Seahawks may have found another steal named Willson


The name has an extra L, but it sounds the same as the name of the guy the Seahawks stole with a third-round pick in the 2012 draft

A year after grabbing quarterback Russell Wilson with the 75th selection, the Seahawks have pounced on tight end Luke Willson, more than 75 picks after the 75th spot.

Willson, a fifth-rounder from Rice, has drawn rave reviews from coach Pete Carroll in a pair of rookie minicamp practices.  As pointed out by Dave Boling of the Tacoma News Tribune, Willson has caught more passes in two practices than he did in all of his senior season.

That’s because an ankle injury limited Willson to nine receptions in 2012.  But the Seahawks focused on his production as a sophomore and junior, along with an eye-popping 4.51-second 40-yard dash.

Like the one-L Wilson, Willson also has played baseball, as a pitching prospect for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Willson’s performance comes at a time when expectations are low.  Per Boling, Carroll showed his coaching staff a video from last year’s rookie minicamp, during which One-L botched snaps and missed assignments.

“It was kind of for the staff to remember that we might not see everything on the first day, and to keep hopes that we can bring some stuff out of these guys,” Carroll said.

For Two-L, the stuff showed up quickly.  Which puts him on track to be yet another solid find by Carroll and G.M. John Schneider.

18 responses to “Seahawks may have found another steal named Willson

  1. It will be interesting to see what Rice TE has a better career. The Niners did move up right in front of the Hawks to take the “Starting” TE from Rice. I wonder if they heard through the grapevine of the Hawks looking at a Rice TE during any trade talks as teams will sometimes say who they will be drafting during a trade to show the other team it is not their guy.

  2. The Seahawks have found late round steals better than other teams over the last few years. Jesse Williams also will be a steal.

    As a Rams fan I hate their great drafts.

  3. Seattle has been looking for two TE sets since Pete Caroll has arrived and got to use them last year. They will actually have 3 decent TE with Miller who can do it all but I didn’t know he was highest paid at his position in NFL until recently. McCoy is talented but too inconsistent and entering his final year of contract. Willson ran a 4.5 and is 6’5 freakish athlete. John Schneider and Pete Carroll rated him # 2 behind the Bengals first round pick.

  4. TE Luke Willson has shown the Toronto Blue Jays that he can crush baseballs into the third deck of the Rogers Centre.

    Now he’ll show the Seahawks why he belongs on that team.

  5. All fluff

    Bunch of fluff talk. Great drafts in Seattle have resulted in zero championships.

    Bottom line. Little QB goes down, season over. Carroll could have used the pick on a competent QB to back up Wilson.

  6. Looking great in rookie minicamp means just about nothing. Must be a slow news day at PFT Central.

  7. Little QB ain’t going down dude. He rarely takes any direct hits. CK is more likely to take the big hit than RW. But keep hoping.

  8. I would like to have a buck for every time I hear a team talk about their guy being “steal of the draft”. For Gods sake the kid is playing in shells against other rookies. Wilson may or may not be great but can we at least wait until a few pre season games are played.

  9. Glad they are happy with him, thus far. Lets hope it pans out as many over the past few we have seen. Time will tell, but hard not to get giddy……..

  10. Sounds like the Seahawks have one heck of a talent evaluation and scouting staff, not to mention they are knocking the ball out of the park in regards to player development.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see other teams poach some of these assistants in the coming years if this continues.

  11. They’re averaging 2 pro-bowl players and a couple possibles per draft over the last 3 years. Which is phenomenal . Can’t see any reason for them to slow down now. In fact I think they get better every year. This draft looks to me to maybe be the best yet.

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