Saturday one-liners

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Bills coach Doug Marrone was “very happy” with QB E.J. Manuel’s first practice at rookie minicamp.

The Dolphins’ bid for Super Bowl L/LI doesn’t include an upgraded stadium, but it does include a zipline that would carry riders across Bayfront Marina in translucent footballs.

Jets WR George Sauer, who caught eight passes in Super Bowl III and retired from the NFL after the 1970 season at only 27, has died at the age of 69.

Patriots S Adrian Wilson finagled No. 24 from CB Kyle Arrington; the compensation isn’t known but both sides reportedly are happy with the outcome.

Ravens G Kelechi Osemele is getting more and more credit for his performance, and for the performance of the offense.

Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey thinks rookie RB Le’Veon Bell will be “exceptional.”

The Kruger family reunion hosted by the Browns presumably will include feats of strength, and possibly an airing of grievances.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer looks at the story lines for the Bengals’ rookie minicamp.

Colts coach Chuck Pagano says rookie DE Bjoern Werner has “great first-step explosion,” and that seeing it first-hand in practice makes it “even more impressive.”

The Titans wrapped up their two-week annual trip through the mid-south with a one-day, four-city barnstorming tour featuring G Andy Levitre and S Michael Griffin.

The two sides of the Jaguars Tebow ad blitz are both claiming victory.  (The rest of us are conceding defeat.)

Texans first-round WR DeAndre Hopkins made an immediate impression at rookie minicamp.

Chiefs RT Eric Fisher tries to keep a “level head” now that he’s finally practicing with the Chiefs.

Chargers coach Mike McCoy, the former Broncos offensive coordinator during Tebowmania, isn’t troubled by all of the media attention given to LB Manti Te’o; “I’m coming from a place where we had someone that got an awful lot of attention,” McCoy said.

The Raiders have a sister team in the Austrian Football League, which makes us wonder whether the SWARCO Raiders could hold their own with the real Raiders.

The Elvis Dumervil fax snafu delivered Broncos first-round DT Sylvester Williams his first NFL jersey number:  92.

Giants G.M. Jerry Reese calls the addition of former top-five LB Aaron Curry a “low-risk” proposition.

Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram thinks the bizarre decision to give S Gerald Sensabaugh a one-day retirement contract sums up “[e]verything you need to know about the state of the Dallas Cowboys.”

Former Eagles coach Andy Reid sold 14 years of Eagles gear at Harriton High School in Rosement on Saturday morning, with proceeds going to charity in the name of Reid’s late son, Garrett.

With the Redskins taking training camp to Richmond, local businesses are ready for some gouging.

If RB Adrian Peterson reaches his goal of 2,500 yards, it’ll mean that Vikings haven’t reached their goal of balancing out the offense.

The Packers eighth annual Tailgate Tour launches Tuesday, featuring CEO Mark Murphy, current players Randall Cobb, Jarrett Bush, and Alex Green, and former players Santana Dotson, Aaron Taylor, and Frank Winters.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz isn’t worried about rookie CB Darius Slay missing a couple of weeks after surgery to repair a torn meniscus.

Bears first-round G Kyle Long calls rookie minicamp “awesome.”  (Calm down, Chris Farley . . . and anyone saying “hey, you used that bit last week.”)

The Buccaneers gave 50 military moms and spouses in Central Florida a spa day, in honor of Mother’s Day, at One Buc Place on Friday.

Rookie S Robert Lester and CB Melvin White caught the attention of Panthers coach Ron Rivera on Friday.

Saints LB Chase Thomas talks about the experience of watching the draft unfold without being picked, and the motivation that comes with it.

Falcons S Thomas DeCoud is hosting a charity bowling tournament on June 1.  (Look for him to blow 20-point and 17-point leads in successive games.)

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman watched the team’s rookie minicamp — from a jet ski parked in a lake.

At rookie minicamp, the Rams are more focused on the guys trying to win jobs than the draft picks who are essentially guaranteed them.

The versatility of LB Karlos Dansby fits with whatever defense the Cardinals end up running under Todd Bowles, which possibly will be called the “No one can catch Kaepernick/Wilson/Harvin/Austin” formation.

QB Nate Montana chose a tryout with the 49ers over the team his dad beat twice in the Super Bowl.

14 responses to “Saturday one-liners

  1. nobody cares what dick sherman is doing right now, unless it’s news about him finally serving his drug suspension. or it would be newsworthy if it was a story about him finally getting flagged for the holding he does on every play.

  2. George Sauer was one of the main reasons the Jets upset the colts in SB III. I hope the best for his family during this time.

  3. Wow! I believe you have eclipsed your previous levels of douchbaggery with that Raiders line. What a bunch of morons you are and how sweet it will be to shove it down your throats when they are an incredibly improved team this year and make the playoffs next year. The roster is already better than a 1/3rd of the league after FA and the draft and Reggie will sign more guys in June when the Huff $$ comes free and then next year we have $70 million to spend. Im gonna look forward to it. Crow tastes real good I hear and Im sure you can tell me all about it soon enough. lol..

  4. If you think the SWARCO Raiders would hold their own against the real Raiders, I’d hate to see what they would do to the Chiefs.

  5. “The Raiders have a sister team in the Austrian Football League, which makes us wonder whether the SWARCO Raiders could hold their own with the real Raiders.”

    A highly unprofessional and snarky comment if I ever saw one.

    I have to agree with Boknowsvt as well. Let’s not forget that the the Chiefs are still the worst team in football until they prove otherwise. Funny how we never see any snarky unprofessional comments about them on this site. I guess getting a below average QB from the 49ers and a fat failure of a coach from the Eagles has magically solved all their problems in one fell swoop.

  6. Furthermore, we’re gonna sign 4 more players soon,, might not be till June might be right now but we’re in the running for Josh Cribbs and Charles Woodson right now and I wouldnt be surprised if we get Brandon Moore and Israel Idonije too so you should probably keep your mouth shut till all is said and done cause its looking more and more like you’ll need to get used to the taste of crow cause thats what you’ll be eating.

  7. Yea its funny how people just LOVE to hate the RAIDERS and constantly bash them. Id expect a little more professionalism from the “pros”.

  8. Sherm watched the minicamp from a jetski parked “in a lake”. You mean, possibly “Lake Washington”, one of the most notable geographic features of the Seattle area? That’s like calling Manhattan, “an island”.

  9. Wow Raider fans are a sensitive bunch aren’t they? While the team is finally moving in the right direction it would be best to lower expectations for this year. There is no way they will be competitive with 1/3 of their cap tied up in dead money. The majority of the starters on the team this year would be backups on just about every other team in the league. Improvement will start in 2014 with the possibility of being truly competitive in 2015.

  10. Can we get a few maxi-pads for the Raider fans? Guys, you haven’t had a winning season in ten years! You’ve had 7 different head coaches in that time. You’ve invested first round picks in guys like McClain, DHB, Palmer, Seymour, Russell, Gallery, Washington, Buchanon, and Huff during the last several years. Any of those guys left? Did you get your money’s worth out of those investments? The Raiders have been the poster children for inept. If you want the press to be kinder to the Raiders, just win more games.

    Winning is a much quicker path to respect than whining!

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