Bears using helmet cam to evaluate quarterbacks

At a time when many assume new Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who has no prior connection of any kind to the NFL, will revolutionize the game, new Bears coach Marc Trestman is breaking out a potentially significant innovation.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears mounted a small camera to quarterback Matt Blanchard’s helmet.

The goal, for now, is to determine whether the footage provides any benefit to coaches and players, who will study what the quarterback sees as a play develops.

Blanchard, who spent time on the team’s practice squad in 2012 after arriving as an undrafted free agent, is one of only three quarterbacks on the roster.

Some may recall that the World League of American Football used helmet cams as part of game broadcasts in the early 1990s.  It’s unclear how prevalent the practice currently is, but here’s some helmet-cam video generated last year by the University of Kentucky.

We suggest taking Dramamine before watching it.

52 responses to “Bears using helmet cam to evaluate quarterbacks

  1. So this is why Jay Cutler throw so many INTs..!? I always wanted to know..

    Defense look at the QB the WHOLE PLAY.. So if the QB looks at the WR 24-7…
    That’s INTs ALL DAY LONG…

  2. Hey treasman is this what you did in the CFL league.????? Remember there 4 downs in the NFL and not to punt on 2 down.

  3. I was wondering when they were going to do something like this. Just wait for the crazy new segments the media will think up to go along with all those “mic’d up” segments.

    That said, I would also wonder exactly what this will do from the coaching standpoint. Yeah, you can tell if a lesser experienced QB is starring down receivers, or looking off DBs, but its not going to track eye movement or what the QB is actually looking at.

  4. I could see there being a benefit to this, time will tell…Not sure why one of you comedians (rams757) took the cheap opportunity to bash Cutler, since the video was produced by the University of Kentucky and had nothing to do with the Bears or Cutler.

  5. larrydavid7000 says: May 11, 2013 11:41 AM

    “Hey treasman is this what you did in the CFL league.????? Remember there 4 downs in the NFL and not to punt on 2 down.”

    You’re so clever, I hope Trestman and the Bears embarrass your fave team the next time they play.

  6. Here is a novel idea, solidify that offensive line of yours and your team should be fine. Now move on with such gimmicks.

  7. That would be awesome to see! The only time ive gotten the view of a QB, its without a DL and with 8 WR’s in pickup, or in madden… It would be cool to see how open guys are from their viewpoint

  8. doe22us says: May 11, 2013 12:19 PM

    “Here is a novel idea, solidify that offensive line of yours and your team should be fine…”

    Damn, if Emery was as smart as you, he’d have revamped the whole line with guys like Jermon Bushrod, Matt Slauson, PJ Lonergan, Kyle Long, and Jordan Mills…Oh, wait, never mind.

  9. They will be able to play footage of an interception, followed by getting tackled, by Suh, Allen, or Matthews, followed by getting up and receiving a first person view of a qb chewing out a lineman. Then they will release it to theaters as “nothing wrong with silver” the story of Jay Cutler.

  10. nfloracle says: May 11, 2013 12:05 PM

    “LarryBoodry, the comedians here hit on Cutler for the same reason people climb Mt. Everest…

    … because it’s there.”

    Yeah, but the folks climbing Mt. Everest have a clue.

  11. filthymcnasty1 says: May 11, 2013 12:26 PM

    “Cutler is the easy target of ridicule, because he always chokes in the clutch. A helmet cam isn’t going to help him correct his constant pouting.”

    No, but a new o-line, TE, and coaches who know what an offense is will…And when all those things add up to the Bears finally ending your team’s recent dominance over them, we’ll see how bad you’ll pout.

  12. filthymcnasty1 says:
    May 11, 2013 12:26 PM
    Cutler is the easy target of ridicule, because he always chokes in the clutch. A helmet cam isn’t going to help him correct his constant pouting.


    The helmet cam may or may not help but it can’t hurt. I do find it concerning that you spend so much time studying Cutler’s facial expressions rather then watching football.

  13. at least the camera will see what cutler doesn’t see because he shuts his eyes and wishes for the best. I’m sure he will shut it off while the trainers are telling him – “really man, stop crying – it’s just a hangnail”.

  14. I looked at the University of Kentucky film link. Maybe the camera results the Bears are getting are better than the U.K. results.

    Seems like the UK camera should have had the zoom control focused further into the distance to emulate what the QB really sees …. because if his eyes are seeing his receivers as tiny as that camera is seeing his receivers, then the phrase “threading a pass through the eye of a needle” is an extremely accurate description.

    Makes me wonder if a significant attribute of an elite QB is extremely good eyesight. I learned that 20/20 isn’t perfect vision after I had Lasik eye correction surgery 10 years ago. I ended up with something like 19/20. Maybe an eagle has 02/02 vision?

    Hank Aaron had quick wrists and terrific vision …. I think I read once that he could see the seams on fastball.

    I was the QB on my college fraternity intramural touch football league team. My vision wasn’t very good …. had to wear glasses with one of those elastic bands around the back of my head to keep them on. The glasses sort of bounced a little as I was running around. That’s one of the reasons why my completion/interception/attempts result in a typical Thursday afternoon game was something like 7/7/20. Incompetence, poorly designed plays, and no arm figured in too.

    I was one extreme on vision. Maybe an elite like Aaron Rodgers has 18/18 vision. ??


  15. the jets tried this too. but they were all grossed out watching sanchez run face first into a lineman’s ass

  16. @larrybroody. it will be week 7 when RGIII runs all over your (cubbies).!!!! And that’s not a misspelled. RGIII RGIII RGIII. YOU ROUTE FOR A TEAM THAT ARE ONE YEAR WONDERS.!!!!!!!!

  17. Are you kidding me???? Is THAT what they’re using?!! A helmet DSLR bracket?! Seriously. Someone tell them they can upgrade for much less $$$. That looks ridiculous and not to mention it’s nowhere near able to capture the organic read motion a quarterback would exhibit since his whole vision is blocked.

  18. If they want it to be accurate, they better get cutler a black and white camera, he can’t tell the different jersey colors anyway.

  19. The Bores are on top of cutting-edge technology as usual. We have cameras these days the size of a watch battery, and here they are using something that looks like a medieval torture device.

    Suggestion: just strap an iPhone to his head with trainer’s tape.

  20. @larrydavid7000:

    No need to shout…See you in Washington, and may the best team win.

  21. “…invented the monkey helmet cam over 25 years ago.”

    Didn’t Howard Cosell get in trouble for this kind of thinking years ago? I assume PFT apologizes and obviously a comment like that in no way reflects the attitude or values NBC stands for as an organization….

  22. <>

    Uhhhhh…No! People climb Mt. Everest for the “rush” and to feel as though they’ve accomplished a goal in life. If THOSE are the reasons why people bash Cutler, well, then those people have NO life whatsoever and seriously need to get one, indeed! Maybe those people SHOULD go and try to climb a mountain, (or find something else to “mount”) if THAT’S the case! As horrible a QB all these people say he is… means a helluva a lot when they say it sitting in front of a computer screen, or their flat screen TV!

  23. The deadskins and IRG3 don’t have anything to do with this.

    Careful what you say about Cutler, new coach, new line, new offense. I guess nobody noticed 1500+ yds and 11 TD’s to Marshall last season with a mentally challenged Mike Tice calling the plays and Lovie’s lack of effort to get the most out of his players. The Bears are going to be a much improved team, specifically on Offense. Beware!

  24. i’ll be @ the skins-bears game myself cant’ wait. Rgknee can run we know this but u best believe pep and the boys will be ready and waiting to stretch his A$$ out.

  25. Here’s another onrushing lineman… and there are the clouds again.
    Ooh – blindside hit I guess… that cloud sort of looks like a cat.
    Blitzer… hey, the clouds are really breaking up!

  26. @ petedutcher That guy WAS staring down his WRs. Lol. I wish there was some passes over 5 yards though and see how a deep ball and or they recognize prgressions. This would be awesome from an NFL game. Try it in pre-season!

    On another note. I remember in Madden 64 they had a 1st person view. It was always pretty kool/hard tho. Any1 ever try that?

  27. Dramamine you sissy, pretty good footage there, oh and hell yhea I love when Bear fans stick up for Cutler, something is right if other teams hate him.

  28. The whole world is going into video game mode. Soon we have robots playing the sport with a bunch of fat guys sitting on couch controlling them! Sad day for true sports fans.

  29. The whole world is going into video game mode. Soon we will have robots playing the sport with a bunch of fat guys sitting on a couch controlling them! Sad day for true sports fans.

  30. To all you pathetic one year wonder cubbie fans. What’s next for your brain trust of a coaching staff Madden 14. Will that unravel any secrets on how to throw a football or how to run the ball. If so that would be ground breaking achievement. Ya good luck with that you’ll need it all season. HTTR.!!!!!

  31. In my opinion the only way a “Helmet Cam” would be effective is if it somehow managed to track the QB’s eye movement. That is the only way to know what he is actually seeing. And I don’t know how it would account for peripheral vision.

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