Tavon Austin says everybody he knows is asking for money


Rams first-round draft pick Tavon Austin is glad to be in the NFL, but he’s already realizing one down side: The requests for cash never stop.

Austin hasn’t actually received an NFL paycheck yet, but the mere fact that he’s a high pick who will be guaranteed millions on his rookie contract has people with their hands out.

Everybody expects a lot of things from you as far as money,” Austin told the Rams’ website. “Everybody wants to be around you. My phone doesn’t stop ringing now. It feels like they’re counting my bank account now. So that’s probably the hardest thing for me right now, just people.”

With his newfound wealth, Austin says people in his hometown of Baltimore are coming out of the woodwork acting like family.

“I’ve got a lot of cousins now,” Austin said. “The whole [city of] Baltimore is my cousin now. We’re going to just try to keep focused and let my mother and all of them handle it.”

Here’s hoping Austin and his mom don’t hesitate to say “no” to the people who think that because Austin made it big, they deserve to benefit, too. Placating those people is how a lot of NFL players go broke.

102 responses to “Tavon Austin says everybody he knows is asking for money

  1. When everyone near you thinks your hard work gave them a winning lottery ticket — you gotta nip that in the bud.

    Austin needs to change his number and go into the Witness Protection Program.

  2. He is letting his mom (family) handle his finances? That is the first step in going broke.

    It is time to man up and hire a financial advisor to tie up most of his money in investments, because he will be retired and need this money before he knows it. He will get a modest living wage and will easily be able to tell everyone “NO”, because he literally won’t have cash in hand.

  3. Unfortunately, that’s the downside of fame and (impending) wealth. You have to pick your friends, and hope you pick wisely.

    On a side note, I did some digging and found out that Tavon and I share the same Great-Great-Uncle, so…

  4. and they end up hiring one group of friends and relatives as security to protect them from the other friends and relatives, and next thing you know their entourage gets them into trouble.

  5. And when he does say “no”, these people leeching off him are going to act like he has betrayed them when in reality, they don’t deserve a thing.

    Keep it to yourself and your close family Tavon.

  6. Tavon, Keep your wits about you. Keep yourself away from the money hungry fools. Take a page from Vicks life. Look and see what his friends did to his bank account. Don’t take anything else from him. Trust yourself and that of your family.

  7. Tavon, you need to give ’em a little bit of W.C. Fields…

    “Hey, buddy, can you spare a dime?”

    “Sorry, son, all my money is tied up in currency.” – W.C. Fields

  8. These 21 and 22 year old kids are in a tough situation. A lot of them feel like they’re obligated to help out their friends and family when they make it to the NFL. But their friends and family need to step back because this is how these players go bankrupt. Yeah help out your parents, siblings, and your closest friends, but only to a certain extent.

    You can live like a king for a year, or you can live like a prince for a lifetime.

  9. Hey Tavon, don’t forget me! Got a couch you can burn. For the right price…..

  10. If he thinks relatives and hangers on are a money suck, he’s going to be really surprised when he has a wife and kids. I hate to think about the stress that would come from having an old lady and a few kids who believe Daddy is making such big bucks they can have anything they want any time.

    It’s really hard enough being a 1% just trying to keep the bills paid for a family of four.

    Learn to budget your money now, Tavon, and sock away as much as you can because all too many NFL careers end before they even really get started.

  11. Just do the opposite of what Vince Young did and you’ll be fine…….

    Oh, and stay away from the Cheesecake Factory……

  12. Word to the wise: Just say NO! They’ll get over it, and you’ll keep your future secured. Don’t surrender it.

    If you end up on a new episode of 30 For 30’s “Broke,” those same people~who’s homes will be renovated at your expense~won’t even offer you a sofa to sleep on.

    If you decide to give anyone $600 or more, 1099 them! No need in paying taxes again.

    For it is written, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; Be wise as serpents and harmless as a dove.”

    Kinfolk, Be Wise.

  13. Check your family tree and claim only the ones
    that are dead . The others will sink you !

  14. For a guy who scored a 7 on his wonderlic, he sure has a good head on his shoulders. That test obviously missed the mark on Austin. Way to go, tavon. Just recognizing this problem before all your money is gone is going to carry you a long way in life.

  15. Just take the money and run. Trust me, your cousins won’t catch you.

  16. Roger No-Goodell should have these players speak at the Rookie Financial Seminars this year:

    Mike Vick
    Mark Brunnell
    Warren Sapp
    Duece and Chris McCallister
    Rocket Ismael
    Vince Young

    There has to be a solid plan for young millionaires to follow and these guys can share what “not” to do. All of them will tell ya that Money and Blood don’t mix.

  17. Here is an idea;m: hire a reputable financial money manager and not let mom help you

  18. So his mom has some control of his money? That may be a recipe for disaster.

  19. I’m sure all the people asking for handouts from tayvon are the same outs asking for handouts from the government.

    So technically, all of us (who work) have a lot of cousins too and one big brother!

  20. I’d be embarrassed to ask for money even if I talked to you on a daily basis. I would never be able to look them in eye ever again with them knowing that I just want money from you. Your family should be ashamed of themselves, Tavon. Sounds like a good plan n let your mom be the bad guy n say NO.

  21. If I was Tavon I would get an agent funded advance like Vince Young and throw the biggest, grimiest Baltimore block party where I sat on a throne and MTV “Singled Out” style, handed out a stack ($1000 if ur lame) to anybody on the stipulation that I have to recognize you. Maybe I give out $200k. Then tell them all to suck it, and change phone numbers!

  22. I think the first step in any sort of prevention is awareness. This is good for him to be aware.. lets just hope he figures out the rest of the steps but he is on the right track so far

  23. change your number and move to an area where people do not ask for money. Oh, but that’s not “keeping it real”. Maybe “keeping it real” is just a saying for those leaches to keep on leaching, huh Tavon?

  24. It’s easy to keep focus. Tell them no. Do not allow others to spend your money for you.

    Get a brain and don’t be the next bust retired athlete.

  25. Can the National Geographic people please build a shark cage for this young man?

  26. Straight up. Watch that 30 for 30 film: broke. Learn from those dudes mistakes. You only need one house, one car

  27. I’m genuinely happy for him that he recognizes these leeches for what they are and won’t let them ruin his life.

  28. I’m not sure about cousins etc, but I’d be helping out all my close family if I were a multi-millionaire. After all, where would Austin be without their support? Only a real jerk would hoard millions while his family struggles. Austin should let someone he truly trusts take care of things on that end and check with a financial advisor on occasion to make sure the money’s not getting abused. That’s what I’d do.

  29. Some bits of unsolicited advice for all young athletes–

    Have more than one investment adviser and account. That way, if you get fleeced by one, you still have the other half of your after-tax money.

    The lawyers and “investment professionals” you meet are not necessarily working for your best interests. It’s possible, but they’re looking to make money from you first in most cases.

    Never sign over authority of your money to anyone, except for routine bill-paying (under $1000).

    If you don’t understand the investment or the expenditure, don’t authorize it.

    Anyone who tries to lay a guilt trip on you is OUT.

    Give small amounts, only to those you can trust; and outside of immediate family, you can’t trust anyone.

    And sometimes you can’t trust immediate family.

    Pre-nuptial agreements are not optional.

    Pay cash for your house and the house you buy for your parents. Make sure they can afford to maintain and pay taxes on the house you buy them.

    Flashy bling makes you look stupid and is always overpriced.

    If some of your “homies” were jerks back when you were in the ‘hood, the odds are that they still are. Avoid.

    Buy one flashy car if you really feel the “need” to do it. Once.

    Pay cash for everything you buy.

  30. This story singles out Mr. Austin and that isn’t fair. This is going on with every player in the NFL. Even seventh rounders are probably being hit up for cash. People around successful people always feel like they should be entitled to something. It’s not a liberal or conservative thing so to those who are making it into that, stop it. It’s a greed thing.

  31. Tavon, just get yourself a deal that allows you a cut of those jersey sales.

    This kid is about to become the most popular man in STL. He’ll have his name on more backs than Hanes.

  32. Maybe he can be like Antoine Walker and support an entourage of 50 upstanding citizens

  33. Good luck to Tayvon and all the other rookies. Here’s hoping they don’t end up on 30-30.

  34. Tell your posse to take a hike and don’t let the door hit them in the a$$ on the way out.

  35. I have a friend from college who turned pro and I’ve never asked for a dime. I guess that’s why we still stay in contact from time to time. I don’t understand how or why people would do that. I guess Tavon Austin needs new friends.

  36. Pat Kirwan from Sirius NFL Radio tells a great story from when he was GM of the Jets.

    A player once had him divide his signing bonus into three separate checks made out to three different financial advisers. The player brought all three of them along to pick up the checks and said something along the lines of, “I don’t know a whole lot about managing money but I know a lot about competition. One year from now, only one of you will be my financial adviser.”

    Hopefully a lot of players are smart enough to do something like that.

  37. These players should put 50% of their pay into retirement plans or at least a very huge chunk of it up front. But in the end, it is their money and they will do as they please.

  38. I’m not sure what he’s complaining about. He is from the extremely liberal, progressive city of Baltimore where your money is not yours, it is everyone else’s. as our current occupant in the Whitehouse so astutely made clear, Tayvon, in this country and especially in cities like Baltimore, you didn’t build your brand or your business, others did. Now, once these athletes or celebrities hit a decent payday it becomes apparent the our current tax and spend government comes home to roost. I’m not going to guess how or if you voted in the most recent elections but based on the over 70% democrat victory in the city of Baltimore I would venture to say 7 out of ten of your friends and family screwed you.

    What’s the problem?

  39. If this kid is smart , he would move to the other side of the country very far far away.You pretty much should go into witness protection mode.

    Many of these kats downfall is when they try to remain where they grew up like nothing has change.Hello!! the streets are hungry and you are now the meal.it pretty much never ends well.

  40. Its been said that the easiest way to find out who your true friends are is to suddenly come into money.

    Our society, by nature, is greedy, and many people in it have a huge sense of entitlement, especially when it comes to money.

  41. I don’t know why everyone is saying he has a “good head on his shoulders” because he recognizes that everyone expects something from him and acts like his best friend suddenly. You know who else said nearly the EXACT same thing??

    Rolando McClain. I rest my case.

  42. Unless his mom is a millionaire she shouldn’t be running his money or w will end up living the same life.

    Poor people are poor for a reason. Because they mismanage money when they get it.

  43. Those people from baltimore begging for money are probably the other 50 Ravens who couldn’t get paid thanks to Joe Flacco’s ridiculous contract.

  44. this is just how society works these days.

    if you’re successful it wasn’t because of your hard work, but the help you received along the way.

    you owe them, tavon. do the patriotic thing and pay them.

  45. Just watch that ESPN 30 for 30 about going broke in the NFL young man and look at what you might become in 20 years.

  46. Tyron Smith, OT for the Cowboys, had similar issues with relatives. It even got to the point where they broke in his house trying to get a piece of the action. It is probably a common issue with highly drafted rookies.

    Any wonder these athletes find themselves broke years down the road?

  47. I think his public comments are in fact a “not so subtle message” to all those hangers-on to get off.
    Hope he has the fortitude to make it work.

  48. Real friends won’t expect a dime, won’t ask for a dime, and will treat you no differently. Real family will be the same way. Time to weed out those who have been around you all this time for all the wrong reasons. Gotta protect yourself.

  49. I make a good living and I get where these guys are coming from. My family all grew up poor and most still are and I guess I was a lucky one but I worked hard to get what I have and when I got it cousins and old friends reached out to me after 10-15 maybe even twenty years asking for a couple grand to help pay this or that. At first they try to be friendly but after a couple calls the question comes and as a thirty something it’s hard to say no, at 21 I probably say yes without someone advising me. Not to mention I’m not even a millionaire which isn’t that hard to accomplish these days.

  50. Sounds a lot like Aaron Davis and Marie Gil. You’re fam when you’ve got money and doling it out to them but you cut them off and you become a fake, a fraud, lower than whale sh*t.
    Tavon, tell them to go pound sand.

  51. I hope this kid has the right people advising him.

    While it would seem to be great to have won the athletic lottery, I’m sure a lot of long time friendships and familial bonds are irreparably broken during times like these, or this kids get broke rather quickly.

  52. Young man, when you get your bonus, buy a house. Pay it off completely. Then build a big fence and change your number. And wear a condom. Good luck!

  53. The guy needs to put in a call to Andrew Brandt and have him hook him up with a financial advisor. He’s been both a players agent as well as a front office guy. To paraphrase Brandt on draft weekends, “the more people I see surrounding the player at their draft party, the more worried I become about their financial future.”

  54. Knowing Baltimore people (I live here myself) they’d ask you for dinner and a movie if they thought you had an extra ten.
    Then they’d never talk to you again if you say no.
    Just imagine what they’re asking for when millions of dollars are involved.

  55. Nothing new under the sun regarding this story ! Just like winning the lottery, as all kinds of people start falling out of the woodwork. Besides, the Rookie Orientation prepares them for this specific situation. Either change your number of put up with it with no complaints, this situation is HIS to control. There’s no Whining in the NFL !!!

  56. Keep your head up kid and stay the hell away from them. Oh and can I get about a buck fifty

  57. Just remember to look in the mirror every morning. You’re only 5’8″ and about a buck seventy-five! You aren’t going to last forever and neither is the money. So, make sure you save as much as you can so you’ll never have to become a beggar yourself. Good luck to you!!

  58. Get a financial advisor and cut the ties, those people are not your friends… Gold Diggers might be an appropriate term…..

    By the way, tell your Mom I said hello…..

  59. Isn’t this the same thing that the government wants to do only you just pay the government the big chunk and they redistribute it. Welcome to Socialism 101 Tavon!

  60. Hey tavon. Thought you were far and away the best player in the draft. Now for lesson number one. You will find that family will dig deeper in your pockets than anyone!

  61. Who was the Cowboy player last year that the team had to basically take under its control to avoid the same problem? Hope the Rams can do the same.

    I have a relative who was a well-known NBA player. Not surprisingly, he told tale after tale of how little control pro athletes have over their money.

  62. “riggo44rg3 says: May 13, 2013 3:16 AM
    I’m not sure what he’s complaining about. He is from the extremely liberal, progressive city of Baltimore where your money is not yours, it is everyone else’s. as our current occupant in the Whitehouse so astutely made clear, Tayvon, in this country and especially in cities like Baltimore, you didn’t build your brand or your business, others did.”

    This is a football site, not an ultra Conservative evangelical extremist far right wing teabagger site where you merely repeat what Glenn Beck, Hannity, or Lush Limbaugh spew out.

    Tavon Austin needs to especially watch out for predatory women who view becoming a baby mama as their own lottery ticket. Just ask TO and Cromartie.

  63. 78% of all NFL players file for bankruptcy within five years of retirement. So don’t hook anybody up with a single gift or invest in any business plans until after you’ve retired. Keep that money Tavon

  64. Could always take a page out of Tracy McGrady’s book. Give a few of your boys (some who you probably said once I make it I got yall) a few dollars then tell em never call me again for money.

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