Ray Rice wants to catch more passes


Ray Rice has caught more than 60 passes in each of his four seasons as the Ravens’ starting running back, and his total of 311 catches since entering the league in 2008 is the most of any running back in the NFL.

And now Rice wants more.

Rice told the Baltimore Sun that he wants to increase his role in the Ravens’ passing game.

“I got to use my hands a little more,” Rice said. “I get pushed a lot coming out of the backfield, and that’s a sign of respect, but if I can get my hands and get out on pass routes and continue to get open for Joe Flacco.”

With the Ravens trading away leading receiver Anquan Boldin, getting the ball in Rice’s hands will be even more important this year. Rice sounds ready for it.

24 responses to “Ray Rice wants to catch more passes

  1. This is why we didn’t draft this guy. We draft running backs, not midgets with identity issues.

  2. Why would you put Rice as a WR? His value is as a RB who can catch. Not a WR.

  3. Guess he didn’t realize that the ravens offense worked better because pierce was getting more carries.

    Won’t be surprised to see ravens offense go back to what they were before the playoffs last season.

  4. All the Steeler fans talking smack about the Ravens ought to be concentrating on rebuilding that sickly secondary. There’s still a few free agents out there … oh never mind…you’re broke!

  5. Not to mention how amped up Ray Lewis got everybody. Without the leadership of guys like Ray Lewis, Matt Birk and Ed Reed the team just isnt comparable to the championship squad.

  6. I think Caldwell will most surely use Rice more in
    the passing game.

    I think the extra targets from losing Boldin, will
    be picked up by Ed Dickson, Ray Rice, and Torrey Smith..

  7. Outside of baltimore is doom and gloom. If you pay attention to who the ravens have picked up in free agency and the draft you understand their defense has improved. There are holes to fill however this is a playoff team, but haters will hate and until the season is over you are looking at your CURRENT SUPERBOWL CHAMPS, and there is NOTHING you can say about that. XLVII

  8. My man Rice is going to need to catch a lot of passes. Joe Blow Flacco has no one else to throw the ball. Almost forgot, hate on player haters!

  9. That old ravens team everyone used to dwell on is turning into a youthful squad

  10. The Ravens D was middle of the pack last year. I feel like they will be better this year. The biggest question is obviously who catches the ball. I suspect Smith will see more passes along with their 2 very underrated TEs. Remember people if your team is good people feel the need to attempt to put the team down. If they suck no one cares.

  11. Ravens fans seem to be celebrating the the fact that their Super Bowl team has been significantly broken up.

    Must be some good Kool-Aid down there.

  12. I gotta think 60% of their playbook calls for a check-down to Rice. Not to mention the multiple 4th & 29 opportunities he’ll get.

  13. Many plays y’all think are check downs are planned screen passes. Rice has been particularly effective with those and Joe being above average tall can run them effectively. But let’s not let football get in the way of your comments.

  14. Let’s review, Steeler fans. The Ravens have a weak receiving corps. Yet, they are so talented they can always bail out “Jumpball Joe” who just got lucky when he and his “weak” receiving corps tore up Indy, Denver, NE, and SF. Not to mention the NYG, Bengals (week 1), and Oakland. You remember Oakland, don’t you? That’s the team that cleaned your clock last year, you 8-8 has-beens!

    Did I mention that we are the Superbowl Champs?

  15. if anyone knows what a weak receiving corps looks like its a steeler fan. please keep sleeping on the world champs. 6th straight playoff appearance on its way. hopefully a repeat. steelers will be lucky to match last year’s dismal showing

  16. Could see Rice getting more catches. I think he and Pitta and Juzczyk can replace Boldin’s production. Don’t sleep on Mellete either. He had the most reliable hands in the draft. Really reminds me of Boldin the way he catches the ball in traffic. There will be some more viable receiving options available after the June 1st cuts anyway.

  17. Boldin is slow although he stepped up on the playoffs ray ray was old and slower great leadership but it was time to go reed barely has a neck and one bad hit and he is done if jarret Johnson would have stayed nobody would have known kruger was on the team ellerbe get hurt looking in the mirror so why are we mad that these guys are gone with all the youth and speed we just picked up were good and.who did the steelers get this off season a lb with probably 5 years before his back causes him to retire

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