Marquess Wilson happy for a second chance to play football


When you look at wide receiver Marquess Wilson’s numbers as a member of the Washington State football team, it is hard to believe he was available for the Bears to take him in the seventh round of the draft.

Wilson set a school record with 3,207 receiving yards and had 189 catches and 23 touchdowns during his time at the school, which ended earlier than expected when Wilson walked off the team last November. Wilson accused WSU head coach Mike Leach and the rest of the coaching staff of “physical, emotional and mental abuse” in a letter he sent to the media, leading the NCAA to investigate (the school was cleared of any wrongdoing) and Wilson to explain his departure from the school to interested teams.

Wilson says he told the Bears that he made a mistake in the way he handled the situation and made sure they knew how appreciative he is of the chance to make it at the professional level.

“I was just happy I got drafted,” Wilson said, via the team’s website. “I was just happy that I got a second opportunity, another chance to go out here and play football again. I just want to take full advantage of that opportunity and work hard out here.”

Bears General Manager Phil Emery said that the team looked into Wilson’s acrimonious end at WSU and found that he was “a good person who made an immature decision.” With that in mind, they felt there was little risk in selecting him with the 236th overall pick. There’s certainly less risk than there is upside with a player who might have been off the board on the second day of the draft if not for his decision to bolt last November.

If Wilson’s talent translates to the NFL and Emery’s read is correct, that decision is one that a Bears team trying to ramp up their offense will remember much more fondly than anyone at Washington State.

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  1. In 2 or 3 years, I think everyone will agree that getting Wilson in the 7th was easily the steal of this year’s draft.

  2. Attendance at a college or university does not automatically confer maturity upon the attendee. Many who go to the halls of higher learning do carry the scars of situations that were unkind to them during their formative years. Hopefully Wilson, has learned from his impetuous mistake and will open himself to learn as much as he can at the pro level. Hopefully he will learn quickly that maturity isn’t a given, and must be acquired. Be grateful Marquess, for the gifts that you have been given. Good luck in your career.

  3. Mike Leach may have earned credibility and vindication with the Craig James fiasco at Texas Tech, but it’s possible that Leach may have been a big reason for the WSU downfall.

  4. He’s a bit thin right now. Getting bigger and stronger will go along way in his development. If he diligently puts his work in, it will seem like a brilliant choice by Emery. This GM seems to have a knack of making everyone respect him. Trestman is a perfect HC for Wilson. His book is an excellent read. It’s filled with stories of guys like Wilson, who under Trestman’s teaching and coaching, have had tons of success. Bears will surprise many this season.

  5. Immaturity was a problem…but then, so was attitude and effort. His main problem at WSU was that he was lazy….if his attitude/maturity evolve to the point that effort isn’t an issue, he could be a steal.

  6. Maturity comes with experience, and the Bears have a strong locker room…He may indeed be the steal of the draft.

  7. The late pick is always the high risk, high reward pick. His last interview sounded like he has matured a lot. I like the Bears odds of Wilson working out and making the team.

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