Chiefs hire Chris Ault as a consultant


Earlier this offseason, the Chiefs hired former Vikings head coach Brad Childress and gave him the title of Spread Game Analyst/Special Projects.

Does that mean that Chris Ault will be the Pistol Pundit? We’ll have to wait to find out if there’s an exact title for Ault, but his agent Bob Lamonte (who also represents Chiefs coach Andy Reid) confirmed to Dan Hinxman of the Reno Gazette-Journal that Ault will be joining the team as a consultant this season.

Ault coached the University of Nevada for 28 seasons and gained attention as the creator of the Pistol formation that has become increasingly popular at all levels of football in recent years. One of Ault’s quarterbacks was 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick, which helped increase the spotlight on Ault just as he was stepping down from his post at the university.

There’s no word on what Ault’s role will be or whether he’ll remain with the team through the entire season, but his arrival doesn’t necessarily mean that the Pistol will be integrated into the Reid playbook. Teams have been working to devise defensive plans for dealing with the read-option and other plays often run from the Pistol and having the guy who thought it up in the first place would likely help on that end as well.