Alex Gibbs returns to the Broncos as a consultant

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The Broncos are looking to their past for some help with their offensive future.

Alex Gibbs was the offensive line coach who was in Denver when the Broncos won two Super Bowls with John Elway a one-cut, zone-blocking scheme in the running game and he has returned as a consultant to the team that Elway now runs. Gibbs, who coached the Denver blockers from 1995-2003, is expected to work with offensive line coach Dave Magazu throughout the offseason and help out in the regular season as well.

“He’ll be a good resource,” Broncos coach John Fox said, via Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “I know from competing against (Gibbs) over the years that he can help us out.”

In addition to Gibbs, who coached in Atlanta, Houston and Seattle after leaving Denver, the Broncos also brought in zone-blocking proponent Greg Knapp as quarterbacks coach this offseason so you’d expect to see a bit more of it in the team’s offensive attack this season. How much is unclear, as is whether or not the Broncos offensive linemen will reinstitute Gibbs’ policy of players from the unit not speaking to the media.

13 responses to “Alex Gibbs returns to the Broncos as a consultant

  1. It just won’t be fair to the rest of the NFL for Denver to have a stout running game to go along with Manning throwing to 3 top tier receivers.
    Rookie RB Ball is already being compared to Terrell Davis, whose 2000+ yard season and Super Bowl MVP was a direct result of Gibb’s system.
    The Broncos will be scary good this year.

  2. I know that people don’t tend to pay attention to these types of headlines, but this is easily one of the best moves the Broncos have made this off-season. The Broncos’ running game was never the same after his departure, and It’s an honor to have him back in blue and orange.

  3. It’s great to have him back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ball received a few tips from Terrell Davis, after all, he did say he was trying to model his game after him. Although, I think it’s more difficult to run in single back formation rather then a two back formation where Terrell Davis was able to succeed from. You’ll only see a three wide receiver, one tight end set or a two wide receiver, two tight end set coming from the Broncos this year…. Let’s all hope Montee Ball is able to succeed.

  4. This does not make sense at all.

    Greg Knapp deploys a zone blocking system that requires every O-Lineman to be faster and more talented then his assignment.

    Alex Gibbs deploys a man to man system that requires a quick burst and ability to cut block and roll down on your teammates assignments lower leg.

    Its kind of like mixing apples and breast implants. They both have value, however they don’t really relate to each other.

  5. There is one very important element that is overlooked. Elway was way more mobile than Peyton and probably still is.
    When was the last time a team went back to the old ways and had success?
    Denver should be moving forward not backward.
    But from the rest of the AFC West,

    We thank you.

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