Packers’ Datone Jones: Kaepernick can’t keep running like that

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The Packers have made no secret this offseason that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s big game in a playoff-ending loss at San Francisco has forced them to re-think things on defense. Packers coach Mike McCarthy sent his defensive staff to Texas A&M to study the read-option offense, and the decision to draft defensive end Datone Jones in the first round may have been motivated by stopping Kaepernick and other quarterbacks like him.

For his part, Jones says Kaepernick can’t keep running like he did against the Packers, when he gained 181 yards on the ground, the most ever for any quarterback in any NFL game. Jones watched that 49ers-Packers playoff game, and he told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that if Kaepernick tries to do that for a whole season, he won’t last for a whole season.

“I thought he was pretty good,” Jones said, “but I don’t think they’re going to be able to run him like that. He takes one good hit, there goes their season.”

Lou Spanos, who was Jones’ defensive coordinator at UCLA says Jones is exactly the kind of defensive end the Packers need when playing against read-option offenses.

“Oh yeah, one of the things about Datone, we played quarterback read teams like Nebraska, Houston and Arizona State,” Spanos said. “He does a great job of bending low and attacking and being disruptive in the backfield. In all those games he made impact plays throughout the game, created turnovers, safeties, fumbles.”

Those are plays the Packers will need Jones to make against Kaepernick when the teams meet again in Week One.

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  1. The option is fine and dandy for a while. Kind of like the Wildcat, but I think the option might stay for a year or two longer.

    The muffed punt against SF changed the momentum big time in the game, and the avalanche followed after that.

    If GBs d can stay healthy I think they will be better at stopping the option with guys like Perry Jones and Matthews.

  2. Really? I don’t recall Kaepernick taking a bunch of shots at the end of runs like Vick or RG3 have…..

    Kaepernick might not run as much as last year, but the Packers and their lousy defense won’t be the reason why.

  3. It amazing to me that everybody is focused on Kaepernick and not RGIII and Russell Wilson. The 49ers don’t ask Kaepernick to run that much. They depend on his ability to throw from the pocket. Outside of one or two games Kaepernick didn’t run that much.

    Now RGIII and Russell Wilson…..whole different story.

  4. Even non-running QB’s get hit, hurt and miss time. For those who do run, the odds go up exponentially.

  5. What game were you watching Jones?

    The Packers only really got one decent hit on him hence the reason he got 181 yards on 16 carries for a 11.3 YDS/A. It’s not like he was grinding those yards out or anything.

    If you actually watch games Kaepernick and Russell Wilson both are excellent at getting their yardage and giving up the play and not taking a hit. You constantly see them sliding and running out of bounds. They actually don’t take a lot of hits over the course of the game.

    Newton takes a bit more of a beating but he’s got the build to take a bit of a beating.

    RGIII would be the biggest one to worry about because he doesn’t have the size and he’s terrible at giving up the play and protecting himself. If he learns to protect himself like Kaepernick and Wilson he’ll be fine but if not it’ll be a good think the Skins drafted Cousins.

  6. That’s true with all these teams running this gimmicky read option. Every team now has a seasons worth of tape on Colin, Wilson, and Bobby. Just ask Vick how long it took the league to figure him out. Ask Can Newton about his second year. Read option will destroy the teams that run it because once that star running qb goes down the whole team goes with it. Looking forward to seeing the looks on the fans faces that root for Seattle Washington and San Fran when those qb vet put on it and their seasons slip into the cellar.

  7. The problem for Green Bay as well as for all the other haters of the mobile QBs who emerged last year (Kaepernick, RG3, and Wilson) is that they’re not just great runners with incredible mobility. They all also have great arms and can kill you with the pass even if they don’t run at all. “One good hit” won’t stop a guy who can accurately hit a receiver from sixty yards out even if they’re pretty much standing still.

  8. It’s not just injury. Getting banged around will throw off a QB’s mechanics. It’s not smart football to subject your QB to any more hits than utterly necessary.

    The read-option is just another fad.

  9. Kaepernick and Cam are big enough that they can take the occasional hit. Cam moreso. The thing with Kaepernick is that he’s a pretty damn good passer too.

    RGIII is too skinny to take the shots. Who knows if he will ever get back on the field.

    Datone Jones will be a beast though. Straight outta’ Compton!

  10. To the dude who commented on RG3, get bent dude. Both the concussion and LCL tear were on scrambles and he was sliding both times.

  11. The Read is a concept, just like Power, Inside Zone, Outside Zone, Counter, and Trap. The Niners, like the Seahawks and Redskins, run all of those concepts based on the looks they’re getting from the defense. No one is basing out of the Veer and Midline like Georgia Tech. They’re using the option to exploit over-aggressive edge penetration. So no, it’s not a fad like the Wildcat. The Wildcat relied on the fly motion to split flow and no consistent passing threat – and that’s why it’s gone. The Zone-Read splits flow without sending a man in motion and can be run out of balanced sets with a consistent passing threat. It’s here to stay and I think the game of football is better for it.

  12. He is the part most of these guys who don’t watch Niners on a regular basis miss.

    Kaepernick is a very good passer too. Watch Pats game or Falcons game and he can only get better reading the defenses.

    Because of the running threat, the defenses have to account for him and thats one less pass defender in the defensive backfield.

    Its not that he runs a lot, the perceived threat of running is good enough.

  13. thejrod2006 says:
    May 12, 2013 10:17 AM
    Really? I don’t recall Kaepernick taking a bunch of shots at the end of runs like Vick or RG3 have…..

    Kaepernick might not run as much as last year, but the Packers and their lousy defense won’t be the reason why.


    He was hit quite a bit after handing off the read option during the Super Bowl. I think we will see alot more of that this year towards all the read option QBs.

    The Packers haven’t done a thing this offseason except hoping their draft pick infirmary comes back to health on defense. And even then, they are relying on injured rookies from last year to play at an All-Pro level.

  14. “He takes one good hit, there goes their season.”

    Wow. Brilliant. You mean just like any other quarterback? Tired of people making this statement. People get hit. It’s effing football. Kaepernick goes about 230 and is super strong in the weight room, he can handle it..

  15. Uh…174 yards of his 181 rushing yards against Green Bay were before contact. Kaep has great running ability, but that’s not what his game is about. He’ll run and scramble if he doesn’t have options to throw to and even then he’s more likely to take the 8 yard gain out of bounds than try to cut back for a few more yards. Compared to other “running” QBs like Vick and RG3, Kaep is much more wary of taking the hit.

  16. Kaepernick is a pocket passer that only runs when there are wide open running lanes. He isn’t a Tebow / RG3 that go up the middle.

    When he can run 15 yards without getting touched, he will do it – why wouldn’t he? Otherwise, he will sit in the pocket and throw lasers downfield.

    Watch the games people.

  17. As long as the league keeps thinking he’s JUST a runner and nothing more……then they won’t know what happens when passes for 400+ yards on them with surgical precision. AND THAT’S JUST FINE……..

  18. Pretty pathetic professional coaches have to learn from the college level to play their own game. The Pistol/read option for the 49ers is a wrinkle to their traditional west coast offense. They don’t play in the Pistol the whole game but when they do players like Jones won’t even be able to see Kaep, that’s why it’s so successful. Undersized guys like Russel get killed but Kaep is a feak of nature and stronger then RGIII, not to mention, he played baseball and slides very well.

  19. Flash in the pan, Kaepernick is.

    I will admit that i’m wrong once i’ve seen him play a full year.

    Boy will it be awful down in SF if i’m right, though.

  20. while the sentiment holds water, he leaves himself open to ridicule being a rookie an all.

  21. Jones is right in that Kaep can’t keep running like that. But I think in the Packers’ case, its not that the 49ers designed those huge run plays as much as the fact the Packers’ defense just provided for those huge run plays. I’m a big Packer fan, and the one major disappointment this off season was not getting rid of Dom Capers. Injuries happen all the time to all teams, so the injury excuse is null and void.

  22. Anyone that thinks the read option is comparable to the wildcat knows nothing about football. The read option can be used like double play-action. Is play action a gimmick? During the 49ers v Falcons, CK read the defence and gave the ball to Gore to run pretty much every time. As long as the QB is not calling his own number, it serves like play action. When a QB like CK or RW can then decide to keep the ball to either run or throw. That is why it is not a gimmick, and will be used in some form by many teams this season.

  23. Kaep is just as good passing the ball as running the ball. Teams make it seem like he’s 1 dimensional and thats not close to the truth. As a 49er fan im hoping the teams stack the box and play the run so we can have Crabtree, Boldin, Davis have a big year. Keep in mind he only played half the season and put up good numbers. He’s only going to get better.

    Teams focusing on stopping the run will be in for a surprise this year. Harbaugh knows teams are wanting to take the run away this coming season, that means he’s going to do something unexpected.

  24. Yeah, he could get hurt, that’s the game, but as many ankles as he broke last year, nobody lasts forever!
    He throws hard and accurate, stick your hand out and try to bat at one of his throws, you will be on the bench getting tape and xray’s on your fingers!
    I see him stepping up this year 5000 pass yds 700 rush yds.
    Goes gets his thousand and hunter and James gets 8-900 yds. Super Bowl Bound, ticker parade come Feb. 8th

  25. The difference between RGIII, Kaepernick and those QB’s that scramble and pocket QB’s will be longevity. Lets see who will be playing in 10 years.

  26. Defense is very much a team effort so to place blame on one or two of the defenders for the 49er playoff game is somewhat unfair.

    That being said, Eric Walden had an atrocious game for the Packers at outside linebacker. The fact that he is gone can’t be seen as anything but a positive. Tramon Williams should be put on notice that if he insists on watching the game, he will have to pay for his ticket like anybody else.

    A couple of first round draft choices in the front 7 can’t hurt, they will be fine.

  27. Wilson and kap ran designed runs out of the read option less than 2% out of 1500+ plays, neither teams offense is based on the read option…just another way for them to beat you

  28. We’ll see how he plays in year 2 now that all of the teams have a bit of film on him to dissect. Not too worried about it. For his sake, I hope he’s a hard worker.

  29. No matter whether the read option is here to stay or not, once a qb gets outside the pocket he is open to more hits than he otherwise would be. One little mistake on the read or one big hit beyond the line of scrimmage and the qb, especially the little guys, is screwed. Just look at Vick beyond the line, and he’s solidly built, and see the hits he’s endured. Not a good idea…but i’m sure we’ll see validation of that this year!

  30. The only time the read option hurt GB in that game was opening the 2nd half when Erik Walden completely blew his assignment and Kaepernick went 80 for the TD. That was huge but the rest of the runs were on passing plays when he took off scrambling.

    As far as GB is concerned, Walden is gone (good luck Indy) and Nick Perry is a first-round talent so hopefully he can stay healthy and be effective.

    As to the moron talking about expecting injured players to come back and be All-Pros…would you rather sign an aging vet that has already established themselves as NOT all-pro and pay them a ton of money for declining production? I think not. I’ll bank on the upside of a 2nd year player as opposed to the *fingers crossed* sustained production of 30 y/o.

  31. Kaepernick is so good because of what he can do throwing the football from the pocket. His ability to run just makes him more dangerous. I wonder if some of these critics have actually watched 49ers games

  32. Steve Young was a good scrambling QB who avoided hits yet he ended up with how many concussions? I don’t see how people can say this person does not take hits like that person so they will be ok. To be fair Steve Young had a long career but he played with those concussions, which back than it was an injury that was ok for team and player to ignore.

    No one really knows if these QBs will hold up in the long haul but history has shown that these QBs don’t last for long.

  33. Hope he wears good posterior padding. With mouth running like that, this guy is sure to get a nice huge “welcome to the NFL!” hit in the first several weeks.

  34. When most teams figure out the read option and LB and Safeties are t-ing off, then lets make a judgement. There is a reason he was killing it in the gym this off season..more muscle to take bigger hits. Won’t last.

  35. Considering he’s smart enough to not get hit much, not likely. As for the Packets…they didn’t touch him 1x in that game so no worries on Kaep’s part

  36. So if every team that plays the Skins ,Hawks and the 9ers game plan to stop the read option. what makes everyone think that the skins, Hawks and the 9ers wont game plan around that? If teams defence over play one thing, they open up other “options” for the offence. Wilson, Kap and RGIII can throw the ball. There running games are not that bad.

  37. Sounds like Jones knows a little about football. The most important person on any team, like it or not, is the quarterback.

    When you subject a QB who is usually smaller than the average defender to shots in the run game you risk more injuries – both severe and minor.

    It’s like asking a middle weight to take some body blows from a heavyweight. If the first shots doesn’t break his rib then a shot later might bruise his liver.

    Either way I keep thinking back to the great quote from Longest Yard – “The most important thing to remember is: to protect your quarterback.”

  38. The misinformed keep trying to compare it to the Wildcat but don’t understand the threat of the pass means teams can’t load the box with their safeties unless that want to be killed with play-action which RG3, Newton, Kaep and Wilson all do effectively. That fan tried to make a claim that Kaep runs these least- in his second year he started out only coming into to relieve Smith doing read option plays. Wilson only started read-option 6 or 7 games into the season. 49ers & Skins almost use pistol as main run formation and Seahawks use I formation.

  39. It’s not the RG3 kapernick can’t keep running like that, it’s the defenses don’t want them to

  40. Some of you 49er fans act like he is invincible and can run thru walls lol Also you don’t think we know if we lost Rodgers for a period of time that we would be in trouble that’s just common knowledge!!! But I agree just about every good team is in the same boat, That’s why Green bay drafted what I hope are two of the better backs in the draft and some O-lineman….But I hope you all realize we will be better than what ya played in the playoffs. We are going to be healthy it will be more like the team you played in week one with a run game. Yes I know you won but it was a very close game im not dumb enough to think we will blow you out because you all have a very very good team….

  41. What people don’t understand is that SF runs the WCO, the read option, pistol formation, wildcat formation and two te end set are just a couple of tricks Greg Roman has up his sleeve, as for his knack of running it just got better he trained with a Olympic track star in ATL and worked on his speed.

  42. 49ers made it to the NFC final w/ Alex Smith. Niners don’t need a great QB to make a deep playoff run. GB on the other hand….

  43. So you give up 174 yds before contact top a QB…… Damn near 500 in 2 games vs AD I just think your run D is garbage!!! It’s easy to play the run with a lead when you don’t have a lead you line up Mano y Mano and get a push. You don’t stop the run well period that’s a FACT!!!

  44. Whatever …. It wasn’t just Kapernick that was the problem for the Packers, it was the really really really good 5 guys playing in front of him. Good luck dude, you’re going to have to get past that OL first. Now that’s something a lot of teams had problems with last season.

  45. Kaep ran all over GB because the Niners exploited a major weakness in their defense. He stayed in the pocket for the most part against ATL and BAL and delivered. What a lot of people don’t understand is that the mere threat of him taking off any second on any play is enough for him to be a major headache for NFL defenses. And you can’t compare him to RGIII. The Niners coaching staff is far smarter than Washington’s and won’t allow him to run wild and risk injuries.
    Quest for 6 starts with you GB.

    GO NINERS!!!

  46. True, he can’t necessarily “keep running” since the endzone is the stopping point. This is thrown out for alot of QB’s, nothing new, the right hit and any season could be lost.

  47. Vick is constantly injured… RGIII was injured this season… every starting running quarterback in this league gets injured.

    It’s a matter of time before Kaepernick gets injured.

    Also last time I checked, running quarterbacks like him never win Super Bowls…and thats not a coincidence.

    Have fun trying to make it back to the Super Bowl playing quarterback like that for a full season.

  48. I wonder what jones views are on Adrian Peterson? That’s who he needs to study. The packers must have forgot about the 400yds they gave up to Peterson in 2 games.

  49. Everyone trying to say he is different is wrong.

    All running quarterbacks eventually find their Waterloo in the form of a crushing or badly placed hit.

    It’s a numbers game eventually.

    So unbunch your panties niner whiner.

  50. I have no doubt Kap will eventually miss time due to his running, but a Rookie that hasn’t played an NFL snap yet, is the wrong person to be making those judgments. However, he’ll get his chance wk !.

  51. Packers are a class act and Jones was a favorite of mine in the draft. He will do well by them except with his mouth. Sure QBs get hurt, running or otherwise. It’s just math. Is he saying he will do something illegal and unmanly to make it happen. Kap is a legitimate threat to run, throw or handoff even if Jones occasionally penetrates the NFL’s best offensive line. You want to know about injury, try losing leverage on Iupati or Boone. Think you’ll cheap shot Kap, meet Anthony Davis.
    Play the game rook don’t talk it.

  52. A QB is more prone to injury sitting in the pocket and getting hit from the backside while not expecting it. At least when a big, strong, smart QB is on the run, he can brace for impact. Kap runs smart and he is a lot bigger than RG3 and RWilson. He is put on more muscle over the off season and will be ready for teams to try and light him up. Whether they can do it or not remains to be scene. My guess is that he rushes for 600+ yards and throws for 4000+ yards with 30 TDs and 10 Ints. Bold numbers for a fearless, bold QB!

  53. Can’t the same be said of green bay; Rodgers is a hit away from their team done? Kaep is here to stay. He can throw every pass necessary to win. AND destroy opponents with his legs.
    What happened to teams that came to UNR coaches who created & ran the pistol? That’s right, the got stiff armed!!

  54. Wow. Breaking news from Captain Obvious. That statement sums up every single starting QB or backup in the league. Heck, that same thing applies to ANY player on ANY position on the field. The problem is, Kaepernick was 6’5, 235 lbs entering last season and has been bulking up all offseason. This guy is as big or bigger than probably half the linebackers or DB’s in the league now, maybe they should be the ones worrying about that “one big hit” ending their season instead…

  55. If I recall, Joe Theismann’s entire career was ended by a hit from Lawerence Taylor. This was a simple flea-flicker and Theismann never crossed the line of scrimmage, so this so-called “end of season” scenario can happen to any QB.

  56. Stupid rookie (Datone Jones) your gonna being playing with the grown ass men now……I’m sure Kaep’s linemen are gonna welcome you nicely in the NFL…

  57. Plus those who are saying its pathetic that the Packers sent their staff to TA&M– the 49ers got their head coach from Stanford and brought a college system from Nevada to implement. Going to the college level to learn about what came from the college level is not stupid at all

  58. What a stupid comment, of course 1 good hit would end are season. Reason it’s so stupid is 1 good hit on any qb and there goes any team season. Manning,Rodgers really any qb no team has a back up as good as the starting qb. Duh what an idiot.

  59. If any team needs to worry about their quarterback running around and getting hurt it’s the flicking Packer’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Without Rogers the Packers are history! He has been living on borrowed time for so long! His day is coming! Go Bears!

  60. I’m a rabid Niners fan and I have to agree with Mr Jones. While watching Kaep run wild over the packers was very exciting. I cring every time I see him take off. I don’t want him to suffer RGIII’s fate.

    He has enough talent in his accuracy and arm strength to not have to rely upon his legs.

  61. Don’t get me wrong because I am a fan of Colin Kaepernick being from Milwaukee, but relax niner fans. It sounds like you are anointing this guy the next coming of Joe Montana or Steve Young and he hasn’t played a full season yet. Until he can consistently put up the numbers for a few more seasons don’t get too excited and jump to label him an elite franchise QB.

  62. Kaepernick knows the foundation of the read option better than anyone after years of running it at Nevada. And what you’ll notice is that he doesn’t force the run; the option is either there or it becomes just another one of the looks he goes through.

    On the other hand, even though Kaepernick will be starting the season bigger/stronger than last year, getting a solid hit by a big safety could put anyone out of the game. So given the risk/ reward I’d bet that J.H. and company will make sure this option is saved for those times when it makes sense, i.e., like when playing defenses that aren’t prepared to defend against it or when the opposing defense is showing their hands full with our old/new crop of receivers.

  63. Hey dweebo8 I mean schwebo8 whose ur team? & how many championships do they have? Packers got 13 AND the Super Bowl Trophy is named after OUR former head coach. Don’t lie bout who ur team is little girlie. For ur sake I hope it’s the 49ers as the Pack will pay them back. U just keep playin w/ur Barbies & leave football playin to the Packers

  64. Kaep can run like that he’s a big dude. He’ll just have to go down more often…which being on the team from San Fran shouldn’t be a problem…

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