Bears were thinking of Suh when they drafted Long


Visions Ndamukong Suh putting a hurting on Jay Cutler were in the Bears’ heads when they spent their first-round draft pick on Kyle Long.

Bears offensive coordinator and line coach Aaron Kromer told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune that starting Long at right guard, and specifically having him line up against Suh when the Bears play the the Lions, has been the plan since the Bears decided on Long.

Suh plays over the right guard and we have to win the division first,” Kromer said. “Obviously, at Green Bay they flip their tackles, so they could have B.J. Raji on both sides. We want to make sure that we have good matchups in these games. We drafted these guys to win the division first.”

Long doesn’t have much playing experience at all, and the experience he does have is mostly at left guard. But Kromer said Long is already making progress with the right guard’s assignments in the Bears’ offense, through just a couple weeks of studying the playbook and one rookie minicamp.

“Now he feels comfortable after a couple weeks of walk-throughs and the minicamp we had, now he can get in a right-handed stance and be functional,” Kromer said.

The Bears will need Long to be very comfortable at right guard when he lines up against Suh in the fall.

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  1. Jay Cutler is one of the biggest D Bags in the NFL. I’d let Suh through the line just to let Cutler get smashed.

  2. I thought Long was a long reach. They could have traded down 12 picks and still got him in the top half of the 2nd round. Suh is getting overrated, Fairley is almost better. But Long isn’t even close to what Suh is, or even what Suh was when he was drafted. I get the optimism, I’m just not buying it.

  3. Value-wise they are not comparable. I get that they wanna protect Cutler but why waste that pick is what I’m sayin! Trade down, its not difficult. Bears cant draft!

  4. Ya you’re gonna need a whole new o-line to stop MN. Jared Allen, Brian Robison, Everson Griffin, Sharif Floyd, K-Williams. Ya one rg will really help with all of them…

  5. noeffinway says: May 13, 2013 11:39 AM

    haha… what are they gonna do about Fairley and Ziggy???
    Probably just wait until it’s their turn to get arrested.

  6. Doubters and arm-chair QBs…get a life and do what you do This kid will surprise you all..

  7. This is a very telling story in regards to the way players and coaches view a player as opposed to media members.

    Mike Freeman of CBS sports named Suh the most overrated player in the entire NFL recently. Funny how someone overrated can force a divisional rivel to spend a first round pick on someone just to contain him.

  8. I love that an article just came out of how overrated suh is when teams are drafting to stop him. Also new bears staff may want to watch some more video Suh plays all over the line during a given game but I’m sure he would love to just line up over the right guard if he’s a rookie

  9. northfootball89 says: May 13, 2013 11:43 AM

    “Ya you’re gonna need a whole new o-line to stop MN. Jared Allen, Brian Robison, Everson Griffin, Sharif Floyd, K-Williams. Ya one rg will really help with all of them…”

    Actually, we have a whole new o-line:


    So you were saying?

  10. Long wasn’t really a reach – a number of people have said Green Bay would have taken him in the mid-20’s if he were available. He wouldn’t have been there at the top of round two.

    And as a Bears fan, Minny’s d-line scares me more. Jarred Allen and now Shariff Floyd? That’s not bad at all.

    And Nick Fairley always impresses me more than Suh, for what it’s worth.

  11. They would do well to forget about the Li-yawns and worry more about their NFC North overlords, the Green Bay Packers.

  12. I love how you draft “experts” are stll saying the Bears could have gotten long later. really? and you know this how? bottom line is he was the best player at his position available and they took him. bears fans and critics have been begging them to upgrade the line since they got Cutler and when they get a GM who knows what he is doing and does something about fixing it you people still bitch! granted he is raw but with the right coaching and playing time he will be a anchor for the line for years to come. you act like the drafted off the jv team, he may have only started 4 games but he played in allot of them. you think the Bears are the only team that scouted and worked him out? there is no way he would have been there for the Bears had they traded down or waited until their round 2 pick.

  13. “I love that an article just came out of how overrated suh is when teams are drafting to stop him. Also new bears staff may want to watch some more video Suh plays all over the line during a given game but I’m sure he would love to just line up over the right guard if he’s a rookie”

    That would be TEAM, as only one team was referenced. Also, I’m sure they’ve seen more video in an hour of film work than you’ve seen in your life. Watching NFL highlights doesn’t constitute film work.

  14. Whether it turns out that Long handles his job or not, it seems against the grain of Phil Emery, a very secretive GM, to allow a public pronouncement that will only fuel locker room bulletin board material for the Lions.
    It seems like proclamations like that should stay inside the organization. Tell the coaches to stop justifying why they picked Long, and get to work on getting him ready.
    Met Suh in Las Vegas during Final Four. As a Bears fan, I told him that I didn’t like the Lions but that he was a terrific player. I don’t buy the hype about him being a dirty player. Dude is athletic, no fat at all, and ripped. I will be pretty surprised if Long, with little experience, handles Suh capably. The Bears have owned the Lions in recent years, but I attribute that to Jim Shwarz lack of leadership. Lots of talent, very little direction.

  15. I trust Aaron Kromer and his history of turning mid-late round, and even UDFA, O-linemen into pro bowlers.

    People who think this was a reach are clueless. It’s about getting the guy you want. Kiper had the Bears taking him at 20 just two days before the draft and multiple sources from other teams told draft coverage media that Green Bay was just one of the teams looking to take Long in the first round…so he would not have been there in the second and no one was willing looking to trade up so the risk/reward for what you would have gotten was low. Especially when you consider that three of the next six picks, and four of the next eight, went to division rivals who should they have traded with?

    Jay Cutler will finally be protected, the media (Tom Jackson) will stop unfairly lashing out at him when he is upright and playing well, and all the mouth breathers on here who hate him will love him one TV tells them to.

    Bears picked up some good steals on defense to and should actually be better this year at linebacker than last year.

    Bears are easily 2nd in the North and could push for the division.

  16. Sounds like the coaching staff of the Bears just, metaphorically, slapped N Suh in the face and entered Mr. Long in an old-fashioned duel twice a year for the next half decade.

  17. People in the media say dumb things like Suh being the most overrated player in the NFL just to say something controversial and generate buzz. It has no basis in reality. I wonder where his peers will rank him this year in top 100 players?

  18. They drafted to win the division but based their 1st round pick on the only team that finished BEHIND them in the division? Sounds a little backwards to me.

  19. Actually, we have a whole new o-line:


    So you were saying?

    LOL nice o-line you have there!

  20. If Long stayed at Oregon, he would have been a top 5 pick next year. Rate this guy in 4 to 5 years.

  21. Why is there so much optimism from Vikings fans over Floyd? I know Internet G.M.’s (aka mock drafters) had him as a high 1st round pick, but, real G.M.’s let him fall into the 20’s. Seems a little odd don’t you think? If you watch his game tape, not his hype tapes, you’ll see he really wasn’t that much of a factor at Florida. More hype than actual production.

  22. Lions got a better guard with Warford in the 3rd round than Bears got in the first with Long.

  23. So Suh is supposedly one of the most over-rated players in the NFL, but the Bears are so worried about Suh that they use a first round draft choice with him in mind? Something doesn’t add up.

  24. what is going on with people being against cutler? even one poster calling him “the biggest D bag in NFL” .. why?

    what has he done to warrant being the biggest D-bag in the NFL? care to elaborate?

  25. “LOL – nice oline you have there!”

    Oh you mean the one that gave up only 6 more sacks than the Steelers? That oline?

  26. I’m glad the Bears were thinking of Suh when they drafted Long. The question is, are they equipping Kyle Long with an extra heavy duty athletic cup, some state of the art knee braces, an unbreakable helmet, a good dentist that specializes in implants and a rock solid insurance policy with Lloyds of London!!

  27. suh is indeed overrated .. the only reason they are accounting for him is because he has shown that he wants to ‘hurt’ the QB .. got nothing to do with football skills

  28. Oh you mean the one that gave up only 6 more sacks than the Steelers? That oline?

    Yet we still have two Super Bowls in the past decade. How long has it been for Chicago? Approaching 20 years? LOL, that sucks.

  29. According to the “Godfather” Gil Brandt, Indy or Green Bay were poised to take Long at 24 or 25 due to his athleticism. Like most 1st rounders, only time will tell if this was truly a reach.

  30. As a Steelers fan reading all of the fans of the NFC North teams bashing each other. I must say. This is probably the only division where it’s any teams division. All 4 teams have great offenses. Rodgers and his receiving core is just nasty. The 2 rookie running backs where a great pick up. But for the Pack. There offensive line is dreadful. And there Defense is the Weakest in the division. But with Mr. Rodgers leading the offense. It’s scary! The Lions offense is dangerous as well. Stafford with the best receiver in Calvin. Pettigrew and maybe the best free agent signing for a very big need in Bush is really going to make there offense more deadly. There front seven is getting pretty dangerous and very young. But there back 4 is a major sore. The Bears Offense is tough as any team in the division. Cutler,Forte,Marshall and now Bennett is very lethal. Just up to the new Offensive line to let this offense to stay consistently dangerous. And the Defense is pretty dang tough. And for the Vikings. Solid O line withe The Best running back in Peterson. Jennings with Patterson to mentor is very nice. Ponder doesn’t even have to do what the other 3 QB’s have to do. He just has to make the plays when needed. He also has Rudolph as well. When playing the Vikings? You have to put 7 in the box with AD in the backfield. And the Defense is probably the toughest in the division? It is going to be fun watching to see who wins the division this year.

  31. And before I get a 100 thumbs down because of the NFC WEST. It’s the same as the North. These two divisions are the only ones where all 4 teams are as good as the other ones. The NFC team in this years Superbowl. Will be from one of these two divisions. Both of these two divisions. Are nothing but straight up Dog fights. Going to be very interesting. The only thing that will hurt these teams? Will be injuries.

  32. Maybe they should have been thinking about drafting him in the 3rd round, where he still would have been available, and instead thought about drafting difference makers that would actually have an impact on the team.

  33. @keepingitrealdumb

    You are a moron. Even if he did want to hurt the QB, he has to get to them first…which he has no problem doing. And Long aint gonna stop him neither.

    Go Lions

  34. Kromer did not say the Bears drafted Long specifically to face Suh, he said they drafted ‘these guys’ with the goal of winning the division…Containing Suh is just part of that goal.

    Go Bears!

  35. Buddy The NINERS and HAWKS are dominate teams. They will not own the NFC for the next decade. And this reason, is because both teams has stellar performances by rookie QB’S. Now, if both of these rookies play like they did last year continuously for the next couple of years? Those rookie contracts that are blessing these organizations with massive amounts of cap space. They will want ELITE QB SALARIES. I don’t know if you see what I’m seeing with these salaries? But, that will bite both teams in the butt. The Hawks just paid Percy a massive contract. How much will Richard Sherman demand? What about Aldon Smith? Bowman and Willis with hefty contracts. You don’t think Crabtree won’t demand some serious cash? Great organizations. Two great head coaches. There just taking advantage of a good situation right now. They are set to win now. They both are drafting extremely well. But, by the time the vets contracts are up? Theses impact rookie contracts are going to be up as well. And there going to be massive! So, that’s when keeping these teams together. Becomes a very painful process. Not saying these organizations won’t compete every year for the next decade? But reality is cruel.

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