Brandon Marshall hopes Titus Young gets treatment

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Bears receiver Brandon Marshall sympathizes with what former Lions receiver Titus Young is going through right now. And Marshall would like to be able to help.

Young’s career in Detroit was derailed by off-field trouble, and he was arrested three times last week. Marshall was asked about Young in an interview with Trey Wingo on NFL Live, and Marshall said he believes that Young needs help — the same way Marshall himself needed help when he was a troubled young receiver whose career was in jeopardy because of off-field problems.

“He needs to get the right treatment plan,” Marshall said. “I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder a few years and got the right help, the right treatment, and now I’m advocating for it. Mental health in itself is just so stigmatized, it’s a taboo topic in our homes, in our communities, and we need more people to talk about it and not make Titus Young or people like myself or others who can’t fight for themselves a national punchline.”

Marshall said he tried to reach out to Young but wasn’t able to connect with him, and he hopes Young will seek help from a mental health professional. Marshall still holds out hope that Young will first be able to get his life back on track, then be able to revive his career, and then become an example to others about what mental health treatment can do.

“Guys like Titus Young, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has to be diagnosed, but if we’re not treating these cases properly, it just gets worse,” Marshall said. “I hear people say his career is over. Well, first of all, it’s really not about his career right now. It’s about his life. And second of all, if he gets that in order, we’ll be looking at a success story, and this is a guy who will be in a locker room and guys will be coming to him for advice.”

Marshall is obviously right about Young needing help. And Marshall deserves credit for speaking openly about his own need for help, whether he or anyone else is able to get through to Young or not.

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  1. Whoever posted about Marshall not being the only one with p.s.d.

    Good call.

  2. “Mental health in itself is just so stigmatized, it’s a taboo topic in our homes, in our communities, and we need more people to talk about it and not make Titus Young or people like myself or others who can’t fight for themselves a national punchline.”

    Bravo, Brandon. Hated this guy with the Broncos, love him as an advocate for this issue.

  3. Wow, that’s definitely insight into Marshall I was unaware of, and it explains a lot. Kudos to Brandon, likewise, I hope Young gets the right kind of help or guidance even if it doesn’t come from Marshall. Sure would like to see another success story than one that’s riches to rags.

  4. Gotta agree it’s about his life right now. Young is not smart enough to realize it though. Young, stubborn and stupid is a bad combo.

  5. I totally respect Brandon for what he said here. And I’m a Packers fan.

    Mental health is in a major need of a national change in how it’s treated and looked at entirely.

  6. Here’s hoping that Titus gets the help he needs. Dude had a promising career.

    I noticed last year he had Young Sr. on his jersey. Hopefully he can get his act together at least for his sons’ sake.

  7. What is up with Wideouts and their offensive psyche in the “real world?”
    I’m sure Brandon will have a relapse of crazy sooner or later.
    As for Titus, he almost got his so called help sucking on a rifle round.

  8. I bet after he comes from prison he will be a real “wide receiver”.

    Did anyone catch my joke? He plays wide receiver in the NFL and chances are if he goes to prison he will be sodomized making his anus wide. It’s a nice play on words.

  9. I was never a huge Marshall fan, but you have to love how he has managed to turn his life around and now is viewed as a great locker room presence.

  10. Kudos to Marahall for speaking up here and being man enough to be transparent about his own diagnosis. We men tend to shy away from getting help when we need it and are even more reluctant to talk about it. This is one of the reasons why so many guys end up committing suicide. Hopefully Young will get the help he needs and that others, whose mental health issues might be less obvious but are just as real, reach out and get help so they can get better.

  11. Kudos to Marshall for continuing to advocate for those suffering as he once did, and here’s hoping that Young indeed gets the help he needs to save his life, if not his career.

  12. Marshall is the guy to listen to – he definitely took the necessary steps to turn his life around. Haven’t heard a peep in years, glad he got the help!

  13. Lions fan here astounded at the comment I am about to make… Big props to Brandon Marshall for being just about the only intelligent voice on this matter. As the unwashed masses gather here to talk a load of crap about Young, he realizes this is no laughing matter. So I implore you fools out there to simmer down with the mocking of a guy who needs real, serious mental help and listen to the rational voice of Marshall.

  14. “Well, first of all, it’s really not about his career right now. It’s about his life. ”

    One of the smartest comments ever recoded here. Can’t improve it.

  15. Sounds like Marshall has done some serious growing up over the past couple years.

  16. Let me preface this by saying I’m a Bears fan. That said, Marshall really does seem to have made a big step in turning things around. All reports since he’s been on Chicago have been positive and he seems to be emerging as a mentor both on the field and off for a lot of young guys on the team.

    Ill hold my breath for now and hope the change is permanent but Marshall deserves some credit, nonetheless. We so often gripe about how public personalities like athletes are not forthcoming and honest about their lives and then, when we do see someone being open about their troubles and recovery, we push it aside. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to keep doing wrong than it is to start doing right.

  17. Well said. And yet there will still be a slew of slope-browed troglodytes posting on here about how “stupid” Titus Young is, and what a “waste of life” he is.

  18. This just made me like Marshall a lot more. Mental health should not be a stigma that stops people from getting treatment. Lots of people go too far before they are diagnosed and get the help they need.
    //I never thought I would see the day that Brandon Marshall and Metta World Peace were positively contributing to the mental health conversation

  19. Props to Brandon Marshall for speaking out and for trying to reach out to Young. I’ve grown uncomfortable with each passing news report as it seems clear that Young does not need public scorn, mocking and derision at this point but some kind of mental health intervention.

    This situation really underscores the problem in our country of getting help for mentally ill adults. At what point is the line of personal freedom & liberty crossed when it is abundantly apparent that someone is not in control of his/her life and a danger to themselves deserving a forced intervention? No easy answers.

  20. I’m sorry. But I don’t think Young has BPD. I think he’s just an arrogant punk who can’t grasp that he’s not king of the world.

  21. I am not a Bears fan, and have never cared much for Brandon Marshall, but I like what he said, and appreciate how he has matured. I will never root for the Bears, but I might pull for Brandon Marshall, just a little bit. 🙂

  22. Mental illness, bad environment, horrible childhood…

    Sometimes a scumbag is just a scumbag.

    Everyone wants to put a PC label on everything now. Coddle miscreants.

    Straighten up and fly right, or you’ll get shot or do time.
    It’s simple.

  23. Correction… his career was hampered by On-field issues, not off-field issues. The off field issues were there, but his problems came from his refusal to run the plays that were called, and to complain about not getting enough passes when he was opposite the greatest WR in the game and hadn’t proven he could catch the ball or be in the right place when Stafford looked his way.

    I’ll grant you that much of that may be related to broader mental health issues. But that said, his issues were originally on the field. The Lions didn’t fire him for being a punk. They fired him for punking his team.

  24. Well bloody said.

    It would be better for everyone–for Young, for his son, and for the public–if he can get his head on straight, if not revive his career. For Young and his son, obviously, and it would be better for the public because we wouldn’t have to deal with him being harmful to us and having to pay for his incarceration, etc.

    Plus, there’s just plain ol’ goodwill towards other human beings. So here’s hoping he gets his head on straight.

  25. For what it’s worth, people with borderline are emotionally crazy and personality disorders are not treatable, just manageable. Nice to see Marshall turn a negative into a positive by trying to help others as well. Plus he just came off the best season of his career, appears to have his life straightened. Clap clap.

  26. I hope he gets treatment too, electric shock treatment. Maybe even waterboarding.

  27. It’s hard to believe that some form of mental illness isn’t the root of Young’s problems — Marshall was a class act to reach out.

  28. … and to anyone who really thinks this guy has a chance at coming back into the NFL: wake up. This guy is going to do some hard time. When he gets out, he will be over 30 and 8-10 years past whatever potential he had. He won’t be like Michael Vick who spent a couple years in after proving he could succeed in the league. He won’t even be like Plaxico Burress, who was someone in this league before messing up – and who is still trying to rediscover what he lost. He will be another washed up could-have-been who threw away every chance he was handed.

    His problems are tragic, and we should be careful not to cheer too loudly for the poor little rich kid who never amounted to anything for failing. But let’s not be part of that culture of sports that forgives athletes for crimes we could never consider forgiving in others. For whatever reason the guy has made some really bad choices. Let’s hope he can man up and accept the punishment for his crimes. Then maybe we can applaud his successful overcoming of hardship to become a decent human being.

    But I, for one, will not be pretending this guy deserves. Marshall is very correct to call people out for making mental illness a stigma. But that doesn’t mean it should become a convenient excuse for what Young has done.

  29. man i wish my PO would let me smoke or at least pop pills if i told him i have a personality disorder. i probably do but us normal folks either follow the rules or get thrown in the slammer. not taking away from what marshall said it was a very positive statement and i give him all the props in the world.

  30. I don’t know if Titus Young has real mental issues (obviously, he could just be an idiot), but I am also not qualified to make that call nor do I know him.

    I would suggest he seeks professional help. He’s a really talented guy who is throwing away millions of dollars by not doing it.

    What Brandon Marshall said is 100% on the money. The kid needs help, even if he doesn’t have a personality disorder (and he’s just a scumbag).

  31. so he sympathizes for a criminal. wow mr marshall you are a nice person where the kids of america can look up to.

  32. Standing ovation for Mr. Marshall from a 49er fan. The topic is stigmatized and good for him for hanging out his neck to try and change that.

  33. Are all these positive “we need more mental health awareness” comments coming from the same people that were dumping all over Young in the previous stories?? If so, then you are hypocrites! Young needs treatment, but he also needs to pay for his crimes. And mental health issues do need more attention in this country, and the NFL. But no one can hide behind a diagnosis. They have to own it, get help, and get better.

  34. Brandon Marshall is a brave man to stand up for Titus Young when he is clearly out of control and needs some help. He’s an empathic man who should be listened to.

    Titus Young has lost touch with reality. He’s not depressed, he’s manic.

    That’s over confident, grandiose (remeber who he was saying he’s as good if not better than Calvin Johnson?), impulsive and out of contact with normal rules and behavior. He’s displaying irresponsible behavior and has no good judgment left. Worst of all when people are Manic they lose insight into their own problems and the trouble they are getting themselves in.
    When you’re depressed you feel bad and want it to stop. When you’re Manic you think everyone else is wrong, and you don’t need any help.
    Only friends and family can help him stop. If not the police will.
    This is an episode of Mental Illness which usually passes, both the Manic and the Depressive phases. Hopefully he can get grounded again before he does even more damage.

    But Brandon Marshall deserves the Kudos for speaking up.

  35. BOMBSHELL: maybe he’s just a punk criminal!

    Just because he played in the nfl, people think he must be suffering from some mental disorder…ridiculous! He whizzed away his career after getting accustomed to certain liestyle, so now hes doing whatever he can to maintain it.

  36. As a Bears fan, Brandon Marshall has continually surprised me since he came to the team. And I mean that in the most positive way possible.

  37. There is little doubt this young man is mentally ill…most likely bipolar disorder. Many people with untreated mental illness self medicate with alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or other drugs. Unfortunately, it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire. It’s easy for people to say, “well it’s his own fault for not getting help.” But it isn’t that simple. A big component of mental illness is the individual is often incapable of realizing how sick they really are. Unless you or a loved one has experienced severe mental illness, you have NO IDEA of what a nightmare it is. It is pure hell. I hope and pray Young gets the help he obviously needs…before he or someone else gets hurt or killed.

  38. Well said words Brandon Marshall. Your words show you are a man of high character and strong leadership. The vibe your sending off here is also encouraging a positive out look on life for society.

  39. Gotta give credit to Marshall here. To anyone who wants to bash the field of mental health, I guarantee you know someone who needs help and isn’t getting it because they’re embarrassed of just don’t know there’s help for what they have going on. I myself needed help and needed treatment, and I almost killed myself before I got that treatment. Now, barely a year later, I excel at what I do for a living, and actually make a good living for someone who’s 25 years old like I am. If Young gets treated and can get all his ducks in a row, who knows. Maybe he can end up being better than Calvin Johnson after all (I doubt it, but you never know what can happen when someone with talent gets their head on straight).

  40. Kuddos to Marshall, but if Young doesn’t have a disorder, then it’s a mute point. I think he may be on to something because it’s hard to believe someone could be so dumb with their life choices.

  41. This has to be by a long mile the most mature and intelligent thing that we’ve ever heard come out of Brandon Marshall’s mouth.

  42. Wow. I just earned a lot more respect for Brandon Marshall. Considering his situation just a couple years ago, this statement shows far more maturity and level-headedness than I ever would have given him credit for.

    Considering Marshall’s history and experience with similar issues, he knows exactly where Young is coming from, and would be the perfect candidate to try and reach out and speak to Titus on his own level.

    It’s a shame that Titus isn’t even willing to talk him. He either doesn’t realize or just doesn’t care that his life is spiraling downward and spinning out of control.

    The sad part is, I get the feeling Titus’ story is only going to get worse….and unless he has a dramatic change of heart in the very near future, his story could soon reach a tragic and unfortunate end.

  43. Wow, Marshall has grown up!!!! This is great to see from a guy that was squandering his talents for so long. I hope he really cares and can help this lost Titus child.

    I really don’t think so, this kid has gone off a cliff.

  44. what kind of treatment do they give for spoiled punks who have no respect for authority? how pathetic our society has become. what ever happened to some people just being idiots? treatment…? come on…..send him to the military. they’ll fix him.

  45. Marshall is spot on.

    Mental illness isn’t something that should be pushed into the shadows.

  46. I guess some of the “slope browed troglodytes” in this forum are simply weary of spoiled, pampered athletes thinking they can get away with anything.

    And most of the people on here insisting Young has a mental illness have never set foot inside an institution.

  47. Someone is slacking on the days without an arrest counter. Says 14 days since, Titus Young alone has reset that timer 3 times now. Unless you guys gave him his own special section which I could understand.

  48. nomoreseasontix is talking pretty tough from his mom`s basement. maybe get your ass off ssi and go out in the real world, and see that things aren`t black and white.

  49. Did anyone ever see the episode of South Park where the guy comes into town with a non-drug treatment for ADD. When the kids start acting up they just get slapped and told to sit down and shut-up and suddenly the ADD is cured.

  50. exactly what nomoreseasontix said. do you know how many people are diagnosed with mental problems because there is no other diagnosis that can explain why people do some of the things they do. Some people are just not good, sane or smart people!! Not all people on this earth are good people it’s as simple as that. Having a mother with multiple personality disorder and BPD it pisses me off when I hear so many people saying they have it or there mother has it and are clearly not even close, they are just messed up selfish little beings like I believe titus young to be. So save the “mental illness stigma” And realize there are people with mental diseases, and people with mental deficiencies. They are not the same thing!

  51. Totally agree with nomoreseasontix…sick of everyone coddling punks for just being punks and trying to label everything as a mental ‘disorder’.

    Every little problem needs to have a label attached nowadays…you just can’t call them stupid or responsible for their own actions anymore.

  52. As long as his daddy goes on record saying that this isn’t his fault he’ll never get into a support group with Kat Williams.

  53. This kid had real talent. Anybody who saw the Matt Flynn game against Lions when young had 3 td’s (one taken away which was clearly inbounds after replays and not to mention the sickest catch I saw that whole season) knows the potential he had. It’s just a shame his ego got the best of him

  54. great article. I work in mental health (40 years now) currently with criminally mentally ill. This is great and inspiring story which I will take to work and pin up on the wall and use.

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