad


The folks in San Francisco hoping to bring the Super Bowl back to the Bay Area for the first time since the 1984 season didn’t get soft once the potential renovations of Sun Life Stadium fell through.

The San Francisco host committee submitted the final bid for Super Bowl L via iPads sent to all 32 owners, according to Mike Rosenberg of the San Jose Mercury News.

“I feel great about our bid to host the Super Bowl,” 49ers CEO Jed York said, via Rosenberg.

The iPads automatically played when the boxes containing them were opened, with a welcome from San Francisco mayor Ed Lee.  Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt promises an “unprecedented partnership” among Silicon Valley companies that will make the game “the most innovative Super Bowl ever.”

In addition to the stuff related to the game and the events preceding it, NFL owners have been promised “tee times for golf at iconic Pebble Beach” and “a private dinner for NFL owners with local celebrity chef Thomas Keller of the renowned French Laundry.”

Those two things have no relevance to whether the Super Bowl will be successful in San Francisco, but little touches like that could possibly help provide the difference when the time comes for the owners to choose between Miami and San Francisco on May 21.

The extent to which Miami changed its final bid to compensate for the absence of upgrades to Sun Life Stadium isn’t known.  While it was presumed that Miami would remain out of the Super Bowl mix absent an improved venue for the game, the owners ultimately make the decision, and it’s possible that the folks in South Florida sweetened the financial pot sufficiently to win the game.

On May 21, the owners will pick San Francisco or Miami for Super Bowl L.  Then, the city that doesn’t get Super Bowl L will square off with Houston for Super Bowl LI, in the same meeting.

21 responses to “San Fran delivers final Super Bowl bid via iPad

  1. Miami also sent packages to all 32 owners. When the box was opened, each recipient found a collection plate.

  2. Pebble Beach and French Laundry… As owner of Austin Monarchs Flag Football Team I vote YES!

  3. Better than a fax machine I suppose…….

    Most of the owners are “old money” though so not sure abot the Ipad angle. A Fedex box full of cash though-always sends a message.

  4. I don’t see how San Francisco doesn’t get the bid. The organization sent out 31 iPads programmed to present their plan while the Dolphins’ owner had corporate welfare as his Plan A without any apparent Plan B.

  5. As a Niner fan I have to be proud of the job Jed York has done so far. He put the right people in charge of on-the-field stuff (Baalke, Harbaugh) and stays or of their way, and he takes on business challenges (new stadium, super bowl bid) with enthusiasm.

  6. Can the local tech wizards help Chris Culliver’s deep ball coverage? And his propensity to say stupid things?

  7. They’ll win the bid.

    It’s no accident that teams that build new stadiums suddenly find themselves with a Super Bowl right after that 2 year requirement is done.

    NFL has to send that message to cities that if they build a new stadium the NFL will hook them up with a Super Bowl ASAP.

  8. Google let them send out iPads? They couldn’t rope them into sending out one of their (fantastic) Nexus tablets?

  9. @hawkfantf

    I love the back and forth between fans but your comment was really dumb. Especially coming from a fan of a historically irrelevant franchise like Seattle. Then, to top it off, you end it with the ‘Stay Classy’ cliche? Bad take.

  10. @hawkfantf, do you really think giving $400 ipads to owners worth half a billion dollars is what constitutes as a bribe?

    The site presides on the most tech savy, innovative soil in the world… this is called forward thinking, and all part of the delivery.

    That’s like bribing Michael Schumacher to drive for my team in a brand new Kia.

  11. Real proud of the 49rs for signing that deal with Levi’s. It’s sad that a company like Levi’s no longer makes their jeans in the U.S. Now you walk around levi’s made in China. They gonna change the name to “China Stadium” or rename the Super Bowl the “China Bowl” Sad day in the NFL, 49ers.

  12. Even more exciting than Super Bowl L in San Fran is the very real possibility of our NINERS playing in that game, at home, in their brand new stadium!

    sorry for the cliché but….
    Thank you Jim for the saying: “Who’s got it better than us?……NOBODY!”

  13. “Who’s got it better than us?……NOBODY!”

    THE worst saying in the history of sports.

    It should be:

    “Who’s got more homeless people than us?….NOBODY!”

    I hope that the NFL is ready to greet the hordes of homeless people roaming the streets of San Fran.
    I wonder if they will have some little gift baggies to hand out with needles and cigarette packs?

  14. Hmmmm…. this is really Santa Clara’s bid, isn’t it? Like an hour drive or more from San Fran? I mean I know we overlook this in team naming…. ie: New York Giants and Jets vs. Jersey A and Jersey B, wink-wink.

    But shouldn’t the Superbowl bid be by the city where it’s actually held? Way to go Santa Clara!!! Woooo!

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