Emery makes some moves in Bears’ front office


Bears General Manager Phil Emery has made some changes in the player personnel department.

In a move that had been widely expected, the team officially announced that Kevin Turks was promoted from assistant director of pro personnel to director of pro personnel. Turks has been with the Bears for more than a decade, having started as an intern in the scouting department in 2001.

The Bears also promoted Dwayne Joseph, a former NFL defensive backe who has 15 years of experience in scouting and football operations, to associate director of pro personnel. The team also hired Ryan Kessenich and Jay Muraco as scouts and Andre Odom as a scouting assistant. Breck Ackley and David Williams were promoted within the scouting department.

The moves come a week after the Bears lost director of pro scouting Chris Ballard to the Chiefs.

7 responses to “Emery makes some moves in Bears’ front office

  1. @filthy:

    Not chaos, or rebuilding…More like taking an already talented team that underachieved under Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo, and making the upgrades necessary
    to end your team’s recent sense of entitlement.

    Go Bears!

  2. The Bears were good last year, finishing 10-6 after starting 7-1. Was it the offensive woes that led to their second half collapse or maybe the defense that is aging started to spring a few leaks or was it both?

    Not sure Trestman can fix both the offense and defense in one year, especially now that Urlacher is gone and Peppers & company are another year older. Rebuilding year this year for sure.

  3. Yes, I can see the disarray and the rats leaving the sinking ship. Maybe the Bears’ castoffs will help the Packers beat the Chiefs next time they visit Arrowhead…

    Aren’t you going to wish me a happy Mother’s Day sonny?

  4. jdavis20, the D was nowhere near the problem. Even with the aging squad they were top 10 in every category, other than San Francisco no team scored more than 24….

  5. The Bears are the complete unknown going into this year. This is honestly a non-troll post.

    They are legitimately the only team that could challenge the Packers, but they could also end up last in the division.

    My biggest questions for them are:

    1. Can Trestman help Jay overcome the frustrations and play through them?

    2. Will the o-line be better? Or is it just shuffling the same kind of talent around?

    3. Will Forte hit a wall? He’s been Mr Everything for this squad, and that has to take a toll at the running back position.

    4. Will Jeffrey make a larger contribution this year?

    and finally:

    5. Is this the year that the defense finally loses a step?

  6. @tokyo:

    Nice post…I would say your first and last questions hold the key to this season.

    If Jay is unable to take the next step, he’ll likely be gone next year, so that impacts more than just 2013. My own thought (and hope) is that he embraces Trestman’s methods and system, and gets the Bears back to SB contention.

    On defense, they have gained a step at LB, although Urlacher’s leadership will be hard to replace…Melton, Jennings, and McClellin (another unknown) are young, while Peppers and Tillman are coming off Pro-Bowl years…If the latter two do lose a step, the defense as a whole will suffer, and the Bears may find themselves in a lot of shootouts.

    The o-line should be much improved…I’d like to see Bushrod, Slauson, Lonergan, Long, and Mills win out as the starters.

    Forte was actually under-utilized last year under Tice, so hopefully he is well-rested for this year…With Trestman, he should again be a dual threat out of the backfield.

    Not sure on Jeffery…If he fails to step up, I could see Marquess Wilson challenging him for playing time.

    One other worry I have is, if Jay goes down, and Blanchard isn’t able to beat out McCown for #2 QB, we’re done.

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