Bears could cut Carimi, two years after taking him in Round 1

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In 2011, the previous regime in Chicago liked Gabe Carimi enough to pick him in the first round of the NFL draft. In 2013, the current regime in Chicago may not even like Carimi enough to give him a spot on the 53-man roster.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Carimi is in the midst of a competition for a roster spot.

Carimi can play both guard and tackle, which would seem to improve his chances of making the roster, but a closer look at the line raises the question of where Carimi would fit: Jermon Bushrod is set as the starter at left tackle, and right tackle will be a competition between J’Marcus Webb and Jonathan Scott, with the loser between those two probably making the roster as a backup. The recently signed Matt Slauson and this year’s first-round draft pick, Kyle Long, will likely start at guard. That might leave Carimi battling to be the third guard on the 53-man roster, and he could easily lose that job to Edwin Williams because Williams has experience at center and could step in if starter Roberto Garza got hurt.

Carimi began his rookie season as the Bears’ starting right tackle, but he played in only two games in 2011 before suffering a season-ending knee injury. In 2012 Carimi played in all 16 games, starting 14, but he didn’t play particularly well: He was benched in November and only returned to the field when the Bears lost two guards to injuries.

So if Carimi doesn’t have a strong camp, he could be out of a job.

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  1. This is what happens when you reach in the draft for a premium position. GB got burned doing the same 3 picks later with Derek Sherrod.

  2. Keep him around as a backup to see what Kromer can do with him. The need for cap space is over, unless cutting him would clear enough space for an Eric Winston or a (released) Doug Free.

  3. Bears have quietly become one of the worst teams in the league. Honestly feel they always are over-rated. Probably because Cutler is always over-rated. Him and Romo are the same person in my eyes.

  4. You can bash using that draft pick on Carimi, but as I recall, he looked like a pretty safe pick coming out of Wisconsin.

    I remember people thinking he wasn’t athletic enough to be a starting LT, but I don’t remember too many people thinking he was much of a risk to be a bust.

  5. A Wisconsin alum loyal to the very end! That’s what I like to see! Now he can come to Green Bay and start playing for real!

  6. He was the 5th OT taken. By the time you get that far down the list, you’re probably talking about a 2nd round talent.

  7. ctattles says:
    May 13, 2013 4:33 PM
    Bears have quietly become one of the worst teams in the league. Honestly feel they always are over-rated. Probably because Cutler is always over-rated. Him and Romo are the same person in my eyes.

    Yea, quietly. That’s because we’ve had two losing seasons (7-9) out of the last 6 years and just came off a 10 win season.

  8. inyofaceagain says:
    May 13, 2013 4:31 PM
    Bears need to step their draft game up.
    Change in management or something.
    They should have made Mike Tice head coach.


    Mike Tice. The guy who was single-handedly responsible for this offensive line for the last two seasons (1 as O-line coach and the other as O-coordinator). The same offensive line that allowed over 100 sacks.

  9. Just another bust in a long line of them for Chicago. With Angelo gone at least there is some hope. Let me stress the word some.

  10. He may not be 1st-round worthy, but he was better than anything else they had. How does Mike Tice still have a job in this league, anyway?

  11. I’d be surprised that any coaching staff would even consider cutting a player after one mini camp. Especially if you factor in the cap hit. And you need to make sure someone wouldn’t give you something in a trade.
    If he is released…. I’m sure he would find another team pretty quickly. Probably become an All Pro too!

  12. cutting him would be making a point, I say let camp decide. he isn’t one of the new GM’s guys, so it’s up to gabe to produce, simple. even when he was healthy enough to play he played average at best, so cutting him a year after cutting chris williams isn’t a problem. emery is a smart guy, I’d trust whatever move he makes, honestly.

  13. julianslick says: May 13, 2013 4:33 PM

    Carimi would be a starting guard in San Diego..

    Over Fluker? I understand he hasn’t panned out, but he’s never played a snap at LT in his life, so not there. And he’s not on the same level as Fluker, nice try

  14. Edwin Williams doesn’t have enough upside to keep over Carimi.

    I’m not delusional enough to think Carimi is a pro-bowler, but he was rated by many as a first round talent.

    He was clearly undersized coming out of college (particularly in his legs) and would have benefited from an off season in a professional weight room. Instead he spent an off season rehabing.

    It is a fact that a lot of his problems come form a lack of sufficient bend and stability which causes him to lean. This is, of course, exacerbated by his lack of strength in his undersized legs.

    The question of course is; can he or is he fully rehabilitated, can he put on the size/strength needed, and if so is he talented enough.

    I for one think it warrants another season to see if there is improvement.

    We know what Williams is, he isn’t going to get any better and he is easily enough replaceable.

    Carimi, another year removed from injury, an actual off season in the weight room, and with a legitimate coach in Kromer could still show potential as starter in this league.

  15. Hey idiot.Bulaga is Green Bays best lineman bar none.When you are a tackle and the guard next to you can’t block his Mom it kinda puts some pressure on the tackle next to him.Read the Packer website on comments from fans and coaches regarding Bulaga. We only wish we had him.

  16. Teams cut first rounders within the first couple years often. All teams lose once in a while in the crapshoot that is the NFL draft.

    It’s just the way that Florio acts like it’s only the Raiders that ever have this problem makes me want to melt his servers.

  17. It’s not a big enough sample to say he would have been a Pro Bowl-talent, but Carimi looked good in those first two games. Then he got hurt, came back last season and was completely different. I’m sure he has nightmares about Aldon Smith just straight up knocking him flat on his back in the endzone.

    But I’d like to see him play this year, after an offseason where he can actually rehab his knee and build up some leg strength. Who knows — he might be terrible again. But some guys get back to being the player they were drafted to be once they get truly healthy. I’d at least like to know with Carimi before he gets cut.

    Weird as it is to say, I think J’marcus Webb might actually be great at RT. He wasn’t focused enough to handle the blindside, but he’s 6’7 and scary in person.

    I just complimented J-Webb Nation and it is scaring me, so I need to go sit quietly and do some soul searching.

  18. Sitton is Green Bay’s best lineman. Not worth debate.

    Carimi @ RT for the Pack would be a fun experiment. Can’t be worse than the hot poo they have there right now.

  19. He was very good at college, and Big 10 does produce solid linemen in every draft.

    Hopefully a change of scenery does him good, but not everyone can make it in the NFL

  20. I remember Carimi shooting his mouth off before the draft that year. I wrote in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel column that he’s better prove it on the field before he talks like an All-Pro.

    What the Bears have apparently experienced is their version of drafting Tony Mandarich.

  21. Both Carimi and Sherrod suffered major injuries early in their careers so im quite sure that has stunted their development. Carimi suffered a dislocated patella (knee cap) and Sherrod broke 2 bones the Fibula and Tibia in his lower leg and hasn’t played for over a year.

    I think both of these guys deserve more time before people call them busts especially Sherrod who has probably played in 2 games in his career. At least the Bears somewhat know what they have in Carimi but not enough to know they should cut him.

    As for Bulaga, he hasn’t played like a pro bowler like Josh Sitton next to him but hes been pretty damn good with the exception of a few games(Seattle last year for sure). Now he is going to get his shot at playing LT for the first time in GB, gonna have to wait and see how that works out before you pass judgement. Unless your a know nothing troll.

  22. If I recall, Parcells had him as a fourth rounder in that draft special before that draft, and I think he was spot on.

    Again, considering this pick being a typical Angelo special, it’s a wonder how Lovie Smith consistently won every year there and why he doesn’t have a job.

  23. I’ve been calling this dude a bust since he was drafted and all the Chicago homers thumb it down. Who’s laughing now? muahaha

    Also +1 respect to the Phish fan who kept calling him Carini 😉

  24. Carimi actually can be held accountable with all the competition in place. He has the training camp and pre-season to prove that he belongs. If he still can’t cut the mustard after that, he’s gone. A player needs that competition in order to hold the line on themselves. I hope Carimi rises to the occasion!!!

  25. I always suspected he’d be Jerry Angelo’s last hurrah. I was worried Jerry’s legacy would be tainted if Carimi turned out to be good.

  26. I’m curious as to whether Carimi could be another Marc Colombo (also a late 1st round OT taken by the Bears) for Dallas. Seems injuries have held him back some, so perhaps some of the talent is still there. He would also be a good flexibility fit for Dallas…slot in at either OG or RT, depending on his performance. Wouldn’t mind having two big Wisconson guys on the interior of the line there!

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