In Chip Kelly offense, Vick will need to get rid of ball faster

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Earlier this week, I noticed an intriguing item from Tim McManus of  And then I forgot to write a blurb about it.

But it’s the weekend and things have slowed down a bit and I’m sitting here watching the Penguins-Islanders game so why not write it now?

McManus points out that Eagles coach Chip Kelly wants his quarterback to get rid of the ball fast.  And Vick doesn’t.

“We want the ball out of the quarterback’s hands in 1.5 seconds,” Kelly said while at Oregon.  “That does not mean holding the ball until 2.5, waiting for someone to get open.”

Last year, Vick held the ball, on average, 3.07 seconds.  Or more than twice the amount Kelly wants his quarterbacks to hold the ball.

So Vick will need to improve his release time.  Kelly apparently thinks he can.

“I think there is a lot more to Michael,” Kelly said in February, via McManus.  “I think quarterbacks are a byproduct of their experience.  But to sit here and say I understood the system that Michael’s been in whether he’s with the Falcons under Coach [Dan] Reeves or here, that depends on the system that you run.  Some of the systems that they run they don’t ask him to get the ball out quick.  Do I think he can get the ball out quick?  I think he’s got an unbelievable release.  It’s up and out and it’s quick.”

That’s what needs to happen, or Vick may not be the starting quarterback for very long.  Or at all.

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  1. Vick makes things happen on his feet later in the play, after he checks and pump fakes and defense over commits. It will be hard for him adjust. If anything it will be a blend of both styles at first.

  2. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Well, maybe if you electrocute it, beat it, or drown it a bit…

  3. Vick can’t see over the line fast enough to make this work. Dixon, Foles, Barkley have a better shot at it.

  4. Does Chip honestly think WRs will get open in 1.5 seconds in the NFL? Other than against the Redskins secondary, ain’t happening.

    Going to enjoy watching this clown Chip bring the college game to Philly. Chip Kelly’s “Duck Dynasty”. Love it!

  5. 1.5 seconds? good luck with that with any qb. This guy is straight in the mold of Jim Zorn. You cannot take aged veteran players and expect the to suddenly have a light switch turned on because the head coach is a geniu. Jim and John Harbough, mike mcarthy, mike tomlin. These are coaches that inherited good teams that didnt change the way they play just the playbook. I hope people are looking at this team realistically.

  6. can hardly wait for barkley to take over as the starter so I can watch the philly fans cry for vick to come back.Barkley and foles will be on I.R. before bye week.

  7. I honestly think it’s Reid that did this. It’s why Vick was so good early on… He was being coached just enough to keep his eyes downfield and not bail downfield right away, like he used to. But just like with McNabb, Reid took this too far. I saw it coming a mile away. Andy tried to make both of the, pocket passers, which neither were. Both are better on the run. I personally think Vick has a real chance in Kelly’s system.

  8. Mike needed to get rid of the ball faster a looooooong time ago. He hold the ball too long. Not a big secret.

  9. So, if this is serious, it thereby eliminates taking shots beyond 30 yards past the line of scrimmage.

    Way to stretch the defense, keep the defense backs from creeping up into the box, and confuse defensive coordinators……

    I have a lurking feeling this will wind up being a true Steve Spurrier style college-to-pro fail.

  10. I think Chip only left Oregon because he thought some serious violations were coming. Now he can take a very good job in Philly and if he fails can basically choose which college job he wants. Texas or a SEC team, no doubt.

  11. Don’t make any sense! All this work to beef up the O-Line since Vick’s troubles were all their fault last year according to Chip and now he is saying Vick holds the ball to long and wants him to throw it sooner? Make up your mind buddy!

  12. That headline would be true in any offense. If a QB holds on to the ball consistently it means he is indecisive, has not prepared properly, or just plain cannot read the defense. All have proven true for Vick over his career. That will not change this year.

  13. Chip seems to want a lot that’s completely different than normal NFL play. Perhaps what he’s really after is to play a game other than regulation football, to so confuse his opponents that he’ll automatically win games. Fast release from the “dancing king”? Not terribly likely.

  14. Again, we’re making assumptions that Chip Kelly intends to run an Oregon-style offense with the Eagles, and I’m not sure that’s the case.

    If he really needs the ball out regularly in 1.5 seconds, do you think he would have spent the fourth pick of the draft on a right tackle?

    I think there is some truth to him wanting the QB to get the ball out quicker, but that is more a matter of taking the short play if it’s there rather than waiting for a longer one to develop.

  15. Vick holding on to the ball longer has nothing to do with Vick , He was never ask to get rid of the ball quickly in seasons past,Since Marty/Andy schemes requires big plays down the field , So the WR’s had to take time to run their route( especially Dejack going deep) .I don’t know why vick is suddenly single out for this , This goes down with every QB who is facing changes in a SYSTEM.How in the world could you knock a guy who is doing what he is suppose to do.

  16. Chip has said repeatedly since being hired that he is NOT going to simply transfer his Oregon offense to the NFL. He is going to let his personnel dictate what offense and defense he runs.

    All indications seem to point to a a mix of his run-heavy spread and the west coast offense. And on defense, a hybrid multiple front. All up tempo of course.

    All of those things are run in the NFL already. What’s going to be different is his philosophy with 4th down and special teams. A lot of 2 point conversions instead of extra points. A lot of going for it on 4th down. He will be VERY aggressive with his play calling.

    No matter what happens, it should be interesting to say the least!

  17. One of Mike’s greatest talents… he is a survivor, Vick has overcome much. I think he is in the Perfect Storm, new H.C with the perfect scheme to fit his Skill Set… with Chip’s QB mantra requiring good decisions, no turnovers, repetitive accuracy…a mantra that forces Vick to be better… a young stable of very bright, and talented young QB’s, vying to replace him… Competition. Mike has them right where he wants them.

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