Titus Young arrested on burglary, assault charges


Former Lions wide receiver Titus Young has again run into off-field trouble.

Young was arrested this weekend in San Clemente, Calif. on charges of burglary, assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest, Lt. Joe Balicki of Orange County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to PFT on Sunday afternoon.

Young is currently being held on $75,000 bail and is expected to be arraigned on Monday, Balicki said. The burglary and assault charges are felonies, Balicki said, with the resisting arrest charge a misdemeanor.

According to Balicki, the incident unfolded around 11:30 p.m. on Friday night when a homeowner contacted authorities alleging someone was inside a home. When sheriff’s officers arrived, they found Young outside the home, Balicki said. According to Balicki, Young ran away from officers. After a “brief” pursuit on foot, there was a “physical altercation,” Balicki said, with Young alleged to have fought officers before being taken into custody. Neither Young nor officers were hurt, Balicki said. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department website, Young was arrested and processed on Saturday.

Earlier in the week, the 23-year-old Young was arrested on DUI and burglary charges.

Young showed promise in two seasons with the Lions, but the club released him in February. The Rams picked him up, but he lasted just 10 days with St. Louis. In his last game with the Lions, he is alleged to have lined up wrong on purpose, and the club essentially twice banished him after the incident.

The Detroit News first reported news of Young’s latest arrest earlier Sunday.

202 responses to “Titus Young arrested on burglary, assault charges

  1. Is this a joke? How stupid can you get? Oh, just incase you forgot..


  2. I hope they get him the help he needs. It is not too late to turn this thing around. He is obviously in a bad place and hopefully can get some sort of mentor and some counseling…because although he is in ome trouble now, he has not done anything to permanently destroy his career or life…YET.

  3. Other than Rae Carruth (and OJ) has there ever been an NFL player more F’d in the head? This dude is out of control. “he crazy.”

  4. This guy is the next ryan leaf. He’ll be in and out of jail from here on out. He brought this all on himself. We only feel sorry for his kid.

  5. For a second I thought I was looking at the wrong date, oh my God, you can’t make this ish up.

  6. Titus Young getting chased down by cops on foot? No wonder why NFL teams aren’t interested

  7. This guy is a turd of monumental proportions. With that said the comments should be priceless.

  8. what a loser…wonder if he tries to steal his impounded car back again…lol

  9. I’d say stick a fork in him he’s done, but he’s the one that stuck it to himself. This kid is mental.

    And he couldn’t outrun a cop(s) but he’s better than Megatron? Either that or my Raiders need to check out who these cops are and sign them as DB’s.

  10. 7 months ago I thought he was just as diva A-hole.
    And I laughed when he got cut by 2 teams and I laughed when I watched his twitter rants. But now I think he has serious mental problems, hopefully he gets the help he needs before someone gets hurt.

  11. Another talented young man throwing his career away. Another piece of human garbage that my taxes will have to pay for his 3 hots and a cot.

  12. Drop him on a deserted island somewhere. He is not worth the court costs nor the money needed to feed/house him behind bars.

  13. I live in San Clemente, good thing you didn’t break into my house Titus. Instead of calling the police you would have been introduced to my lil friend. Sad to see this happen to a young kid, but hopefully with some direction he could turn his life around and possibly get a shot in a few years. A shot hopefully not “shot”.

  14. Time to stop treating this guy’s terrible choices as football-related stories. I feel sort of awful for him—all signs point to him being a true mental case—but when a guy is only going to see football from now on if the prison rec room has a tv set, then the misadventures of Titus Young kinda stop being about football.

  15. And he’s prob gonna either end up dead or killing someone else. Lock this dude up in an institution and throw away the key. Man and to think of the other really good 2nd rounders and beyond we passed on a cpl years back.

  16. There are people on earth who would love to be able just to walk.

    Then you have a clown like this with a chance to a world class athlete, and this is what he has chooses to do with his life.

  17. Wow. I’m beginning to feel bad for the young man. If the bipolar rumors are true, maybe his parents need to step in get him some help.

  18. Wait, these are new charges? Is he trying to outdo Cliff Harris or something?

  19. Can we get a separate “days without arrest counter” for Titus Young?

  20. Woooow! Put this kid in the slammer before he kills himself or someone else.

  21. Your weekly reminder that the Lions drafted Titus Young exactly 20 picks ahead of the Packers taking Randall Cobb.

    And this is why the Packers are the Packers, and the Lions are the LOLions.

  22. OK, wow. This is no longer a joking matter with this guy. He needs mental help in a bad, bad way. His HS coach even said he’s been mentally unstable lately. This is an incredibly sad story at this point. Guy is totally bonkers.

  23. This young man is seriously troubled. I truly hope someone close to him – family or friends reaches out and prevents him from even more serious trouble than he is in today.
    I’d even say the NFL should step in and help, if they can.

  24. You finally did it, Titus! You now have as many arrests as Cliff Harris!

    We’re all proud of you!

  25. If the Orange County Sheriff’s department can catch a 23 year old NFL wide-receiver on foot and tackle him to the ground, maybe more teams should be giving these guys a look. 😉

  26. Dang, I’ve seen some downward spirals but this guy is setting some records……..

  27. The two arrests earlier this week were kind of funny.

    But, this is just sad. Someone get this kid some help. Not for his football career. That’s long gone. But for his life.

  28. There are idiots all over the world. Stupid people who have no hope and will never be reached. People like Young and Cliff Harris just happen to be very athletic.

  29. Sounds like the young man has some substance and/or mental issues to deal with. Being an athlete doesn’t exclude you from the pitfalls of life. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  30. I am sick and tired of these idiots acting like this. Glad he is not in the NFL anymore. Titus will be broke in 5,4,3,2,………….

  31. Rather than disparage him, we should look at the environment he grew up in, under the Bush Administration. As a result of Bush starting two illegal wars in order to cull the minority populations, young men like Young grew up hopeless.

  32. It’s sad to watch another young black man self destruct and do his own career in. This guy must have some serious issues upstairs…

  33. Rough transition into his new career as a criminal. He’s gonna have to actually get away with some stuff if he wants to last in this business.

  34. The NFL made him stop taking his prescription meds because they may have enhanced his performance. He should have stuck to steroids! They don’t test for that in the NFL!

  35. Having mental issues would be bad enough but when you combine that with an awe-inspiring natural stupidity you get this kind of stuff. He needs some medical/psychological help just to get back to stupid

  36. Okay he has a serious problem. Getting locked up is either going to help him or make him worse but something has to give.

  37. I find it funny that everybody thinks this is a mental issue. Dude is just a …………………………

  38. Welcome to Canada Titus. He is going to have to play up north for a couple of years to get a team to look at him again

  39. When I looked up “Loser” in the dictionary there was Titus Young’s latest mug shot.

    Titus way to make your momma proud on Mother’s Dy. Three arrests in a week… that makes you a “Triple Crown” dirtbag.

  40. There should be no way this person is ever allowed in this league again. Make him the example. Act like this and you never get the chance again. Such a waste.

  41. There comes a point where someone needs to be permanently banned from the NFL.

  42. I would like to echo the comments by those who think he needs a psych eval and some counseling.

    When Mike Vick went to prison, Tony Dungy reached out to him to help turn him around and it sounds like Titus Young needs a strong hand on his shoulder right now, too.

    This out of control behavior, week after week, suggests to me that he signalling for some help.

    And I hope he gets it.

  43. Yeah the guy has serious mental issues. It’s called having no brain.

  44. Titus needs to race Rich Eisen in the 40 at the combine. Eisen would have a chance since Titus can’t outrun officers.

  45. What is it with receivers? This has Chris Henry part 2 written all over it. The mind is an interesting place….

  46. I don’t feel sorry for this guy. His craziness fell through the right cracks in life & it has finally caught up to him. Sad? Nope. I feel bad for all the people affected by this P.O.S.

  47. This is so troubling I don’t even know if going to jail will revitalize him.

    It may have revitalized Vick, but this guy seems to need way more than intervention and punishment for deeds in order to have a better life.

    His career is over.

  48. “I hope they get him the help he needs. It is not too late to turn this thing around. He is obviously in a bad place and hopefully can get some sort of mentor and some counseling…because although he is in ome trouble now, he has not done anything to permanently destroy his career or life…YET.”

    The first Christian post to this story and people give it tons of thumbs down. Another example of the erosion of values in America. It’s easy to rip on a guy acting like this big of an a** but its much more difficult to show sincere concern for someone who’s life is in this much trouble. That’s pretty much the entire point of the gospels after all.

  49. I only came back to this topic to read the comments cause I knew I would be cracking up…. the one about the Lions should sign the Cop…haha and the one about the Autograph not being worth anything had me on the floor lmao!!!!

  50. What a knucklehead. As a resident of nearby Dana Point, I know that these small beachtown cops must have loved the action.

    The Sheriffs that patrol these little towns have a dream job. Sunshine, beautiful women everywhere and an extremely low “danger” level.

  51. What a waste of talent and potential opportunity…I wouldn’t waste my time. The guy should be suspended for a year.

  52. Typical product of the broken black culture. Bill Cosby was right. Ask yourself honestly why you never see this stuff in the NHL. Everyone knows the answer but is afraid to say it.

  53. Rather than disparage him, we should look at the environment he grew up in, under the Bush Administration. As a result of Bush starting two illegal wars in order to cull the minority populations, young men like Young grew up hopeless.

    Thought Titus had a screw loose, WOW!

  54. To think it was just last season that Young blew a close game but not remembering which play was called in the huddle. Classic Lions, from bumbling to incompetent, they just can’t get out of their way.

  55. So cops can run him down, yet he managed to eat Richard Sherman’s lunch….. LOL

  56. This guy has been arrested 3 times in a week! This guy has serious problems, and makes Lawrence Phillips and Pacman Jones look like boyscouts.

  57. In view of the fact that God limited the intelligence of man, it seems unfair that he did not also limit his stupidity.

  58. Imagine if Madden had a character rating. Players with a lower rating are more likely to get in trouble with the law and not be able to play for the team. This guy’s rating would be a 0/100 and his status would be “Out for Season.”

  59. this clown might be the biggest moron to ever put on a pro uniform – instead of feeling sorry for him – recognize him for the true low-life scum that he is and lock him up forever….. before some poor, hard-working decent person gets hurt. People are saying he needs help???? He has already had more chances and blown them than anyone deserves. Had life by the balls and here is what he did with it – ZERO sympathy from me……….

  60. Nicely played young. Great come from behind victory to seal the weekly arrests championship.

  61. “Just goes to prove you can take a roach out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of a roach.”

    That’s just straight up racism, right there, is what that is.

  62. The first sign of mental illness was when Titus Young had delusions of grandeur and thought he was a better WR than Calvin Johnson.

    All this acting out looks like a serious cry for help.

  63. Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Young. If you get a chance, please slap the sh—- out of your son before he spends 40-to-life in prison.

  64. Titus Young went from intentionally lining up wrong to the police lineup. He literally pissed his life away. He was a “punk” and got what he had coming. No pity here!

  65. How did this guy ever get through 4 years of college. Even if all he took was 4 years of Basket Weaving 101, you would think it would have required some self discipline.

  66. What is it about football? Do you hear of hockey players constantly being arrested for felonies? Baseball players? Basketball? Tennis???

  67. Throwing someone in prison is never the answer for someone you sincerely want to help. IMO it is a last resort. I watched every game this kid played in at Boise St. In a community that small there is no way his behavior could have been covered up. If he was acting out in college 1) Chris Peterson wouldn’t have tolerated it & 2) bsu couldn’t have kept a lid on it. Mental illness in men can manifest itself as late as 30 years old. He needs help for sure, incarcerate him in a hospital for diagnosis & if he’s found healthy then prison may be the answer but we have to stop throwing people away in this country. Imprisoned American citizens is the only statistical category this country leads the world.

  68. Criminals and mental midgets like Young, Rolando, Harris never learned how to behave in a civilized and modern society. Their parent(s) completely failed and the community they grew up in encourages uncivilized behavoir. With criminals like these guys they are completely useless to society.

  69. After a short time in the “Pokey” he may have to change his name from Titass, Word on the streets is that, Lt. Balicki, gives thorough searches upon arrest, Im sure if young was smuggling contraband in his nether regions, Balicki would have found it.

  70. His co-inmates won’t have trouble lining him up in the right spot when shower time comes along. After this jail term I guarantee you Titus Young will always be in the right position! Karma is a SOB!

  71. I had a friend who had a mental health episode and it was exactly like this; he had a few incidents that confused everybody, and then it all blew up in one 2-week period. Once they gave him the treatment he needed, he went back to being the person we all knew. It’s easy to laugh at Young and call him a punk because it makes us feel good — we get to hold our noses over someone who had more success at a younger age than most of us and think “What a punk, I’d NEVER act like that!”.

    But Young so clearly needs some help. Professional, medical help. He obviously bears a lot of responsibility for his own actions, but laughing at someone who is self-destructing is the cheapest response a person can muster.

  72. At some point he made a conscious decision to become the biggest a-hole possible. He’s doing a nice job excelling at it.

  73. I thought this was a mistake when I initially read it since he was just arrested twice earlier this week.

    This kid needs a better support system.

  74. If he’s not broke already he will be soon. Take some of his $ to support his kid. Feel sorry for the people in CA who will be paying for the roof over his 3 hots & a cot

  75. Titus is firmly in favor of Coco Puffs. Has anyone called Timmy to lay hands on him to drive out the unclean spirits? Maybe a knock a hole in his skull to release the evil demons?

  76. This clearly does not speak well for a Boise State education. Can’t believe that anyone this stupid could maintain the needed grades in a real college. Dumber than dirt.

  77. “I live in San Clemente, good thing you didn’t break into my house Titus. Instead of calling the police you would have been introduced to my lil friend. ”

    You would butt rape him? Gay rights set back a bit…

  78. Where are all the clowns talking about this dudes due process and innocent until proven guilty?

    I didn’t read all the posts, so I am sure there is one or two in there who think this kid is just misunderstood.

  79. If he couldnt outrun a couple of donut eating cops in a foot chase then what was he doing in the nfl in the first place,he wont get in trouble again until he is released from jail in about ninety days for these offenses,hopefully the judge will get him the help he desperatly needs in jail before he ends up in prison.

  80. You can take the kid out of the hood, but you cant take the hood out of the kid.

  81. This was humorous at first, when it appeared Young was just using childish tactics to separate from the Lions, but as events have continued to unfold, it’s looking more and more tragic and sad. I hope these strings of arrest end up with him receiving some medical treatment, because he obviously needs it.

  82. I love the people commenting on here about how we need to get this guy some help. Why? Because he was once an NFL football player? Or because you genuinely care about him? Let’s face facts here people….if he were never in the NFL and did these same things, you wouldn’t know about it and you wouldn’t care. If you read about something like this in your local news, you’d be saying to put him in jail and toss away the key. I agree the guy needs help. But he isn’t entitled to that help because of his NFL “career” any more than someone who hasn’t shared that spotlight.

  83. I don’t understand. Why doesn’t he take the degree he earned from Boise State and go out and get a good job?….Oh…wait…

  84. Remember that time Titus Young showed up at halftime and the San Clemente County Inmates won the Guards vs Prisoners Bowl???

  85. He is on drugs or a complete alcoholic, and someone close to him needs to take him to get the help he needs.

    I think this is worse than PACMAN Jones to some degree.

  86. Bi-Polar disorder typically manifests itself in the early twenty’s. He seems to be a prime candidate for a 5150.

  87. This looks worse than Maurice Clarett’s Situation. I get the feeling now that we are going to see Young go to jail And not that many fans will feel bad for him.

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