Some fear Dolphins will insist on offset language for Dion Jordan


So with the Lions giving defensive end Ziggy Ansah, the fifth overall pick in the draft, a fully-guaranteed contract with no offset language, the four picks taken in front of him will get the same term, right?

For the first, second, and fourth picks, most likely.  For the third pick, there’s a concern that offset language will be forced upon defensive end Dion Jordan.

Last year, the Dolphins insisted on offset language for quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s contract as the eighth pick in the draft, even though the Dolphins presumably had been boxed in by the Panthers, who gave linebacker Luke Kuechly a fully-guaranteed deal with no offset language at No. 9.

This year, some league insiders fear the Dolphins once again will push for offset language, even after trading up from No. 12 to No. 3 for roughly half the extra picks that the trade chart contemplates.  Specifically, the concern is that V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte, the reputed “bad cop” of Dolphins contract negotiations, will demand the offset language, regardless of whether any and every other pick after No. 3 avoids offset language.

If the Dolphins insist on offset language, the question becomes whether Jordan’s agents will resist, and then how aggressively Jordan is willing to push it in order to win on a term that becomes relevant only if the player becomes a colossal bust.

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  1. Dolphins got offset language in Tannehill’s contract last year, so I assume they will get it also with Jordan this year.

    Most team’s want offset language but Miami was one of the few teams last year that stuck to their guns and didn’t cave in.

  2. If he gives them the bust protection, he should ask for “stud protection.” Sign the deal only if they include a no franchise clause (assuming they pick up the 5th year option). Or just make the Dolphins give him a deal that has become commonplace for high draft picks since the rookie wage scale has been implemented.

  3. Ever player since Dawn has come to the Dolphins, wether it has been free agent or draft has had offset language in the contract. Why is it a big deal to the player? Don’t be a bust!

  4. And it will be irrelevant because Jordan will not be a colossal bust. Even if she struggles with the speed and size in the NFL blockers for a short while, his work ethic, intelligence, instincts, and acceleration make this kid a future all-pro.

  5. Don’t assume the 4th pick will get a fully guaranteed contract. Fletcher Cox was late for training camp last year because the Eagles insisted they were not going to set s precedent of giving a rookie a fully guaranteed contract. Why fight so hard last year with the 12th pick just to concede the next year with the 4th pick?

    I think different teams will be staking organizational philosophies on the issue of guaranteed rookie contracts. The Eagles have signed every draft pick except Lane Johnson. I suspect they will be digging their heels in on this one.

  6. this is senseless…there is no guarantee any player will be a star and why put in offset language, CBA gave teams a rookie salary cap to protect from overspending on rookies, teams can’t have it both ways and if the dolphins feel this way then they shouldn’t have drafted him if they had any concerns.

  7. The Dolphins want offset language since they traditionally draft so poorly. Essentially Offset language protects lousy teams from themselves. I like the suggestion in one of the earlier postings. If the Dolphins want Offset language, then the player gets “franchise” protection. They will not be allowed to Franchise the player at the end of his contract in exchange for the Offset.
    Hey Dolphins, whats good for the goose etc etc.

  8. Dawn Aponte is a tough negotiator. She will be the first female GM in the NFL- mark my words.

  9. Dawn aponte has been the unsung hero of trying to turn this franchise around. She sets contract demands and maximums on offers. She is a huge reason why they can go on their “spree” and still have $13 mill in cap space before signings rookies and still have a lot of cap space in 2014

  10. gochargersgo says:
    May 10, 2013 10:35 AM
    The dolphins are always trying to muddy things up. That front office is bollocks, I tell you!!!


    Said the guy used to spending other people’s money.

  11. The Saints will offer a 2014 second round pick for Jordan, if the Dolphins cannot work out an agreement.

  12. Tannehill is a QB, so if he turns out to be a bust he sets the Franchise back further than what a DE would so I don’t blame them for demanding the offset language with him. Not to say they won’t do it with Jordan. Just saying it is two different contracts, for two different players, for two different positions.

  13. Jordan and Ansah in the top five is just silly. Teams that drafted them probably deserve to get burned.

    This is from a guy who has Blaine Gabbert’s name in his user name. Are you serious?? No one is taking you serious with a user name like that.

  14. its a poor business practice to go against what the market is dictating.

    the owners got the rookie wage scale they were demanding, and now the wanna squeeze these guys even further? I hope this agent draws the line in the sand, the dolphins will almost certainly give in eventually

  15. captcrunch5019 says:
    May 10, 2013 12:31 PM
    What the heck is “offset language”?

    If he has a guaranteed contract and he is no longer with said team (come year 5) the team will still be responsible to pay him in addition to whatever he gets from his new team. However, if there is offset language they are not likely too. Somin like that. It is a protection mechanisim just in case you are a bust in NFL contract circles.

  16. Jordan is the type of kid who will stand his ground. Further complicating the issue is the fact he had surgery on his shoulder so he isn’t ready to go until the start of training camp in July at the earliest.

  17. Keep the offset language. If he is good, there is no impact. If he is garbage, why should he get paid by two teams? If he is good but has a conflict with management or the system then he will be paid well anyway. Granted they thought enough of him to pick him at #3 but if the players actually have the confidence they always portray to the media then why would it be a problem at all? “I’m the best…but…pay me anyway in case I suck” just doesn’t sound like the confidence is genuine.

  18. Offset language: The delicate balance between teams not trusting their scouting departments and players lacking confidence in themselves by trying to maximize their gains in case they’re a bust

  19. There really is no delicate balance of anything. It’s all about bargaining. Aponte felt like she had the leverage on Tannehill and played her cards perfectly. He blinked. Not so sure it plays out like that this year. But really doesn’t hurt the team much to try

  20. Dawn is also the reason the Dolphins are barely above the Jaguars when the years finish. I guess what I Am saying, is int it obvious to all of you other teams, that the Dolphins ARE THE team, that knows how to build a successful franchise.
    Obviously,……. right?!?!?!?!?

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