Amy Trask resigns from Raiders

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Raiders CEO Amy Trask, a long-time member of the organization and the only high-level female executive in the league who isn’t related to team ownership (other than Dolphins V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte), has resigned from the organization.

She informed owner Mark Davis of the decision earlier today.

“Having honored a commitment that I made to effectuate a smooth transition and transfer of control, I no longer wish to remain with the organization,” Trask said in an email distributed to multiple members of the media.

“For over a quarter of a century, it was my honor and my privilege to work for the Raiders.  I will forever appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Al Davis.”

The commitment mentioned by Trask presumably refers to a promise made to the late owner of the team, who died in 2011.

Trask always displayed genuine passion for the Raiders and for her work on the team’s behalf, zealously defending the fans against accusations of misbehavior and aggressively attempting to help the organization be viewed in a favorable light.  Her future plans aren’t clear, but the other 31 NFL organizations should immediately consider where she could fit in the current hierarchy — especially the team on the other side of the San Francisco Bay.

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  1. “…the only high-level female executive in the league who isn’t related to team ownership…”

    boy is that ever a sad commentary…

  2. That was a rough 25 years for the Raiders. I always thought it was just Al. Judging from this draft, maybe she was to blame as well.

  3. That is definition of loyalty right there. She obviously had a lot of respect for Al Davis but not much for his son.

    She followed through on her promise to Al, put the right people in place and moved on.

  4. “Her future plans aren’t clear, but the other 31 NFL organizations should immediately consider where she could fit in the current hierarchy — especially the team on the other side of the San Francisco Bay.”

    You’re basing this statement on what, exactly? She seemed to be good at her job, from what I’ve seen, but the Niners have a pretty good group of people at the top of the operation already. You’re suggesting that they hire her to meet some type of quota? I think Amy Trask would take more pride in knowing she was hired because her quality of work, rather than because of her sex.

  5. ” I no longer wish to remain with the organization”

    Wow. Is Mark Davis that big of a pain in the a$$, or is looking at that bowl cut every day too painful?

  6. She was a Raider fan herself and always stood up for the fans and the team and is involved in different charities. I wish her the best in the future.

  7. We will now sweep the division and go deep into the playoffs. 14-2 I’d not far fetched. This I’d the deepest Raider team in history. Ill wager any Dolt or Donks fan on PayPal we will sweep the afc west. I live in Toronto. I should know!!

  8. Looks like a lot of the senior staff for Al Davis deciding to call it a career after Al passed away. People like Herra and Trask, I’m sure Willie Brown is considering retirement. Al hired himself some very loyal employees, and they remained loyal until he passed away.

  9. She told Al Davis to hire Bill Belichick and he hired Jon Gruden instead. The Raiders should make history again and hire ex US Secretary of State Condy Rice to replace her. That would be a real bold move for the future od the Silver and Black.

  10. It’s good for the Raiders to start over with all new people. That’s what the Chargers should have done after John Butler died instead of promoting AJ Smith. AJ is not a GM and never will be with that arrogance that he has. He can’t deal with players. My way or the highway is his attitude.

  11. If her great skill was defending Raiders’ fans, then maybe she could get a job as a defense lawyer representing wife beaters and meth dealers.

  12. She was responsible for the new stadium project…wondering if that came into play here. Haven’t heard a thing about the progress.

  13. Well miss you Ms. Trask, the pretty much the last of the Al Davis Cabinet… It truly is a new era for Raider Nation.

    Say what you want about Al, but he did change the game on all levels, from game play to coaching to scouting to the business side,

  14. Mike Silver’s “Tommy Boy” article of how Mark Davis would get rid of anyone who witnessed his years under his father doesn’t sound that out there anymore, does it?

  15. After a full decade of not having a winning season, and the very real possibility of being the worst team in the NFL this year, she probably just got sick of losing. More likely though she just got tired of fearing for her life those 8 Sundays every year that she had to mingle with Raiduhs fans.

  16. Wasn’t there talk of Mike Holmgren coming in to basically do her job a few months back?

  17. She probably had sway with Al Davis esp in his latter senile years. Now with him gone she probably has no voice at all. Can’t blame her for leaving if that is the case.

  18. She was a Staple of the old way, I’m glad she helped transition the Franchise from 1972 to 2013. Good bye Amy, you were the last main piece from the old regime, all the best to you on whatever you do in the future.
    The Raiders have finally moved into the ‘future’ and we Raider fans will love the past, but will embrace the NEW.

    Here is to Reggie being the next great leader of the Oakland Raiders and let him have the glories of past years. It’s full steam ahead for the Raiders and we fans will never see an Owner like Al Davis again. Raiders have a very unique history that will never be duplicated, but the successes can be.

  19. Sad day. Obviously biased as a Raiders fan, but I loved Amy Trask. She was a self-made woman who sacrificed a lot to have a life with the Raiders. Most enjoyably, she represented Al Davis in many official roles in his later years, such as the combine, owners meetings, etc. The other owners hated her.

    I’ll never forget her letter to the league when the Raiders abstained from voting on the post-lockout CBA on the basis that they were in support of their players.

  20. Nothing personal to Amy Trask, she was a dedicated raider for a long time, but housecleaning was in order and that means we start from the top and work our way down and that is exactly what’s happening. Obviously being a CEO she needed to make sure the right pieces were in place so that she can resign with dignity but that’s what the Raiders had intended for her as they want to win a Super Bowl not endure another decade of losing.

    Go raiders, keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see the new regime at work in 2013

  21. I’m sad to see her go. She was such a staple in the Raiders hierarchy and a well known name among Raider fans. Best of luck to her.

  22. Despite how she finished the email, the Raiders were pushing her to resign with honors and this way they didn’t have to fire her because she didn’t deserve that. Let’s not be foolish now. The Raiders are in rebuilding mode. Again, rebuilding mode. Most of their teammates have been replaced all the coaches have been replaced, the scouts have been replaced the general manager has been replaced, What could possibly make us think that Amy Trask was going to stay with the organization that she failed to help. If she wasn’t the CEO and under contract she would have been the first to go. Guaranteed!!!

  23. I think she has given the team plenty of her time, blood, sweat and tears along the way. I wish her luck on her next venture.

  24. “Having honored a commitment that I made to effectuate a smooth transition and transfer of control, I no longer wish to remain with the organization,” Trask said.

    Reminds me of Barry Sanders’ retirement annoucement: “The reason I am retiring is simple: my desire to exit the game is greater than my desire to remain in it. I have searched my heart through and through and feel comfortable with this decision. I wish my teammates, coaches and the entire Lions organization all the best.”

    And Barry was disgusted with the way the franchise was run.

  25. Where is affirmative action when it’s needed? Oh, right, she’s white.

  26. She was responsible for the business side of the organization, like ticket sales, a new stadium, etc. Judging from the results, please explain why the team on the other side of the bay would be interested.

  27. She was there for 25 years. She worked her ass off. She was loyal to Al till the day he died and then some and now its time to move on. She probably felt like this for a while, 25 years is a long time but her never ending loyalty wouldnt let her go till she felt her job was done and that is now. Anyone with anything negative to say is just misguided.

  28. A true Raider, Good luck to you Ms. Trask! This event only says a new movement is at work in Alameda. GO RAIDERS!

    You mean a bowel movement.

  29. I’m ignorant on this so can someone explain to me why she would be a hot commodity on the open market? She’s the CEO of an organization that doesn’t exactly have a track record of success here in recent years. Not knowing better I would hope to hell my favorite team doesn’t hire her.

  30. What’s the over under on her getting arrested in the next 24 hours? Once a raider always a…. loser…

  31. Putting aside for a moment the Raiders’ recent futility on the field, they’ve really been a leader when it comes to minority hiring.

    Tom Flores…first ever hispanic NFL head coach. Art Shell…first African American NFL head coach. Only team to have hired an African American head coach 3 times (Art Shell twice and Hue Jackson) (Vikings, Colts and Chiefs have done it twice). First team to draft an African American QB first overall (forget for a moment his utter failure on the field). Amy Trask…the only high-level female executive in the league who isn’t related to team ownership. Currently an African American as GM.

  32. I’d be happy to have her at 4949 Centennial Blvd. She’s done outstanding work with the unenviable task of putting lipstick on that pig across the bay. Jed is doing a great job as President/CEO of the 49ers, but hopefully they can find a niche for her.

  33. Why in hell would the 49ers want the CEO of a failed franchise? The Raiders have been absolute crap for the last decade. I fail to see how any of their front office people would be attractive to anyone.

    Are we really so intent on affirmative action that results don’t matter? Failure is just peachy as long as we have diversity?

  34. jbaxt says: May 11, 2013 8:33 PM

    What’s the over under on her getting arrested in the next 24 hours? Once a raider always a…. loser…

    “I would say she has been able to gain the respect of the other 31 teams in what was probably a difficult situation. First of all, she was not the owner representing the Raiders, and very few teams are not represented by their owners. And she was one of the very first females in the room representing a club. She’s so capable that everybody looked past that and accepted her as an equal.”

    -Clark Hunt

  35. Props to a tough business woman in a tough business. Could not have been easy for her in a business dominated by men. Much respect for 25 years of hard work.

    I didn’t always agree with Al’s moves but hiring her was one of his best.

  36. Thanks for the memories. One would think she’ stay and rebuild , albeit, yet again. Somethings fishy.

  37. “zealously defending the fans against accusations of misbehavior and aggressively attempting to help the organization be viewed in a favorable light.”

    So she was on the Impossible Missions Force?

  38. Some times “resigning” is a nice way of saying you got fired. I think the new Raiders GM wants his own folks in there, so they might have told her that her time was up. More power to her if she actually did quit on her own. I’m sure she’ll find another gig, then again retiring is also a nice option.

  39. What’s with this “great track record” nonsense? 30 years removed from the last Super Bowl victory. Terrible player personnel decisions. Ten straight years without a winning season including an NFL record for consecutive double digit loss seasons. Attendance issues. The inability to get the team out of the worst stadium in the league.

    The arguments in her favor seem to revolve around loyalty, work ethic, and plumbing. Perhaps if some in the Raiders organization had been more direct with Al and less “loyal”, it wouldn’t have run off in the ditch so badly. As to work ethic, there’s a difference between working hard and working effectively. There’s little debate as to which is more important. I’ll leave the plumbing issues alone.

  40. Raiders best years were 1965 to 1985. Ron Wolf was with the Raiders 1966 to 1990.

    Raiders were mediocre/bad (for the most part) from 1986 to date. Amy Trask was with the Raiders 1987 to date.

    McKenzie’s mentor was Ron Wolf.

    Pretty easy to draw some correlations.

  41. Part of the Al Davis legacy; promoting women and minorities whenever it made sense. Amy trask, Art Shell, Tom Flores… all firsts.

  42. Awww man….sad day for Raider Nation. I thought we were in good hands with Amy Trask and Hue Jackson. Now we have Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis and we’re scratching, clawing, and fighting to get to where we were in 2010-2011…which is a playoff contender.

    It is a new day for Raider Nation….instead of chasing greatness and the next level, we’re chasing the average franchise model of the NFL.

    Or coaching staff is behind the curve, it tried to change offensive philosophy without the draft picks to do it, didn’t have the innovation to use Pryor who is probably more deadly than any Read-Option QB. Trades a QB that threw for over 4000 yards, 22-11 TD/Int ratio for a late round pick.

    Im scared of the Raiders’ future. So dark and murky that I need fog lights.

  43. She was the only other than …… So she wasn’t the only she was 1 of 2 . Isn’t that like writing the ravens were the only team that played in this years Super Bowl other than the 49ers?!

  44. Can you really blame her? The new regime basically urinated on the legacy of the man that hired her. Innovation is no longer a priority in Oakland, its conformity, and I for one applaud Trask for not wanting to be a part of it.

  45. “Innovation”???

    The most “innovative” thing that the Raider organization has accomplished in the last decade is to demonstrate the most effective way to run a once-storied franchise into the ground. For every positive thing that the Raiders were able to achieve under Amy Trask’s watch, you can point to three things that went wrong (and in many cases, catastrophically wrong).

    I have no idea whether or not Amy Trask wanted “to be a part of it” in regards to turning the Raiders’ ship around to a proper heading. History indicates that she has little if any notion or ability as to how to make that happen.

  46. I’d like some feedback on the idea that maybe Amy Left because were about to make some moves on the stadium and she was acting as hurtle to that. I don’t know what the status of that is for us but it seemed like we were moving in the direction to get some answers and it suddenly stopped. A women like her would have a lot of sway on how we’d proceed in that department and as an Al loyalist she may have held things up. Personally, it feels like the emphasis her ‘ I chose to leave raiders’ aspect of her statement seems pressed. My guess is she got pressed out and as a part of the deal she got to say she chose to leave. A savy business person would make that a provision of leaving quietly. Thoughts?

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