Kubiak declares Hopkins “special,” keeps pressure on


The Texans aren’t shy about putting pressure on first-rounder DeAndre Hopkins.

Before he got Hopkins on the field, head coach Gary Kubiak compared him to Andre Johnson and Rod Smith (whom he coached in Denver), setting a high bar for the rookie wide receiver.

After a three-day rookie minicamp which included several acrobatic catches, Kubiak kept the praise flowing.

He’s special,” Kubiak said, via the team’s official website. “Ball skills are extremely special. Very long; long arms. Big hands; you saw the catch he made out here today. He’s going to help us early, and we know that, and that’s why we brought him here.”

While being the second-best receiver on the Texans roster behind Johnson isn’t a high bar to clear, they might be setting Hopkins up a bit here.

Certainly he’s talented, but the learning curve for rookie receivers is among the steepest of any position, and expecting him to dominate is unfair to the player, no matter how gifted he may be.

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  1. Hopkins should know that as long as Andre Johnson is lined up across from him, he stands a very good chance of flourishing in this league. I don’t foresee much pressure on the rook as long as defenses have their hands full with 81. Pick your poison…

  2. Seems to be the same deal as the receiver from Seattle…..coach loves him….so why the different spin on this than the Seattle situation…the bias around here is laughable.

  3. Good grief. A coach can’t even praise his players anymore. Andre Johnson had the best year of his career and JJ Watt had the arguably the greatest player of ANY defensive player ever. You’d think the guy might know a special player when he sees one.

  4. So, what is supposed to say? That he’s ok and that that great, or say nothing at all? When coaches and players don’t speak the media whines about it. When he praises his draft pick there you are to critique his praise.

  5. This team should’ve been drafted playmakers and Andre Johnson’s eventual replacement. I’m not patting Kubiak or Rick Smith on the back for something they should’ve done years ago.

  6. I’m sure he’s good, but Kubiak hasn’t seen a decent receiver other than #80 since he’s been a HC, of course Hopkins seems “special”. As a Texan fan, I hope he’s right!

  7. Great rookies are looking awesome in mini-camp…check that, theyre looking awesome in various ROOKIE mini-camps against other rookies and futures contract players. But they’re running around for 1 hour practices in shorts and shells, and there’s zero contact going on.

    Let’s wait until we get into training camp and preseason when all of the veterans are there and worried about going all out to earn their jobs before we label all draft picks as gems.

  8. As a clemson fan and just down the road from where hopkins grew up, this kid is rare in his drive to be great. texans fans will love some Nuk and it will be sooner rathr than later. No homer here, just letting you know. He has great football moves and ball skills. He doesnt like to talk, just take care of business. Sammy Watkins got all the pub last offseason and it motivated Nuk even more. Watch.the chick fila bowl on youtube if you want to see Nuk at his best. He was pissed that game because of the lsu hype and put on a show against a bunch of nfl players

  9. Yeah, because a head coach purposely says those things in order for the player to have pressure on him to eventually fail.

    That’s exactly what you wrote, and it’s garbage.

  10. Hopkins is going to be just fine. Not only will he fit in immediately as the #2, but also as the number one, when Johnson eventually retires, and the Texans have another franchise QB. Great transitional selection for the Texans in two ways.

  11. I wanted my team to draft him so much. Houston really needed him too though.
    But what we all need to know is if he bought a shark yet. And if he did, someone needs to tell Ross Tucker this on live TV.

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