Goodell wants Tebow in the NFL

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It’s been at least a day, maybe longer, since the T-word has appeared in this space.

For those of you with zero interest in Tim Tebow, scroll on by.  For those who continue to be intrigued by the future of a man who led the Broncos in 2011 to the final eight of the NFL’s annual postseason tournament but now can’t find a job in football, read on.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would be among those reading on, based on his comments to Steve Wyche of NFL Network regarding whether it’s good to have Tebow in the league.

Well, he’s a great young man,” Goodell said of Tebow.  “And I try to stay out of the decisions about who should be playing in the NFL and on what team.  But as a young man, he’s just a super young guy, and I sure hope he’s part of the NFL going forward.  He’s just a terrific young man and represents all of the values that I think all of our players do.  I’m very proud of our players.  I think, as a group, they’re extraordinary young men, and I love to see the things they’re doing in the community.  They’re obviously great athletes on the field, but these are great young men, and Tim’s a good example of that.”

While Goodell has no ability to compel teams to sign certain players, he surely can make recommendations or pose innocuous questions that reveal his preferences.

He doesn’t have to do that.  Via his comments to the league-owned media conglomerate, the 32 teams know where the boss stands:  Tebow is good for the broader business interests of the league.

So is there’s anyone looking to score points with the Commish (or, in the case of the Saints, to continue to work their way out of the doghouse), giving Tebow a chance could help in that regard.

26 responses to “Goodell wants Tebow in the NFL

  1. Maybe that’s why Miami was rumored to be interested. Hoping the commish will give them a Super Bowl

  2. I like Tim Tebow and hope someone signs him but as far as doing it to please the commisioner, to hell with the commisioner. As a Saints fan I am more than happy to be in his dog house because Lord knows he’s in mine and a lot of other peoples’.

  3. I know where Roger can see #15 play, Oakland.

    They have no QB or filled up seats, but his ex-asst coaches Dennis Allen and Tony Sparano.

    Allen saw #15 in Denver and Sparano saw him with the Jets.

    The only issue, #15’s number belongs to Matt Flynn and we know can’t last a regular season.

    They need anything there. Plus, we can have the irony of Tebowmaniacs who follow him because of his faith in the Black Hole.

  4. Why can’t Tubow be a fulback. He can learn.Everytime he runs, he gets the first down. This guy willing to learn other position beside only one. Tebow blocks well. He could learn OG.He’s strong enough to take on a defensive player. I hope he finds a place on a NFC team.

  5. I know, maybe the league and the NFLPA would agree to an exempt position for a player who doesn’t really play, to be the face on the gameday programs.

    He could be a uniform model.

  6. Tim Tebow would have no trouble signing with an NFL team if he’d spend an off season working out as a tight end or running back. The guy has all the intangibles, understands the game, and is tough as nails. This isn’t rocket science–it’s a simple matter of putting him in the right position. A lot of NFL receivers–Hines Ward, for instance–were once quarterbacks. Tim can’t necessarily have everything he wants, but he could still have a great NFL career, and Goodell could still have his posterboy for good role models.

  7. Not in Green Bay, we’re fine w/Rodgers, Harrell, and Coleman. We don’t want ESPN here covering every pass by the 3rd string QB. Not to mention the Tebowians demanding someone just give Tim a chance. Good riddance.

  8. As much as I LOVE having the claim that TT is
    “a terrific young man” jackhammered into my brain over and over…isn’t it time we ask: “If TT is so amazingly awesome, and a born leader, etc. etc.” isn’t it weird that two teams–that saw him every day in practice and OTAs–decided that their team was better WITHOUT him? Kind of a confusin narrative.

  9. He would fill 2 rosters spots. One for the player, and one for his ego. He has not proven himself to anyone. If he sits he sits.

  10. This is interesting because we usually think about Goodell as working exclusively for the owners as their mouthpiece. Yet here he is sorta expressing his own opinion.

  11. Maybe Godell will hire him as his personal waterboy?
    I just can’t see Tebow in the league as a QB and obviously by how many teams have shown interest no one else wants him QB their team either.

  12. This guy is NOT an NFL caliber QB! He cant throw the ball….. at least where he’s supposed to throw it. There might be another option for him at another position. but he’s NOT an NFL QB!!

  13. It’s time for Goodell to leave the NFL for the good of the league. If Tiny Tim Teblow can’t make it in the NFL because he doesn’t have the intelligence and throws like a girl then he doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL.

  14. All I know at Florida every time I bet against Tim Tebow I got broke. He is the only QB that I sat my kids down on Sunday ages 10,9, and 13 and said let me tell you about a great QB name Tim Tebow.

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