Ryan Tannehill: Mike Wallace is the fastest guy I’ve thrown to


Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been working with new Miami receiver Mike Wallace, and he likes what he sees.

“Everything I heard about him coming in has proved to be true – he’s as advertised,” Tannehill told the Miami Herald. “He’s the fastest guy I’ve ever thrown to. It’s exciting.”

Tannehill said that when they first started working together, Tannehill threw Wallace a few passes and then suggested that Wallace should slow down to half speed while they got their timing right. Wallace replied, “I am going half speed.”

In addition to working with Wallace, Tannehill has been studying tape of his own rookie season and seeing a lot of areas where he can get better.

“There were a lot of throws where my feet were not set, fundamentally not sound, and the ball isn’t as accurate as you want it to be,” he said. “You look at the reasons for that and I hope to correct it, so it’s not an issue going forward.”

With that offseason work and the arrival of Wallace, Tannehill might be able to fulfill the Dolphins’ expectations that he’ll be the most improved quarterback in the NFL.

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  1. Ryan had Bess and Hartline to throw deep passes to last year. Bess ran about a 4.6 and Hartline a 4.55, downhill with the wind. New tight end Dustin Keller ran faster than that.

  2. Speed was never a question mark for Wallace. Wait til you need him to run precise routes, then you’ll see where he’s lacking as a receiver

  3. Tann, the big question is: Does TANN have the gun and accuracy to throw a deep pass? Ben had/has a gun to do it. MW really likes it placed well too, and he will not fight for the ball. But he is fast, so if you have the gun to throw it where it needs to be, MW will get it.

  4. Last year’s receiving group wasn’t well known but I wouldn’t say they were a handicap. Davone Bess was effective and Hartline was productive. they worked hard. Mike Wallace will have to show that he can run a route other than straight down the field.

  5. If Mike Wallace is as fast as Tannehill says he is by my reckoning he wont have to stand around to long before Wallace is in the clear. Keller up the middle clearing out the safety help and its “Wallace Touchdown Miami”.

  6. Wallace is like a dragster. Flat out speed, but his turning ability is horrible. The dude doesn’t run routes, fears going across the middle, and wants nothing but the shine. He’ll get the light in Miami, but nothing else. Bad choice for the Dolphins. They should have gotten better on defense in FA, and used trades to move up and get a young, impressionable receiver for Tannehill to grow with.

  7. Don’t know why they didn’t keep Reggie Bush….more weapons would give Mike Wallace & Reggie more room to work…but now teams will roll coverage to Wallace and limit his production.

  8. You guys are crazy bashing Wallace. He isn’t the best route runner but who cares? That isn’t his game. He is good enough of one, look at some YouTube videos. That is kind of like saying Deion Sanders wasn’t a good tackler. Was the loss at Buffalo where we couldn’t get receivers open that long ago? He will make everyone better by opening things up for the entire offense, same w/ Keller too. This was a big offseason for us and we will field a pretty good team. We will surprise some people. Also we addressed the defense per one poster by drafting Dion Jordan, Jamar Taylor, Jenkins and Davis.

  9. He speed has never been a question, it’s his route running and hands that are question marks. He didn’t get the name “one trick pony” for nothing

  10. As Brian Hartline licks his lips knowing he’s going to improve on his 2 touchdowns in the past 42 games………or not

  11. How about the speed Buffalo possesses, we have world class sprinters on the same front yet we’re talking about Miami?

  12. When will people realize Jake Long wasn’t ALL THAT good and stop making the “enough time” comment?

    He was a premier left tackle for all of about 2 seasons. One of them could be divided in half due to him only being healthy for half the year. That was it. The Dolphins will be the same, if not, better at the blindside even after Long’s absence.

  13. anyone can run a go route, but ask him to run across the middle or to run anything that requires precision and you are in for a WTF moment..

  14. Just to remind everyone, you need a Left Tackle to be able to throw to Wallace and his one route ability. The Duhfins don’t have one and will be lucky to win 6 games.

  15. he wanted to be a 49er but jed york told wallace ” dont let the door hit you on your way out”

  16. seems hard to develop good timing with speedster receivers, especially with other receivers on the field simultaneously.. leads to lots of overthrows. let’s see if tannehill can pull it off.

  17. A beautiful city but they have a team that has been tormented by bad draft picks and free agent signings…6-10 at best…they will be in rebuilding phase again at the end of the season

  18. For the amount of money they spent, you would’ve thought they signed Ray Finkle.

    Laces out, Dan.

  19. For the amount of money they spent, you would’ve thought they signed Ray Finkle.

    Laces out, Dan.

  20. “Wait till you see him try to run routes!” ???

    Who cares?! If Wallace can take one or two defenders with him downfield, we have plenty of capable sure hands in Hartline, Keller, etc who can win the match up one on one. Remember last year, Hartline was on fire until everyone started double teaming him. In fact, he led all NFL receivers at one point. Once they doubled him we has little options. Well this year we have ammo for a Spread 5 formation baby. And I loved Reggie. But a healthy Miller will fill his shoes just fine. Go Dolphins!!

  21. I wish most of the people/haters new what the hell they were talking about. We competed with practically every team last year including the Super Bowls runner up, who we had backpeddaling till the fourth quarter. And that’s with the lacluster wr corp we had last year. Not to take away from Bess or Hartline, but Hartline is not a true#1 and Bess is probally a top 5 if not better slot WR. But in the west coast you need to be able to do it all and he didnt have the speed for it. He could break ankles while running his route but didn’t have the speed to do much after the catch. Tannehill was forced to try and make plays becasue theyre was little to no seperation. ANd once teams figured that Hartline was the only WR they had they doubled him up or brought coverage over the top. Pittsburg fans can be pissed and hate all they want about Wallace but they know he’s a good WR. And he fits the one skill set we need. Did we over pay for him, of course but we got what we wanted and if that helps us win games I don’t care. Also BTW Pittsburg fans. The last I checked you were home watching the RAVENS win the SUPER BOWL. ANd looks like you’ll be missing otu again this year once the Bengals and even the Browns whoop your arrogant butts. Face it PITT your reign is over for a while. Have fun with HALEY oh one last thing REBUILDING SUCKS doesn’t it.

  22. Wallace has the IQ of a French fry which is why he runs only one route. He has no ability to figure our what the D is doing.

  23. I have to laugh at piggy’s comments. Here’s a guy who’s probably still clinging to his old Larry Csonka, Mercury Morris and Jim Kiick football cards. Give it a break dude, and let me know when you graduate middle school.
    Wallace is fast. Yeah, we know that.
    Wallace also pouts when he’s not getting his way. Perhaps you saw a few of the Steeler games last year.
    I wonder how he will play for a perennial loser in a stadium that often is full of empty seats.
    I’m glad the Steelers let a lot of the malcontent deadwood go. I wish they’d have let a few more go.

  24. Hmm..I keep seeing that he’s a 1trick pony and that he can’t run routes. Well if that’s the case, what does that say about opposing defences?! The guy is a 1200yd 8-10td no doubt year in year out. It’s mostly steeler fans who think everyone sucks xcept ppl on the Steelers lol. The guy iz faster the any1. Speed kills. If the run game is decent enough, the dolphins should be a team to watch out for.

  25. Typical Steeler babble bashing players that leave the “Steeler way”.

    He can’t run routes.

    They overpaid.

    He’s washed up.

    Yeah-yeah, I know, Steelers have 6 rings.

    So what Perfect Season bitches!

  26. Poor Wallace can’t get any love. Steeler fans throw stones at him because he walked for money and Steeler haters don’t like him because he was a Steeler. Add this to the fact there are 2 types of football fans: Steeler fans and Steeler haters. This leaves poor Mike alone with all his money. Wallace isn’t a great route runner but he is not that bad either. He was raw when he entered the league but he got much better. He will go over the middle when necessary but that’s not his job in most cases.Tomlin called him a 1 trick pony early in his carreer to motivate him to get better and it worked. Miami fans should be very happy to have him. Once he is off the line there is no faster player in the NFL.

  27. Dolphins fans knocking Steeler fans for hating on Wallace. Haven’t put up with his antics the last 2 seasons either. Who cares about rings, perfect seasons, and rebuilding. And the one trick pony comments, are really true to a point. Us Steeler fans know he is a great player. We knew last year was his last with us. But, the way he carried himself was so childish. And sadly a team like the Dolphins paid him Larry Fitz money after his actions. He is no leader. But, Dolphin fans are acting like he is a savior. And he is going to make you guys win at least 4 more games next year. Only time will tell? But in the history of the NFL? Dolphins high paid free agents usually = Busts. And Steelers losing key free agents = Don’t miss a beat the following year. So, like most of the Dolphin fans saying the Steelers won’t be able to beat the Bengals,Ravens and the Browns.When your team beats the Patriots? Then start acting like your contenders. Cause sadly! You guys are as equal as the J-E-T-S ! JETS! JETS! JETS!

  28. Stiller fan should just let it go,when this one trick pony was lighting up the end zone @ heinz field I’m sure he was “the man”…time will tell thats why we all watch,your team has not been the same since being riddled by TIM TEBOW we will see you december 8th @ your place…

  29. As one of the few diehard Steeler fans who actually appreciated MW, I think the move to Miami was a good one for Mike…and the Fins.

    Love Ben for his improvisational skills, but he doesn’t throw as accurate of a deep ball as Tannehill does.

    And to all of you “uninformed” who call Mike a “one trick pony” pay attention! That was true his first year, but his routes got better each year.

    Wallace’s only remaining flaw in his game is his inability to outfight DB’s for high passes. He’s NOT a physical receiver, but he’ll make plays with his legs like no other WR in the game.

  30. Markus Wheaton ! Every Steeler hater, needs to watch highlights of his 4 year college career at Oregon State. This kid is going to be something special. Guarantee by his second year. He will be just as good as Mike Wallace. Just like Wallace a 3rd round pick. Wallace pick 84. Wheaton pick 79. Wallace is a great receiver. But, all the money the Dolphins spent this off season. I think, you guys should of resigned Long. Or, made the move on Albert for a long term deal. I think, you guys should of went after Tavon. Or, stayed where you were at and gotten Patterson. You guys could of traded down some too. Big Physical receiver with a cheap price tag.Think about it. Keller,Hartline,Tavon or Patterson. With a solid line. And I think with the money spent on Wallace. You guys could of resigned Reggie Bush. The Dolphins Off season signings remind me of the Eagles moves a couple years ago. Sign every big name free agent possible. Look how that went!

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