Tyron Smith gaining weight, taking karate lessons this offseason


While the Cowboys have been figuring out what to do with right tackle Doug Free, their left tackle has been spending the offseason trying to improve before his third NFL season.

Tyron Smith is following in the footsteps of former Cowboys stars Randy White and Larry Allen by adding karate into his offseason regimen. He takes classes a few times a week in hopes of improving his hand-eye coordination, something he has also recommended to fellow offensive linemen Nate Livings, Mackenzy Bernadeau and Jermey Parnell.

Smith is also taking yoga, but practices imported from Asia aren’t the only way he’s trying to step up his game. Smith is also planning to add 10 pounds to his frame between now and the start of the season in hopes of being more of a mauler in the run game than he’s been in his first two seasons.

“I just want to be a better run-blocker and be stronger and more physical,” Smith said, via the Dallas Morning News. “There were times last year where I felt like I was too fast and I was a little off-balanced. I just basically want to add a little weight and stay there, be fast and strong at the same time.”

Smith looked better during his first year on the left side as the year progressed and he doesn’t turn 23 until December, two reasons to expect further improvement from Smith on the field in 2013. Given how little certainty there is elsewhere on the offensive line, that kind of improvement would suit the Cowboys quite well and could make Smith a cornerstone on their offense for many years.

24 responses to “Tyron Smith gaining weight, taking karate lessons this offseason

  1. Fans are upset about passing over J.J Watt, but smith was absolutely the better choice. Watt is a beast but can you image how porous the O.line would be without Tyron anchoring the left side? He’s a beast and he’s younger then me and I’m still in college!

    Yoo ma boy Tyron!

  2. The karate lessons should make Smith’s horse collar tackles that much more fun to watch.

  3. Thank God he has the presence of mind to WANNA get tougher and meaner to protect Romo, cause we dang sho’ gonna need it!

    Hope those other knuckleheads on the O-line do something to better themselves also.

    If I can get Tyron to be a beast like Eric Williams or Big Larry Allen……ALL would be right with the world! :0)

    Git’em Tyron!!!

  4. nice to see an offensive lineman working on something besides getting fatter. it is comical to see some of them try to run more than 5-10 yards when there is an interception. Athletes. Yeah…

  5. Skins fan here. I have a lot of sympathy for T. Smith after learning about his family trying to take monetary advantage of him. He seems like a good kid with and clearly has a good work ethic. He has the potential to be one of the best in the league. So much talent potential.

    Quite frankly, his ceiling scares me! Got a lot of respect for the dude.

  6. rooster34 says:
    May 10, 2013 2:31 PM
    Sweep the leg
    Stealing my jokes? 30 minutes before I make them? Not cool bro

  7. The problem is Smith was dominant on the right side, he isn’t even in the top 50% on the left side. I like his speed, but he’s far from a “forget about him” type of LT. We’ll see where he takes it this year.

  8. Having quick hands can definitely help at left tackle. It’s not a bad idea.

    Smith is still very young and new to the left side but I think he will become a pro bowler at left tackle in the near future.

  9. Hopefully he is not taking lessons with little kids At karate practice. I would hate for him to be caught up in constantly screaming “Hai ya!!!”

  10. Between his attitude and Frederick wanting to show and prove, I hope their attitude spreads to others on this team. They HAVE to be tired of hearing the jokes and finishing 8-8. I don’t expect a miracle but I hope the line plays better this year and this is a good sign they want to improve.

  11. way to show up for work tyron …bring the new beard with you to yoga and motivate rest of the line who didn’t care to block for romo or felix now that garret wont be calling basic plays (that dont even work in madden) the boys offensive should do work

  12. Doug Free should take a pay cut if he wants to stay which I hope he doesn’t cuz i would love to see him go!!! Dude fell off BIG time!! Not sure if I should be saying that cuz he had a ok season b4 the greatest GM in football gave him a big time raise..nice job jerry!! well if he’s gonna stay he should take those classes with Tyron Smith..

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