Jason Garrett says no decision made on play-caller

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It seems like if you’re having minicamps and installing plans for the coming season, you’d know what the chain of command might be.

Apparently not in Dallas.

When Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was asked Saturday if he knew who was going to call offensive plays this year, he didn’t offer a concrete answer.

We haven’t made a decision on that,” Garrett said, via Calvin Watkins of ESPNDallas.com.

If that’s true, and Garrett wasn’t just trying to duck an uncomfortable topic, the Cowboys may have bigger issues than imagined.

While it’s easy to suggest that it’s just a rookie minicamp, and there’s no need for detailed game-plans at the moment, it still speaks to organizational tension.

Garrett would clearly prefer to hang onto his original responsibility, simply because anyone who has ever had a responsibility doesn’t want it taken away.

So whether it’s going to be Garrett, Bill Callahan, Tony Romo, or Jerry Jones with a Madden controller in his luxury box, at some point they need to figure it out.

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  1. PLEASE CONTINUE CALLING THE PLAYS JASON. the only other person the nfc east would like to see call the plays is jerry. :)-

  2. My money is on Jerry Jones taking the clipboard and calling the plays (come on … we all know he’s always wanted to).
    Jason Garrett will retain the ability to decide which end of the field to defend after coin tosses. After all, he is the coach

  3. I hate the Cowboys, yet even I see this is a non story. Installing plays has nothing to do with who ends up calling them come September. Whether you know the playcaller or not, doesn’t change the minicamps. Sure maybe there is some organizational tension because you’re a fool if you don’t think Garrett wants to call the plays; but good grief this is a total non story.

  4. dallas is no longer america’s team. it’s the chip kelly lead PHILADELPHIA E-A-G-L-E-S.
    fly eagles fly.

  5. The only thing the Cowboys have going for them is that Jones is old. Like I used to tell Bronco fans with Al Davis, enjoy it while he is alive because nothing last forever. The Giants, Redskins and Giants have one less team to worry about.

  6. uwsptke says: May 11, 2013 4:17 PM

    “We” haven’t made a decision yet? Are you the head coach or not?
    He has that title. And, he has just as much power now as he had the day he accepted the title.

    Can you imagine how John Harbaugh would react if Steve Bisciotti started getting this involved? Jim Harbaugh? Mike Tomlin, to Dan Rooney? Bill Belichick, to Robert Kraft?

    Sheesh, Jerrah, even Dan Snyder learned the lesson–hire good football people and let them work.

  7. Jerry probably has a plan to have plays posted on the Jumbotron. That way the whole team can see them, a moment before the snap. Guess that’s what they mean in Dallas, about things “looking up”.

  8. Did somebody say Dallas means sweep in DC?? Man I’m in DC and the last thing y’all wanna talk is sweep. Y’all finally get a good year in (Wash) and y’all go bizzerk. Lls thing is when Dallas go to the playoffs and are one and done its the end of the world, when the Wash go one and done its the beginning. Smfh

  9. As a Cowboys fan can Jerry Jones just name himself the starting QB already?

    So tired of my team have little clarity or process to how decisions are made. The lacks of clarity and process is a sign of a completely dysfunctional organization.

  10. If Bill Callahan gets the responsibility to call plays he will change the playbook on Friday night. That will make Jason Garrett look like a genius and Jerry Jones can tell everyone how he was right in the first place.

  11. From following this topic, I get the impression that Jerry wants Romo to call the plays. Jason had issues trying to do it last season, and clock management too. Romo is not in camp yet so perhaps they want to see how he handles that duty when he gets there in June.

    Calahan is in consideration too. When the veterans get to camp, I am gueesing that they will have an audition if you will.

    I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as some would like to make it. There are bigger worries in my view. It’s who is running them that has me a little bit concerned.

  12. They’re toying with the idea of holding a lottery to have a random fan call the offensive plays each week. Probably has as good a chance of working as any.

  13. Not knowing (or admitting) who the coach will be that calls plays isn’t that uncommon. One year under Parcells, the Boys waited until about the last preseason game before announcing then Offensive Coordinator Sean Payton would be the playcaller. A week before they announced it, while saying publicly they hadn’t decided, I asked Coach Payton in an autograph line “Are you going to call plays this year?” He acted surprised, laughed and said he was. They knew, they just didn’t want to say for whatever reason. Might be the same now.

  14. If I were Garrett, I wouldnt give up the play calling now, its a make or break year for him anyways, so if he fails, he has no one to blame but himself…plus, it’s a way of one-upping that idiot owner

  15. “I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as some would like to make it. There are bigger worries in my view. It’s who is running them that has me a little bit concerned.”

    Ya like who is going to blocking for romo. I saw the boys draft one lineman and signed I think one udfa.

    Sad boys just keep tumbling and tumbling. Love it

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