Franklin will be eligible for all Packers OTAs and minicamps

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Yes, Packers rookie running back Johnathan Franklin attended one of the colleges with exams that stretch into the middle of June, ostensibly making him ineligible for offseason workouts (other than rookie minicamp) until June 14.

But there’s an exception, and Franklin qualified.  As Franklin pointed out on Friday, he graduated in June 2012.

“I think it was just a miscommunication,” Franklin said, via Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  “I brought all my clothes.  I better be here for good.”

That’s good news for Franklin.  As he competes with second-round running back Eddie Lacy for playing time, Franklin needs to be available for offseason workouts.   Rams G.M. Les Snead explaining during Thursday’s PFT Live that the absence of second-round running back Isaiah Pead from offseason workouts due to the exams rule last year opened the door for seventh-rounder Daryl Richardson to win the backup job behind Steven Jackson.

With Franklin on board and available for all offseason workouts, he has a fair shot at landing higher on the pecking order than Lacy.

17 responses to “Franklin will be eligible for all Packers OTAs and minicamps

  1. I think Franklin will get a bunch of #4 receiver looks. Jones and Jordy are not pure burners. Cobb is really the only speed guy. I think Franklins speed and shift will keep him a passing target even if Lacy starts at rb. My .02 cents

  2. More jealousy and hate from Packer Haters. Lacy will wear a specially designed shoe for his foot and he’ll be fine. A Reno Nevada Spoorts Book had the Packers with the most wins in the NFC this coming 2013 season. LMAO ! GO PACK GO !

  3. Miscommunication? Is Franklin saying that TT and MM didn’t now when he could be in camp??? hahahahaha……..seriously? They draft a guy and they don’t know when he can legally be in camp??? hahaha

  4. Both of these clowns will be headed to the DL after mr Greenway lays a few body shots.

  5. Im sure Eddie Lacy will be injured at some point this season because he runs with a reckless abandon without regard for his body but will he acually miss any time? Signs point to no but it is possible I guess.

    “Franklin and Bash” will be coming to a stadium near you in the fall of 2013. Can’t wait.

    As for the “miscommunication” im pretty sure thats just the media jumping to conclusions again. Why let the facts get in the way of the reporting.

  6. Only a Vikings fan would get their sports terminology wrong. There is no “DL” in football.

  7. BTW, I love Lacy. Hes just a guy who always has a nagging injury. Thats why he slid in the draft and why GB took Franklin as well. He will be very good when healthy. Exactly what GB needed.

  8. I honestly don’t think the people that hate on Lacy understand how good of a player we drafted in Franklin. This kid could be a feature back for A LOT of teams. He broke Jones drews all pourpose yards record at UCLA. He tied Ball for most 20+ yard runs last season. He had 400+ yards after contact, ranking him fourth in the NCAA. He rushed for 1700 yards. The kid is as durable as they come. He may win the job. We have a hell of a one two. I am excited.

  9. Finally, the regime has woken up out of that super bowl haze from 2010 and realized the same offense every single year isn’t going to cut it. Wanna help out your o-line? Get a running game going. Wanna get better windows to throw into? Get a running game going. Finally a new wrinkle into an offense that hadn’t changed much at all and got kinda stale since 2010.

  10. Went out & bought me an authentic Lacy jersey. Ready to see him bust through the lines & become our first 1000 yard rusher since Ryan Grant 2009. Packers running game will be vicious just like a pit bull. GO PACK GO!!!

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