E.J. Manuel studying Bills’ playbook “like crazy”

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Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel made a good first impression on coach Doug Marrone at the opening of rookie minicamp on Friday, which may be attributable to the work Manuel put in during the two weeks between the draft and the first day of practice.

Manuel said after Friday’s on-field work that he thinks he has a good handle on the offense, or at least as good a handle as it’s possible to have with two weeks to study.

I got the playbook after I got drafted,” Manuel said. “I’ve been drilling it like crazy.”

Manuel added, however, that offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is making a point of bringing the rookies along slowly, and that he scripted 15 plays that Manuel would run in practice. That’s a long way from knowing the whole offense.

So the Bills will need Manuel to keep studying the playbook like crazy, if he’s going to be their starter when the season starts in four months.

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  1. not much to study, throw interceptions, and make sure the Bills lose, thats their normal formula , right?

  2. Manuel has all the tools to succeed in this league. People say Bills reached for him, perhaps they did, but if you watched him last year and including the Senior Bowl, the guy plays with heart. Bills fans need to enjoy themselves for once lol….

  3. So what? I would hope that ALL rookies are studying their new playbook like crazy, right?

    Will that help this wobegotten franchise rise above the cellar? I do think that the Bills can pass the jets and land in 3rd place in the AFC East.

    That is progress from their last 13 years. But still not good enough.

  4. As if they would say he didn’t leave a good first impression.
    I’m not going to dismiss him, but ill believe it when I see it. We have suffered far to long to jump on a new coach/new QB bandwagon. This organization needs to put fans in the seats in order to make $ and will sign players past their prime like T.O. and Mario Williams to do so. Don’t buy in until we see it, because its been 14 years since we’ve seen the post season. Ugh.

  5. Great kid with a lot of talent but is very raw and shouldn’t be pushed into starting this year. He is not close to being as polished as Luck, Wilson or RG3 and rushing Manuel will hurt him long term.

  6. I would be to if I got drafted by that team. Cause he knows he will be running for his life on every down.

  7. E.J Manuel will never be as good as Matt Stafford

    #16-0 enjoy the Lions SB
    #winning like always

  8. There’s not enough studying in the world that can compensate for a defense that gives up 435 points. Ask Drew Brees.

  9. I’m not a bills fan but this is another make or break draft pick. If Manuel succeeds the bills will have some success but their still in a divison that has Tom Brady. I believe the dolphins are an up and coming team with a solid d and a young qb who has great potential and he’s shown it last yr not to mention the addition of mike Wallace. Manuel has all the tools to succeed but will the AFC East hold him back.

  10. I’ve watched a few Bills games and the playbook usually seems like, “single coverage? Deep to Stevie Johnson. Double coverage, dump it to Jackson/Spiller.”

  11. Manuel has plenty of time to learn the playbook. Getting himself familiar with the players who surround him, forming bonds and learning his teammates strengths and weaknesses should be at the top of his list right now. A team functions best when the players trust and believe in their QB. Manuel has all the physical tools needed to succeed, but has to prove he can be the leader that Buffalo needs.

  12. Buddy Nix gave Fitzpatrick a $60M contract, Mario Williams a $100M contract, took Manuel early (who seems to be a great person, but a bit raw as a starting NFL QB)…seriously, can anyone be a GM? Looks like you pick whoever you want and spend money at will, fun job.

  13. The kid will be running for his life? Go deep to Johnson dump it off to Spiller and Jackson?
    Obviously neither of these commenters watch or follow NFL stats or news. The Bills strong point is their O-line, and a very good run game.. And they have a new coaching staff and a new offensive scheme. Think before you post please.

    My hope for EJ is they bring him along slowly and give the kid time to grow and understand the pro game. He has the skills,stature and talent now they have to build on that. Only time can tell. So I’ll wait patiently to see the results. Hopefully the investment they made in targets will help his progression.

  14. Manuel’s work ethic or dedication would never be questioned. His problem was that he shrunk anytime FSU’s competition stepped up instead of elevating his game. Alot of that can definitely be blamed on Jimbo Fisher as he’s a terrible head coach from my perspective, but that will still be his biggest hurdle. He has all the tools in the world though.

  15. I said it before and after he was drafted. Manuel seems to have that “It factor”. The factor that other QB Geno Smith lacks. Manuel will turn out good but give him a chance to learn and develope Bills fans, its been awhile since you bred a QB (I know how that feels being a RAIDERS fan).

  16. In 4 years, the idea that Geno Smith was pegged as the obvious 1st QB in this draft, and that EJ Manuel was a reach, will be deemed absurd. Count on it.

  17. That staff has some good teachers on it. With a hard-working Manuel, and a good teaching staff, I wish them success!

  18. There is a lot of talk in buffalo about this kid not starting from day 1. I hope that’s wrong. If the bills are going to go to a fast paced read option type offense, he has to be the guy. I just don’t like the idea of having kolb trot out there week 1, which would mean they spent the whole offseason tayloring the offense to Kolbs strengths. I say you drafted this kid 16 overall, Taylor the offense to his strength from day 1, instead of switching things up when we go 1-5, and then switching the system mid season to fit EJ’s skills. Then we know exactly what we have by the end of the year. The worst scenario would be starting kolb then have this kid show potential, and passing on a potential frAnchise QB in next years draft, which happened with lossman (dear lord he was bad) and Trent Edwards (same). I want nothing more than to have a franchise QB here in Buffalo, I hope EJ is that guy, but if not, move on immediately. I am so sick and tired of drafting between 8-12 year after year. Anyway, any bills fans reading this, go to YouTube and check out the “Espn sports science” on EJ, it’s pretty cool, and gives us a reason to hope this kid is the next Kaeperinck or wilson.

  19. I find it funny that most of the negative responses to stories about the Bills on PFT and other sites come from either : 1) those who live anywhere outside of Western NY and don’t know or even care where Buffalo is…they just get a yuck out of bashing a smaller city, or 2) kids who were born AFTER the Bills were a great team in the early 90’s and late 80’s (BEFORE THE INTERNET !!!) who never knew them as a winning organization. All I can say to the rest of America is…is you get a H-O over taking shots at Buffalo or the Bills, have at it…we’ll just let it roll off our backs and over Niagara Falls…

  20. Bills have a solid O-line. Manuel will be able to hurt teams with his feet, dude also has a strong arm. If he studies his playbook a bunch and puts a bunch of dedication into the film room during the season, he has a chance for Rookie Of the Year IMO. Even though I do think Manuel was a 2-3 round pick before the draft, QB is the only position that a team should reach for.

  21. I think E.J. Manuel isn’t ummm you know what never mind! We will see when the season starts how bad this years draft class really was!

  22. Uh ohh! Better look out Manning, Brees and Brady! E.J. Manuel knows how to read a play book!

  23. “As if they would say he didn’t leave a good first impression.
    I’m not going to dismiss him, but ill believe it when I see it. We have suffered far to long to jump on a new coach/new QB bandwagon. This organization needs to put fans in the seats in order to make $ and will sign players past their prime like T.O. and Mario Williams to do so. Don’t buy in until we see it, because its been 14 years since we’ve seen the post season. Ugh.”

    Yeah, signing a 1st round QB, EJ Manual or signing a 27 year old DE at the top of his game in Mario Williams is like signing 34 year old receiver Terrell Owens, stop acting like a hurt little teenage girl and hang the sins of past GM and coaches on this brand new regime.

  24. NOBODY knows ANYTHING until the kid plays. All these experts and ppl with opinions get on my nerves sometimes. Jesus wait until he atleast plays a season to say whether he’s gonna be good or not. I’m a Bills fan and believe me I’m so frustrated with our team.

  25. You guys act like since E.J Manuel said hes studying it like crazy that it’s him posting blogs about it. The comment about brees brady and manning look out n a shot at manuel is just #etarded. I’ll tell ya what it’s a lot better than hearing about him getting arrested.

  26. First down: Hand off for loss.
    Second down: Incomplete pass.
    Third down: Get sacked.
    Fourth down: Punt.

    There, the entire Buffalo Bills playbook.

  27. Honestly i’d love to see the Bills have a good season! I don’t think they will be in the SB anytime soon but I would like to see them in the post season one of these years! Too many people hate on this team! They have talent they just don’t ever seem to use it right!

  28. Brady this Brady that! Brady is slipping in his later years as a QB!

    Can the offensive line of the Bills protect Manuel?

    The Bills do have some new weapons.

    Lets hope this is a sign of improvement!

  29. Can Fans be any more ignorant than they have been this off season?? The same fans calling Manuel a project, are the same fans who, for some god forsaken reason, thought Ryan Nassib was a MUCH better pick for the Bills. Based on what?? Fans have become parrots. The only research they seem to do before chiming in on their “opinion”, is read internet articles. I wonder how many of you actually spent time to watch raw footage of these QB’s?? I watched about 200 plays each, of the top 5 projected QB’s…and it wasnt even a contest. Manuel, based on actually watching video…lots of it…was better in almost EVERY category. Pocket presence, arm strength, leadership, extending plays, throwing downfield, ball position. There is a characteristic that you never here about and that is “ball arc”, which is the ability to throw a ball with zip and still have that ball be catchable. Something that NO other QB in this draft was capable of on a consistent basis. Manuel has great arc. I get the negative energy of us Bills fans…its been a horrible decade, plus. If you would actually take the time and watch 3-4 game films, you would realize that Manuel is very capable of being a star at the NFL level..and if you have watched ANY of Kolb’s video, you would also realize that Manuel is the “no brainer” choice to start Game 1 this season if he gets the offense, which by his work ethic, he will.

  30. Saw this guy at FSU…Typical drive: First down hand off for 5 yards. Second down EJ sacked for -10. Third down 10 yard screen pass completed behind the line of scrimmage. Fourth down punt! But at least he was 1/1 with 10 yards on the drive right? I saw this too many times. EJ was sacked 26 times last year. Tyler Wilson, Landry Jones, Geno Smith, Tyler Bray, Matt Barkley, and Ryan Nassib ALL had less than 20 sacks(most 15 or less) and ALL had more pass attempts(or more chances of being sacked). Want to blame the offensive line? FSU had a tackle drafted in the second round. Look at the play by play and see EJ’s amazing decision making of dumping it off on third and long. It was selfish play that got him good numbers. About to be sacked? Throw it away! Yeah, it will look as 0/1 for 0 yds, but it will help your team. 3rd and long? Try a 10+ yard pass that is past the first down marker. If you miss and go 0/1 at least you attempted to help your team rather than dump it for a selfish 1/1 10 yards or holding it until your sacked because you didn’t see the “perfect pass.” Would have loved to see his numbers if he actually threw in those situations. As far as I can tell he has the worst TD to INT ratio of anyone drafted this year! All this with having the 19th best running game to fall back on/set up the pass plays for him.

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