Ryan Clark loved the Steelers draft

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Steelers safety Ryan Clark grabbed some headlines recently with comments about the Patriots and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, but he’s got his mind on his own team as well.

He thinks those doubting the Steelers should have faith in the decisions made by General Manager Kevin Colbert and the rest of an organization that has been successful for a long time doing things a certain way. Splashy free agent signings are not part of the program in Pittsburgh, where they prefer to build by drafting and developing players.

Clark thinks the team did a good job of that this year. He thinks the team hit on big needs by adding players like linebacker Jarvis Jones, running back Le’Veon Bell and wide receiver Markus Wheaton in the first three rounds.

“The way I look at our draft, every pick was exactly where we needed to go,” Clark said, via John Dudley of the Erie Times-News. “We got the best pass rusher in the nation the last two years. We got a good young running back. We got another receiver. And we got a highly-rated safety (fourth-round safety Shamarko Thomas) who I think would have gone a lot higher except for his size.”

Thanks to Clark’s age and impending free agency, the mention of Thomas is interesting. He’s expected to be Clark’s backup this season and that makes him a good bet to be Clark’s replacement if Colbert and company are as savvy as advertised.

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  1. Really liked Wheaton pick and The safety Thomas. Jones a bit risky, but hopefully the medical doesn’t hurt him long term. Bell I’m not sure is a big upgrade over Dwyer but never know. Overall good draft I think.

  2. RC is a great player and a fine person. He has been a great teammate and will be dear to Steeler fans for years to come. I am confident that he will school the new players in the way to play and be great players.

  3. You can ask Ryan anything at this point, and he will give you something to write about. I love his game, but he is towards the end of his career, and he’s trying to position himself for a media job. The more questions he answers, the nicer towards the media, the better his opportunity when he hangs up the cleats. Smart man.

  4. I guess he is indeed positioning himself for a spot on ESPN in the not so distant future, but this guy loves to hear himself talk.

  5. Of course they got exactly what they needed. When you need help in the pass rush, secondary, backfield, receivers, backup QB, And depth everywhere else, It’s kinda hard to have a bad pick isn’t it?

  6. A man who is comfortable in his own skin, confident in his legacy, got his rings, ready to play his best, ready to retire at the appropriate time without worries…. He knows himself and is cool with himself.

  7. What’s not to love? Best in the business right here in Pitt. Everyone else lives in our immense shadow. #dealwithit

  8. My guess is he’ll stop talking when the Steelers are 0-4 going into the bye week.

  9. I don’t know why people are acting like this is the first time they ever heard Clark speaking his mind. He has ALWAYS said what was on his mind. I think the only difference between this year and previous years is that more people are paying attention, especially since there is talk about his post NFL career.

    Having met him briefly in person (while getting my teeth drilled in the dentist’s chair, no less), I have to say I was impressed with his humility and down to earth demeanor. My wife actually thought he was a construction worker or something like that.

    The guy hasn’t made any distasteful comments and said nothing to jeopardize the cohesiveness of the team. I fully expect him to come back strong this year and put up another pro bowl worthy performance. As far as I’m concerned, he can say whatever he wants about Tom Brady. What’s Brady going to do, challenge him to a fight after school by the flagpole? Seriously now…

  10. What’s he suppose to say when askd a question regardless of the topic..This Guy has been the best and most consistent player on that defense over the last 3 years..#43 may be the key but Clark is the motor

  11. Joemontanaflacco, your Ravens will make history this year as the worst year after winning the Superbowl. Watch a lot of college ball b/c with that defense and mediocre qb you are poised for a top 5 pick. Without killa Ray and Ed Reed your defense won’t be able to stop a nose bleed!!

  12. @mattyk i made Ryan Clark spokes person for the Pittsburgh Steelers.i am chairman of the Virginia chapter of steeler nation.when Ryan left the Washington Rredskins.Ryan will also be in broadcasting in 2 years .His seat is saved next to Bill Cowher,Hines Ward and Jerome Bettis on NBC.so now Steeler Nation will rule broadcasting along with football itself.we also sent James Harrison to the Cinci.Bengals to take out wr.A.J.Green.we tried sending James to the Balt.Ravens but they got word of our plans and did not offer James a contract.Balt.Ravens must have video taped our walkthrough with James.Steeler Nation also let Rashard Mendenhal leave due to him not keeping his mouth shut on his twitter account and he tried to hump Ben Roethlisbergers leg a few years ago.Ben was going to file charges but he is use to being on the other side of those type of charges and realized the bad publicity would not be good for himself. signing off chairman of steeler nation virginia chapter

  13. Loved it when he celebrated a hit on RG3, then got knocked the EFF out a few plays later. That will essentially be his career after football. He will open his big yap, and celebrating himself, and a seasoned member of the media will verbally knock him the EFF out.

  14. When it comes to mouthing off, Steelers are World Champions. Too bad they can’t back it up and join the grownups in the playoffs. Maybe this year they can…oh wait…they’re broke! Never mind.

  15. I don’t have a problem with any of Ryan’s recent comments. He wasn’t trash talking, just his opinion of what he sees with Brady. Is he preparing for broadcasting after football? Of course. But his track record is one of always being brutally honest.

    mattyk72, yes he is a team spokesman as one of the leaders. He also just happens to b the team’s player rep in the union, so he’s been the team spokesman for quite some time.

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