Packers drafted backs rooming, working together

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The Packers drafted two guys at the same position to help fix the same problem.

But in addition to a competition for carries, there might also be a sit-com in the works, as second-rounder Eddie Lacy and fourth-rounder Johnathan Franklin are rooming together until they get settled into Green Bay.

“Eddie, he’s my roommate. We were laughing all night,” Franklin said, via Jason Wilde of He’s a great guy. I met him at the combine. He’s a great player. I’m excited to be on the same team with him. I expect to learn from him and I expect to teach him a little bit.

“They brought us here for a reason. We have to contribute. Competition is going to bring out the best in you. We’re definitely going to find out what kind of men we are and what kind of athletes we are. So I’m excited to compete with Eddie and learn from Eddie and get better with him as well.”

There’s a clear record of production from the two of them, which will make their partnership an interesting one.

It’s definitely a needed one.

The Packers haven’t had a 100-yard rusher in 43 straight regular-season games, more than double the next-longest streak in the league (Chargers, 19). Not since Ryan Grant in 2008 and 2009 have they had a single back put up respectable numbers.

Now, they have two possibilities.

Lacy had 1,322 yards on 204 carries last year at Alabama, while Franklin set UCLA’s single-season record with 1,732 yards.

Between them, the Packers have more options than in recent years, and it’s a friendly competition.

“We’re roommates in the hotel, we talk. But we’re going to have to compete,” Lacy said. “It’s just like when you’re in college – you get there, you meet the other running backs, you’re all friends but you have to compete. It’s no different here.”

The Packers clearly want to take some of the pressure off the passing game from having to do everything offensively, and with the new buddy comedy they drafted, they have a chance to do just that.

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  1. I like it. When one is up at night reading his playbook or doing extra sit-ups trying to get an edge on the competition, the other will be right there with him feeding the competition. Hopefully both check their egos at the door and make each other better players.

  2. These guys will be fine.

    It’s great having young talent at a position like this (unlike in Minny–where, let’s face it… the wheels are about to fall off).

    In a few years, the packers could be breaking records like the Pats did a few years ago. Could be as soon as this year.

  3. Everybody in the NFC North,from fans to players will be watching to see just how proficient these two young men will turn out to be in the Packers new,improved rushing attack.facing AR is hard enough but with a need to defend the run things just got alot tougher defending him,can you say play action pass,the sportsbook in Reno says the Packers will win 12 games this season,with a successful running game and much improved defense there is no reason not to have more wins than that.

  4. Great! I hope the Packers go to a more balanced offensive scheme because it will take the ball out of Aaron Rodgers hands. That should slow down their offense and allow the defense to force them into more turnovers via the fumble.

  5. They haven’t put pads on yet. They have yet to be tackled by the 49’ers defense. They have yet to run behind a completely reshuffled offensive line.

    I’m not too optimistic until I see something tangible.

  6. It’s going to be a thunder and lightning running attack. Lord willing, our injury luck at that position will change for the better.

    Coach will be using the pass to set up the run and the run to set up the pass.

    I’m thinking that by mid-season, other teams in the league will be petitioning the NFL office for permission to use 12 defensive players on the field to contain it.

    Can’t wait for TV on Sundays this autumn.

  7. Dave Tracy Harris is NOT a starting RB in this league. He is a third down back nothing more. Harris and Green will fight for a roster spot I think. I think Lacy will be used as more of a 1st and second down run up the middle type power back and blocking back and Franklin will be used more outside the tackles and pass catching back. Also they will see the field enough together to help confuse the defense and take the pressure off the pass.

  8. With the added dimension of Lacy & Franklin, you will see multiple formations that you did not see over the last few years. Both are very capable blocking backs & receiving threats and will see both lined up in the same backfield for many plays as well.
    I also think the changes in the offensive line will help. When Evan Dietrich-Smith was put in to replace Jeff Saturday & Don Barclay started at right tackle, you could see an increase in the running game. Throw in the additions of the new rookies, players coming back from injury & greater experience of the younger o-linemen, the Packers will have a very solid running game which will take pressure off Rodgers & the passing game. Also, a better running game, will bring a much better & rested defense.

  9. According to the Journal Sentinel, rookie Angelo Pease has looked very good so far as well. I really like Dujuan Harris, but he’s going to have a tough time making the roster this year.

  10. As it has been the last few years, many teams will be waiting for the Packers’ final cuts to pick up some talent.

    The combination of these 2 running backs will only improve the Packers passing attack.

    It should make the playoffs more interesting next season.

  11. I have watched Eddie all through college being an avid Bama fan and we are in for a treat. He runs mad and when he needs to get somewhere itll take multiple guys to stop him. He works well in a tandem so i can see them using Lacy and Franklin in that way. So excited for this upcoming Packers season!!!!

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