Geno Smith opts not to grade his second NFL practice


On Friday, Jets quarterback Geno Smith made headlines by giving himself an F for his first NFL practice.  On Saturday, he opted not to continue that specific story line.

“I’ll leave the grading to the coaches, but I think today was another good day,” Smith told reporters, via a transcript distributed by the team.  “It got better again today, so that’s something that I just continue to do daily, I try to improve, even if it’s just in the smallest amount.  I think I did that today.”

Smith offered some specifics regarding how he improved from Friday to Saturday.

“I was able to get in and out of the huddle a lot smoother than yesterday,” he said. “Overall, I think as an offense we had some good moments and some not so good moments.  But it’s still a work in progress.  Every single one of us is out there learning, just trying to better ourselves and just trying to make the team.”

Oh, he’ll make the team.  The question is whether he’ll make it to the top of the depth chart.

Actually, the question is when he’ll make it to the top of the depth chart, and which other quarterbacks on the roster will be dumped once he does.

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  1. I’m kinda pullin for the kid. Had a good college career. If he can now learn to shut out the haters and play in the nfl he could be a starter in no time. Has the potential to make a big impact in year one… Wether it’s Good or bad impact will be seen soon I think. Not a fan if the team, but interested to see what shakes out

  2. Florio, I give the PFT coverage of Geno Smith a pretty solid F, with no improvement in sight.

    Honestly, for those of you that criticize Geno, how many actually saw him play in college? How many actually followed the reports that said that he was a smart, hardworking, creative athlete and student? How many of you have graduated from college yourself? High school even?

    The things that get play in the media are ridiculous, and are an indication that most fans are tabloid sniffing dolts.

  3. Why does he keep talking?? We don’t care if he gets an F, he can only improve from that I suppose.
    He’s no diva as Rex says, he’s just a big talker, and needs to quieten down.

  4. Is it just me, or is there no good defenses in the Big 12? I’m not convinced when Seth Doege throws for 39td’s and then Nick Florence for 33td’s that this guy could be more risk than reward.

  5. how are there so many people dumb enough to not realize he has an obligation to talk to the media? i’m certain he’d prefer to stop talking about himself and just play football, too, but the season doesn’t start until september. if he turned down interviews, you clowns would call him a diva for that, too.

  6. Damn, I’m starting to miss all the daily Brett Favre posts by Florio, at least BF accomplished something before he became a diva.

  7. Also from PFT :

    Un-named sources claim that Geno Smith farted in an elevator in Florham Park today. Stay tuned for 43 different reports from various analysts explaining why this mean the Jets are a circus.

  8. Still with Geno Smith??? Man had this kid landed anywhere but NY or Dallas he would be left alone and allowed to grow as a person and football player… poor kid, too bad he was drafted by Ny. How much have we heard of Te’o? Little.. why? Cuz he went to SD.. enough is enough

  9. Do you people really think he searches out the media and tells them random things off the top of his head? He talks because the media seeks him out and they ask him specific questions to get specific answers.

  10. It’s interesting that so many people want him to stop talking. Do you see all of those microphones in his face? It’s not as if he is calling for press conferences every day. For goodness sake it’s the NEW YORK MEDIA. They want responses to every thing. If the guy didn’t say a word he’d get toasted for being “stuck up” or something. He’s really in a “cant win” situation. In my opinion, he needs to go to the “Derek Jeter School For Handling The New York Media”. He needs to learn how to give them something without giving them much at all.

  11. I hope the kid pulls this off but I can’t help thinking he’s a time bomb of immaturity who can dismantle his opportunities via that hole under his nose and the nodule secured atop his brain stem.

    At this point I’m happy he’s not in Oakland. If he pans out that opinion may change.

  12. this is going to be perfect- the new york media and an overrated, thin-skinned prima donna- what could go wong???

  13. i am a geno supporter. i feel he got snubbed by the bills even though i also like ej (i pretty much like all black and/or mobile qbs). best of luck geno.

  14. Good for you Geno, keep your head up continue to learn and execute. Dealing with the NY press is extremely difficult and you are handling it well.

  15. Being a QB for the jets is a tough task, especially for a rookie. You have a couple of bad games and the media will be on you. I think Geno will be a good quarterback in this league in 2-4 years. I think he has a tough time this year if he plays though.

  16. The Jets still don’t get it. Why are there reports in the locker room after every practice. They allow this media circus around there team and appear to encourage it. Don’t get me wrong as a Patriots fan I love it, the Jets will always remain the Yets with their idiot owner. Players especially rookies should not be giving interviews unless they are league mandatory.

  17. Being a long time Saints fan and going through a bunch of bad seasons I can say there is nothing worse going into a season knowing the best you can hope for is a 8-8 season! I think the Jets would surprise me if they make it to 4-12 that’s how bad this team is! And that’s not talking crap that’s being dead honest! I think their fans know this as well! As far as Mr.Smith, it’s only a matter of time before he takes Sanchez’s job! I don’t think that’s going to be to hard of a task! GL Jets your def. gonna need it!

  18. i’m not even going to try to say anything about geno ther than his name is very n.y.ish but if he’s lucky he won’t play this year and when they fire rex and dump sanchez next year he’ll have a better shot with a better coach

  19. slugdub says:May 11, 2013 5:25 PM

    Why all the news on a guy who was picked AFTER 38 other players??

    Because the above shut-ins have nothing better to do.
    They know it too!

    If Geno went to any other team, it would be a non-story except for being the “steal of the draft”.

  20. For you guys that complain that geno talks too much….at minicamp the team is surrounded by 50 or more media people covering the team and firing questions at you. The league requires that you conduct these interviews and answer these questions. Geno is doing what he’s required to do , and doing a pretty good job, I think.
    He’s ready to go to work and give his maximum effort. Can’t ask for more than that.

  21. Cool to hear about Geno Smith but what about the Jaguars’ rookie QB? the Chargers’ rookie QB? Everybody loves the team with the coolest name – The JETS – from the coolest city – NY – with the coolest coach – REX – and a slew of super cool QBs: Mark “shoulda been with a C” Sanchez, David “killed it in Jax (for what that’s worth)” Garrard, and Geno “first Geno ever” Smith. Trust the coaches to field a solid squad this year. the drama comes from y’all. Jets go 10-6 maybe 11-5 with serviceable offense and top 5 D. Put it in the books.

  22. “He should stop using his mouth. Just play football!”

    Now that’s just dumb. Someone asked him a question. Basic standards of human decency (and NFL rules, in this case) require that he respond.

    Get a life.

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