Bills willing to give Da’Rick Rogers one chance


The challenge for players who have screwed up their own chances is realizing when they’re on their last one.

And while actions will show whether Bills wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers has truly learned, the undrafted rookie’s words indicate he understands where he stands.

I cherish it like gold. This is it. This is my last opportunity,” Rogers said, via the Associated Press. “I’ve got to make the best of it.”

Rogers insisted he was “growing as a person,” which he needed to. He was thrown at Tennessee for multiple failed drug tests, but while cornerback Tyrann Mathieu was able to put a similar rap sheet behind him to get drafted, Rogers did not.

Granted, Mathieu was a higher-profile player to begin with, but Rogers was not untalented. He led the Volunteers with 67 catches for 1,040 yards and nine touchdowns two years ago as a sophomore.

“I feel like I was one of the top receivers in the draft, but with the off-the-field issues that I had, the things that I was doing, it hit me and it hurt me,” he said. “It just makes the chip on my shoulder that much bigger. There’s a lot of doubters and a lot of haters out there. I’m here not to prove them wrong, but to show who I am and what I’m really about.”

The Bills are giving him no false illusions about his job security, as they drafted two receivers in the second and third rounds, and have told him up front there’s no room for more mistakes.

“It’s a one-shot deal,” head coach Doug Marrone said during a conference call with Bills season-ticket holders. “Either you’ve learned your lesson and you’ve grown up and you’re going to go forward and mature, or you haven’t learned your lesson and you’re going to be out on the street. It’s that simple.”

Rogers has the kind of talent to make it worth the risk, and the Bills have provided the opportunity. But just one.

13 responses to “Bills willing to give Da’Rick Rogers one chance

  1. Da’Rick………. You were the best receiver coming out this year. You were! Please don’t screw up! The Bills are taking a chance. Show them that their faith in you is worth it! This team needs you as much as you need them.

  2. I forgot all about him. He showed very little maturity on Game Changers, with John Gruden. But, no less than Patterson. I guess teams felt since Patterson could at least keep himself in school, he would be ok…..wait and see Minnesota. He’s gonna make you saw Moss at his worst.

  3. I thought he was the most impressive WR on tape in this who draft. The guy is built and plays like Brandon Marshall and Terrell Owens. His body control for his size is ludicrous.

    He’s going to be the next Vontaze Burfict and a couple of years from now everyone is going to question why their team didn’t at least throw a 6th/7th rounder at him.

  4. The thing that is so odd is that they say tons of teams called him as soon as the draft was over- so why didn’t even one team think he wasn’t worth a 7th rounder

  5. Definitely has maturity issues, but nowhere near as bad as honey badger. And he’s more talented & more built for the NFL. Really unbelievable he didn’t get drafted. #1 WR prospect out of high school & played well while with UT until he got kicked out. Solid, solid pickup for the Bills.

  6. Excellent pick-up by the Bills, just hope he holds up to the pressure and does well.

  7. Not many people question his talent and most all people question his character (rightfully so). But if he performs like Vontaze Burfict did in his rookie season than this is a huge win for the Bills.

  8. This kid has the potential to be a very good receiver. The Bills may have gotten two guys that have the potential to number one receivers in this rookie class.. Between him and Woods and Johnson this can be a very dangerous group IF they can have a QB who can get them the ball.

  9. Violent drunks don’t often change until they hit rock bottom, he’s not there yet.
    Burfict’s problems were on the field, whole different deal, and don’t assume because he had one good year that those problems won’t return.

  10. I’m glad that Buffalo is finally taking chances and jumping into the Shark tank instead of playing it safe with the Guppies. Those teams that we see taking the bigger risks like New England, San Francisco and Baltimore are the teams we usually see at the top, while teams like Jacksonville and Arizona who play it safe are picking at the top of the draft every year. If Rogers pans out, the Bills will be much closer to success than if they had played it safe. The kid has a boat load of talent, but comes with massive baggage. Everything will depend on whether or not he truly loves the game.

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