Dolphins got Jordan pick in with “two or three seconds” left

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Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland, who has presided over one of the most active and intriguing offseasons in the NFL, joined PFT Live this past week for a wide-ranging discussion about the current state of the team.

Among other things, Ireland explained the surprising move from No. 12 to No. 3 in the first round of the draft, which allowed the Dolphins to get Oregon defensive end Dion Jordan before his former coach at Oregon, Chip Kelly, could get Jordan with the fourth overall pick.  Somehow, the Dolphins managed to move up to the third pick by giving up only a second-rounder, roughly half the compensation called for by the draft trade chart.

“If you study the history of the draft, you’ll see that there’s always exceptions to the rule or to that chart and if you do your due diligence and you got a gut that maybe there’s a buyers’ market which is the gut that I had that maybe Oakland wanted out of that spot,” Ireland said.  “You know, you just make the call and I wasn’t going to give up what the chart says to give up but I was willing to be a deal maker and obviously [G.M.] Reggie McKenzie was in the deal-making mode as well and when you got two guys wanting to do a deal, deals get made.”

When the Raiders were on the clock, Ireland let some time pass before calling.

“I kind of let a few minutes go by to see if they were going to call me back, they didn’t,” Ireland said.  “I called them, made an offer, they refused it.  They called me back and made another offer, and we accepted with about two minutes left on the clock.  We kind of started making the phone calls to New York to get the card turned in and everything.  It was pretty frantic there for a second.  I think we actually got the card turned in with about two or three seconds left on the clock.”

In addition to calling the Dolphins’ personnel at Radio City Music Hall, each team in the trade had to call the trade in to the league office.  And if that two or three seconds had passed, the Eagles could have snatched Jordan away, putting the Dolphins in the category of the Vikings, circa 2002.  And 2003.

“We felt like maybe Philadelphia may want Dion with Chip Kelly being the head coach while he was at Oregon and coaching Dion,” Ireland said.  “So that’s all part of it, to get in front of Philadelphia.  I think we got our guy and Philly got their guy and Oakland got their guy, but obviously there’s a lot of anticipation that you have to do, a lot of guys involved in the trade process.”

The question now becomes the manner in which Jordan will be used.

“I think you put him in a position to be successful and that’s what our coaching staff will do,” Ireland said.  “When you see a guy that reminds you of players that have played that position that are long, extremely athletic, and flexible that can get in and out of trouble very easily your just going to put the guy in position to be successful.  When he was at Oregon, he wasn’t putting his hand on the ground or from a two-point stance rushing the quarterback every single snap.  He was detached to a No. 2 receiver in the slot running with tight ends and running backs and receivers down the field and doing a pretty good job of covering those players as well , but we see him as a guy that can get to the passer and when he tries to do that, when he gets better at that he’s going to be something to reckon with, in my opinion.”

If that happens, the Dolphins will be something to reckon with, which is what Ireland and the Dolphins desperately need.

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34 responses to “Dolphins got Jordan pick in with “two or three seconds” left

  1. sort of a moot point if you believe Kelly enough when he said Lane Johnson was their original target at 4 over Jordan anyway.

  2. Luckily we have clear visual evidence as to why the Raiders were willing to take a discount on the deal. Also the reason why Chip Kelly, who coached the player in college, DID NOT want to draft him in the first round.

  3. The potential for success with the Philadelphia Eagles lies more significantly with protecting the QB, as opposed to adding yet another 1st round pass-rusher. They can very easily make due with the pass-rushers they currently have, but they proved last season that they absolutely cannot make due with such a pathetic excuse for an offensive line. Regardless of who is under center, improving their protection is priority #1.

  4. If the dolphins were smart they would of drafted Ziggy Ansah the next great defensive end

    #Ansah is better than Reggie White
    # 250 career sacks
    # perfect season

  5. ‘If the Eagles had snapped him away’! Come on, this guy is a huge overreach at #3, he should have gone in the 20s at best, and the other teams knew it.

  6. thegreatgabbert says: May 11, 2013 7:37 PM

    Luckily we have clear visual evidence as to why the Raiders were willing to take a discount on the deal. Also the reason why Chip Kelly, who coached the player in college, DID NOT want to draft him in the first round.


    Actually, Chip Kelly said the top four on the Eagles big board were the first four taken, and he would’ve been happy with whichever of the four had fallen to him.

  7. I think the Dolphins have had one of the best offseason years in the history of the league. I have no doubt that they will be a much more potent team this up and coming season. The team had the strongest Free-agent period in its history. I know it won’t be shown right away, but they also had one of the best looking Drafts that I have seen them have since following the sport. Ireland could prove to be very valuable to the team depending on how well they do this year. New England has had the AFC East locked down for many years now. I believe the East is in for a very big change soon. Between Miami’s huge turnaround and Buffalo finally finding their most promising Quarterback since Jim Kelly, a good chance to finally have their “Franchise QB”, The Patriots might find themselves fighting off a couple of strong contenders for the East title.

  8. Nice to see Miami is headed in the right direction. Will be an exciting season… And
    I’m always amused the the idiot-Gabbert fan’s comments. Last year he claimed Gabbert to be better than Tannehill. Just shows how ignorance can be blissful. I’m envious of this ignorance.

  9. I thunk every team did very well in this draft, a draft where the difference in talent among prospects in the round 3-6 range was blurry at best. Only time will tell who made out the best, but every team made bold moves and by no means are any of the teams weaker than they were before.

  10. of course kelly is gonna say that. He would never say oh we really wanted jordan but we settled for johnson. give me a break.

  11. I don’t know if the “trade chart” had the same value in this draft as it did last year. I do know it only takes a quick glance at Oakland’s roster to convince me that the Raiders needed any extra picks they could get.

  12. Pat says:
    May 11, 2013 7:35 PM
    sort of a moot point if you believe Kelly enough when he said Lane Johnson was their original target at 4 over Jordan anyway.
    Except that Chip Kelly never said that. He said their board had Jordan coming off at three regardless, so Lane Johnson was their presumed pick.

  13. Wait, so reading this, they had to make a call to New York? The guys RUNNING the draft for the Dolphins weren’t even THERE? Seriously?

  14. Best offseason ever? Really? Wallace is a very good signing because defenses have to make their entire game plan around him. Is Wheeler better than Dansby? Not so sure. The Dolphins for sure improved but don’t put the horse in front of the cart here. The Pats are a young team by the way. They’ve retooled on the fly. They’re not going anywhere. Look at the Eagles as an example of what a good offseason means..nothing. I think the Dolphins will pull out a wildcard spot so it was definitely a good few months.

  15. Jeff Ireland’s pathetic offseason excursion would be well rounded out by the signing, and subsequent conversion to linebacker, of Tim Tebow. God (and therefore Tebow) knows full and well that Ireland didn’t waste enough money and draft picks on linebacker, because the corners and safeties are so talented and not injury prone at all….

    When teams go all Dan Snyder, it sure makes it fun to watch them crumble. Back loading contracts with the expectation that the future will take care of itself is an empirically proven method to lose your job and get laughed at while your at it.

    Have fun losing the division again.

  16. Both teams got what they wanted from the trade. Ireland was not going to give up chart value which meant Oakland did the deal or picked their guy at #3 instead of #12. Nobody got screwed. The chart is just a rough guideline. Based on the chart, Fisher is the same value of pick as Luck and worth more than Griffin last year. I doubt many would agree with that assessment which is why the chart is misleading.

  17. This is a classic example of a desperate team taking desperate, and ill-considered, measures.

    This is a franchise in big trouble. And their quarterback has tiny hands.

    Bringing in a lot of high-priced FAs to a team that doesn’t have a strong culture (at least not in recent years) of winning often results in a team that is unable to realize the best from its high priced players. Even the best run teams need time for veteran FAs to learn their system, etc.

    By the time Miami is able to swallow all their new acquisitions (if they don’t choke on them instead) they will be forced to release/restructure players because of salary cap issues and will have a hard time re-signing their own FAs.

    Miami certainly isn’t the first team to try to buy a Super Bowl via free agency. But given where the franchise is right now- can’t sell tickets and facing a big need to upgrade their stadium- a botched attempt to buy a playoff run could lead to Jacksonville South.

  18. Riiiight … alot of big talk for a guy who drafts like Matt Millen & has us mired below .500 forever.

    Las Vegas already says this year is another flop.

    He’ll be fired before you can say … “another bust-a-roo draft & season flop”

    P.S. He doesn’t get credit for Tanehill … after not getting us a QB for years & making us suffer with Henne & Sparano … it was to the guillotine if no QB replacement was drafted.

    Gotta love fans though … they just loved Henne & Sparano & turned on them after fired. They loves them some Fireland now …. GACK!!

  19. This was a big win for the Raiders who got their player for a lot less money and gained a 2nd round pick. Big win there.

    If indeed Dion Jordan turns out to be a GREAT defensive end then they got a big win too. If he’s just really good, then the PHINS are the ones who wind up with the short end of the stick.

  20. Love how people are saying it was a huge reach going for this guy at #3 when he hasn’t even played a snap yet in the NFL? He could turn out to be the next Reggie White or something! < (Not a Chance lol) But what i'm saying is lets save all the trash talking about him until we see what he can do!

  21. Phins had alot of needs going into this year and preasure on the qb was major. This GM has made mistakes in the past years but not this year. Offense, defense and special teams has improved . The only thing that hasn’t gotten the improvements was the stadium. They have a better team this year than last last by a big margin. Still have a big challange with the Pats in their division and that was the reason for taking Jordon over Lane. With Clabo now signed the Jordan pick could be huge.

  22. I’m just happy they forced the eagles hand into drafting Johnson. I don’t think Jordan will be a bad player, but I like Lane Johnson a helluva lot better.

  23. Raider fans…

    It was not a big win to get an additional 2nd rd pick, because you should have gotten at least a 2nd and 3rd.

    Its like you have a Ferrari, and instead trade it for a Cadillac and a Camry for the wife. Sure the Cadillac is a nice car, and Camry is something your wife desperately needs, But you just traded away your Ferrari for it!

    Don’t give me lack of talent compared to previous draft classes as a reason for accepting 1/2 the compensation. The inability of Reggie to even walk away with a 5th or below in addition to the 2nd just shows how green your GM is.

    Coupled with the fact, Reggie has stated he would have taken Hayden at 3 if the trade didn’t go thru. Regardless of how Hayden turns out, Reggie just admitted he would have been happy to reach using the #3 overall pick!!!!! Don’t use the “he might not be there” as an excuse either! Remember you ended up trading down, and took that chance anyways.

    And now Raider fans get to read stories about Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross gloating that they robbed you on draft day. And all you guys do is plug your ears and say “LaLaLaLaLa” “I can’t hear you! We got an extra 2nd!”

  24. Nobody really knows how good ANY of the draft picks are until they put on the pads. Jeff Ireland has proven to be average at best at his job, so I’m not getting too excited about the Dolphins off season acquisitions. I do have faith in Joe Philbin. I think he’s a great coach who knows how to assemble a good staff and create a winning environment.

  25. Whether or not the Eagles had any intention of drafting Jordan or not, pass rushers went in picks #5 and #6, so Miami did what they had to do to get their guy.

    If he turns into a star, it’s a genius move for Ireland, if not, it was a waste. But it’s hard to fault the principles of the trade- I doubt Miami could have moved up into the top 10 for any cheaper than they did to get to #3, and they took an athletic specimin at a high impact position.

  26. The Vikings did indeed miss their pick in 2003.

    I think it’s worked out well: They selected DT Kevin Williams, a 6-time Pro Bowler. And they got him at a cheaper price (before the new CBA).

  27. For those that are complaining that Reggie Mckenzie and the Raiders didn’t get enough compensation for the 3rd overall pick, you must remember that many scouts and analysts didn’t think there was much of a difference between the 3rd pick in the draft and the 20th pick in the draft.

    Reggie though DJ Hayden was the best player available in the draft and wasn’t going to “reach for him” with the 3rd pick even if he did take him 3rd overall. Reggie knew he could trade down with Miami and most likely he would still be on the board. In a buyers market like Ireland noted, the seller, Reggie, had no option to force a better trade. He took what he could get and if Menelik Watson becomes a 10 year starter no one will care that Reggie got “fleeced” by the Dolphins.

  28. While I understand the Raiders could have gotten more for the 3rd pick, I also understand that someone has to be willing to pay that price, sort of like basic economics. The 3rd overall pick was worth more, but they only had an offer of a 2nd, which is actually what the Raiders really wanted in this draft, a 1st and a 2nd. Seeing how the Raiders got the extra pick and the man they wanted, that is the very classification of a win. In football a W is a W, even when its ugly. I feel bad for commitment2excrement, he simply doesn’t understand the basics of anything… and he sounds like a disenfranchised Raiders fan, wonder what team he roots for?

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